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Peter Deunov: The Fragrance of the New Age Manifest through You!

Peter Deunov: The Fragrance of the New Age Manifest through You!

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Beloved Peter Deunov Discourse
David Christopher Lewis
September 20, 2014 9:50–10:13 am EDT
An Autumn Equinox Sacred Journey with Saint Germain to Southeastern Canada
Canada Pilgrimage 2014
Ottawa, Canada

The Fragrance of the New Age Manifest through You

The Master Deunov’s message is titled “The Fragrance of the New Age Manifest through You.” Each of us has a fragrance that is borne by our spirit. This fragrance is emitted and extruded from our hearts, fills our auric field and, as we are able to project it and radiate it forth, can also be energetically perfumed or perfused in a greater area to the planet as we choose to engage in actions of light through the petals of our chakras, which are the points through which this fragrance is emitted.

Each chakra has its own fragrance, based on its vibration. Therefore each of us has seven primary fragrances that become part of a greater whole, which is our particular fragrance. All of these fragrances of initiates worldwide compose the fragrance of the planet. As we partake in Aquarian love and as we engage in the initiations that are coming and are already here for the Earth and that are moving us from the Age of Pisces to Aquarius, there is a blending of these fragrances that is engendering a new consciousness, the consciousness of the new era.

The fragrance that God desires to manifest through the Age of Aquarius is, of course, the fragrance of compassion, of divine love. And the glory of this love experience will be ours to partake of from within ourselves as we feel the vibratory frequencies of Aquarius manifesting in the atmosphere, within the Earth and through our chakras, which are these focal points of light, these batteries within us that facilitate both the inbreath and the outbreath of light, energy, consciousness.

Now, you may think that fragrances are only, in effect, emanated out. Yet we take in the fragrance of God and higher consciousness through these same centers of light of our chakras. So there is the inbreath and the outbreath. When we drink in the fragrance of God-consciousness and Solar awareness as we experience the sunrise, it assists us in cleaning and clearing everything within us so that our fragrance is pure, undefiled, beautiful, aromatic, scented by the graces and the quintessences of God. If we are involved in the mass consciousness, then we partake of the odor of a lower awareness that is a conglomerate of the frequencies of people who are not living in the Presence and striving for Self-realization. Therefore we must divest ourselves of these odors in order for us to emanate the true fragrances of light. We do that through transmutation, cleansing, clearing, right diet, right thought, right mindfulness, loving feelings, harmonic expressions of our true nature, and emotions that are benevolent, beautiful and bountiful.

If we truly desire to be initiates, we self-assess each day to see what our frequency, our vibration, is and whether what we are aromatically offering the world is pristine, charged with Solar energy from our own Solar Presence and gloried in God’s grace, in the essences of our true nature. If we find that at times we are living in imperil, we can pull back, go within and then breathe out and release what we have accepted of that imperil—anxiety, doubt, fear and the various perversions of the beautiful God-qualities and virtues. Then we can become even more aware of partaking of the light and divine fragrances through the inbreath and the outbreath.

We each have a vibration that is known by the Divine One and by the emissaries of God, who are the angels. They carry their own beautiful frequencies of love and light, which are emitted through the fragrance that they exude to the cosmos. When particular masters, especially the lady masters, come with their divine fragrances, we are enriched, enlivened and blessed by that which they very gently and aromatically caress us with. Often these are beautiful floral distillations of Spirit. Sometimes we can smell a roseate aroma in the room or in our meditation center. And if we are sensitive, we can actually know which master is there with us through that beautiful fragrance, which is a blessing to us and to all life.

Many of us are primarily focused on observing through a few of our senses—sight, sound and occasionally touch—and yet the flavors of God are emitted through all of the senses. We can begin to perceive through the senses of smell, taste and touch as well as of hearing and seeing. And we can, through intuition, rise higher to perceive with the extrasensory, or supersensory, senses, which are opening, by God’s grace, as we move into the Age of Aquarius. As we become more sensitized by refining ourselves on a daily basis through purification, we will be able to access these higher senses, which can bring us great joy as we are intuitively participating in the alchemies of God through the formulas that are released to us through these fragrances. We breathe them in and process them primarily within our heart and also through the centers of all of our chakras, those beautiful lotus-light centers that are spinning. The petals themselves receive and ingest these divine frequencies, and after processing them, they in turn release them with buoyancy and joy in Holy Spirit spontaneity through our gracious works of Spirit, the dharma that we are involved in to bless life.

So in your meditations, preferably in the early morning air as you are gazing upon the sun (if you choose that modality), you can also be receiving the perfusion of light from the sun, from other Solar beings, angels, archangels and divine masters that are in the atmosphere. The morning time is the best time for this infusion because the air has been cleaned during the evening hours by the angels of the night. Part of their processes during the nighttime involves clearing and cleaning consciousness and the planet and the atmosphere as a whole. This is why the masters have always urged us to rise early and do our prayers before and during the sunrise, because at sunrise that little package of our karma is offered to us for balancing and transmutation. So if we rise early and engage in our spiritual practice, when that package comes it is not so burdensome to us. It’s just a little package. We open it, process it and transmute that which we know is ours to deal with and we move through our day with alacrity, with joy, with love, cherishing the energy that is outpoured to us as this little darkness. For when we transmute it, within it is light, and that light is released and activated through our conscious work and lives.

The fragrance of the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius is already being released to the Earth through Solar initiates and divine masters. Are we ready and available to receive those impressions, those divine odeurs of amour and holiness? If we are truly ready, through our sensitivity, we will be those distillation centers for these essences on a daily basis. We will become the perfusers of these enriching aromatic esters and Elysian fragrances. We then can bless people through what we breathe out to the universe if what we breathe is truly pure and graced with graciousness, perfumed with the holy oils of Spirit.

Every ascended master is like a crystal-flower being, and each one distills great cosmic energy within the nexus of his or her consciousness, especially the heart chakra. When we are in tune with the master, resonate with the master and are are entrained to the master’s mind, higher soulfulness and being, we can receive those impulses, those divine esters, and use them to powerfully co-create the new Earth as disciples of these great crystal-flower beings who are the ascended hosts.

Some of you may have studied organic chemistry and seen the geometric patterns of the esters, the ketones and those molecules that are able to house aromas because of their inherent divine nature. They are like little distilleries themselves. You can become a laboratory of light within yourself, within your chakras, whereby you are able to co-create new esters and ketones and even higher floral fragrances of Spirit that have never yet come to this Earth because they require a new initiate to co-create them through that one’s communion with God.

As you gather unto yourself light and light-energies, you will be able to conceptualize new alchemical formulae, and then that which you emit, emote and emanate to the planet can truly be expressive of your highest Selfhood, the pure you, the real, enlivened and enriching you. In your God-glory, you are beautiful. In your true Selfhood, you are divine. Within your Higher Self are all the colors of the cosmos, the scents of Elysian fields from Solar worlds, through which you may dwell in a universality of Spirit and be a harmonic expression of beauty and grace.

Yes, we are all co-creators. It is up to us to engage in this process. Just as those of you who have traveled to Hawaii may have had a lei of beautiful floral petals placed around your neck, the aroma of which was almost intoxicating in its beauty, so angels of light at times come when we engage in our daily rosaries and prayers of devotion to place around us spiritual leis of light. These are for our enjoyment and for our use in blessing others. We are blessed ourselves, and as we breathe in these lei frequencies and aromas, we are empowered and enriched and therefore we can then breathe out the pure essences of our Godhood to others.

Create your own ley lines, focal points through which Aquarian love may rebirth the Earth today and every day. Create your own brooches, your own bracelets, your own necklaces of love-light through adoration of God, through devotion to the Source. Your own psalms of love are heard by the All-Hearing Ear of God. And in the gentility of true love, God responds with a cosmic blessing and we are lifted up on wings of light, and we live, even for short moments of Earth time, in this ecstatic state of holy union with the One. Now our goal is to maintain that state of unity, to live eternally in that light essence, in the fragrance of the new era, which is all about love. Thank you.



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