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Archangel Michael's Work in Rescuing Souls around the World

Archangel Michael's Work in Rescuing Souls around the World

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse (inspired by Archangel Michael)
September 29, 2014   9:00–9:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana


Archangel Michael’s Work in Rescuing Souls around the World


             Good morning, everyone, on this Michaelmas Day 2014, September 29. I think it is time that we acknowledge the real stars, the true stars, of our planet and our people. They are not the Hollywood stars that we see on television and in movies. They are the archangels, the Elohim, the ascended masters and cosmic beings. The true stars are not those we see on sporting events: football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, you name it. Instead of following tackles, sacks, TDs and field goals, let’s follow rescues, saves, appearances, miracles and inspirations.


             Today we celebrate Archangel Michael, the Captain of the Hosts of the Lord, Prince of the Archangels, he who directs many choirs to circle the planet round and to move into action in response to the calls of some upon Earth for salvation, for intercession, for mitigation. Archangel Michael and the hosts of the Lord are the true stars of our planet. Consider how many rescues, how many saves, how many appearances he and the legions of light make on a daily basis throughout the world. Maybe you have had a rescue, a save or an apparition by a great one in your life that has turned your life around, saved you from calamity, personal injury, accident or the loss of life.


             We have a wonderful e-book, and if you haven’t secured and read it, I encourage you to do so or to reread it. Muse upon that which heartfriends in our movement have experienced in terms of Archangel Michael’s direct intercession in their lives or some cosmic level of inspiration that has come through him.


             Archangel Michael requests today that we engage during this Forty Days for Life period, which is moving now into the fourth and fifth days, to pray for the unborn throughout the world. We are encouraged to pray for the prevention of World War III and for the securing of peace throughout the world, especially in the Middle East. Yet first and foremost today, Archangel Michael says that you must be saved. Saved from what? Saved from yourself, your lesser self, saved from momentums, habit patterns, paradigms and viewpoints that are outmoded, lacking or not in your best interest in terms of your spiritual development.


             What would you like to be rescued from today? What would you like to be inspired by today through Archangel Michael and his hosts? Consider this. Write it down and then consign it to the flame to be consumed sometime today, even as you may keep a copy. Expect an answer; expect a miracle; expect intercession in a direct form of communication to you. It is your right as a son or daughter of God to commune with the archangels and many angels of heaven, to actually experience this direct concourse with them through your heart, through your vision center, through your mind, through your hearing center. If you expect and accept the fact that you have the right as a son or daughter of God to actually have the presence of an archangel in your life today—and you mean business and are firm in your resolve that this will be true and real for you—then you have won the battle and you can expect and accept intercession, a miracle, something that will rescue you, save you and help you to make progress on your path.


             As I was feeling the energy today of five of you praying together in Mount Shasta, rather than two or three, I was seeing the power of the five times five, twenty-five, as much more powerful than the two times two, which is four, or the three times three, which is nine. So consider that when five of you come together, there is six times more energy than if two of you come together; not just three times—six times, or almost three times more energy than if three of you come together. Nine times three is twenty-seven. And as you increase the numbers, maybe six or seven coming together, it multiplies even more.


             What does this do to facilitate intercession? From the vantage point of Archangel Michael, when he sees greater fire through the resolve of people upon Earth who come together to pray, and when the archangels witness that blue-fire light-energy rising and ascending to heaven through the voices, the wills, the wisdom and the love of those so consecrated to this path, there is response. There is a dynamic of the release of cosmic energies.


             What Archangel Michael would like you to know today is that he and the archangels and many angels can release cosmic energies to the Earth. This is not just some form of light that we are used to—sunlight or light in our homes. This is cosmic light. This is that which is completely transformative and can completely consume on contact the core of darkness, the nadir of that which is diabolical and detestable and disintegrates good, beauty and all that is benign.


             Hollywood is really good now at outpicturing all kinds of sci-fi stuff in movies showing the dissolving of substance. Well, they should show the dissolving of darkness and negativity and evil. It’s time that we stand up to Hollywood and no more accept some of the craziness that comes out from their caverns of deception.


             Archangel Michael is willing to accept virtually any challenge that we give him, because the archangels are intent on proving that God and light are greater than evil (the energy veil), darkness, nihilism, deception. They like a challenge. They accept a challenge. Have you accepted a challenge in your life that someone has dared you to take on and then you found the courage and the energy to overcome and to prove that you could do it? Well, Archangel Michael says today, “We can prove that God is greater than everything less than beauty, perfection, joy, happiness, virtue and love.” And they accept the challenge today, especially on this feast day, to move into action anywhere and everywhere upon Earth to perform numberless numbers of miracles.


             Michael says that you can be an intercessor yourself by invoking that miracle. You become part of the equation when you utter the word, give the fiat, proclaim the decree. Thou hast decreed a thing, and so it is.1 Every prayer is answered in some way, Michael says—every prayer. And those that are uttered with full power, with authenticity, with love, with wisdom and with acceptance are those that the archangels are most happy to accept, to engage and to answer with the full power of their beings, one with God, where they live ever in the presence of the Almighty.


             If you desire rescuing today, Archangel Michael will rescue you. From what? Whatever you choose to accept to be rescued from: disease, a sense of lack, fuzziness about your purpose, a condition that you have unfortunately abided for maybe months, years, decades or even lifetimes. Ask him and accept his intercession today to relieve you of distress, disease, discord, darkness; and accept and affirm that you are light, levity, love.


             Michael appears to those who require his visage, his presence in their midst to inspire them. And if you are bold enough, ask him to appear to you in a flash, in a moment of God-consciousness. Ask him to do that which is merciful, that which is blessed, and accept that it is so, it is real, it is possible, it is doable, because heaven knows no limits. God knows no boundaries. God is the all-loving, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent One. And God uses the archangels to fulfill the will, wisdom and love of his/her being throughout the cosmos.


             We may have racked up all kinds of awards, trophies and certificates in our life. Yet consider now putting all of these aside and investing in what heaven has to offer as the cosmic jewels of cosmic consciousness that come when you are involved in heaven’s design, in heaven’s work, in heaven’s service to humanity through the work of the archangels—Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Zadkiel and their beloved complements—as well as many more, named and unnamed, who are employed by heaven to answer prayers, calls, cries for mercy, for intercession, for help. When a child is crying, does the mother ignore that child? Does the father ignore the cry of a child? Of course not, if that mother or that father has any heart at all.


             Well, the archangels and their legions are our true friends, elder brothers and sisters of light who have served humanity for eons of time. Yet they have been overlooked in the equation of how to deal with crises upon Earth by those who don’t pray, those who think that we can somehow legislate or battle into existence something that only God truly has the right to fulfill. We cannot legislate good into existence. We can invoke it and we can offer our hearts through service, through prayer to make it so. We can elect good leaders who have God first in their lives and who will legislate properly, and we should do so. Government without God is not true government, which means “God over men” (and women).


             True government has God first and foremost in its purview. And it’s about time that we demand from our legislators, from our representatives, our senators, our president and his cabinet, as well is the Supreme Court, the highest, the purest of consciousness, of foresight, of vision. We can invoke that daily by our lives lived to the glory of God, our conscious will, one with God’s. We can expect it into reality by seeing the archangels performing cosmic feats, acrobatically if necessary, to ward off the onslaughts of those who accept nihilism and defeat.


             We do not accept defeat. We do not accept anything less than perfection, beauty, God-consciousness and victory. Today we are reminded that with God all things are possible2 The corollary: without God, nothing is possible. So you may as well accept God if you are a doer, a wayshower, a lightbearer, one who would complete your mission upon Earth.


             Yes, the archangels and archeiai are the true stars. Let’s dance with them. Let’s sing with them. Let’s commune with them. Let’s talk with and to them on an hourly basis, if necessary, to see through this battle of Armageddon, to see that the third peril of George Washington’s vision manifests as the ultimate victory of light over darkness in the United States of America and throughout the world. Let’s see a new world shining with joy, radiance, beauty, harmony for all, peace everywhere. Let us manifest it within our consciousness first and see the restoration of the original divine blueprint of this world manifesting in all arenas, in every nation, amongst all peoples.


             When you say a prayer with the full power of your being, write down what you prayed for, and then when you see the result, check it off. Keep a journal or a list and note how quickly the archangels answered, and maybe how they did it. You may not be concerned about the how; they are the ones who will answer. You simply have to make the call and choose to do so. I think if we recorded more of what we asked for and expected, we would be amazed to find out how much is answered, because we sometimes forget. Now, some things require more than one asking. They require more energy from heaven to bring them into manifestation.


             How can we save every unborn child throughout the world when there are so many abortion centers? We pray for every unborn child, one by one. This Forty Days for Life matrix, set up by a few individuals, has now expanded to dozens of countries around the world and is a growing movement sponsored by beloved Mother Mary and Archangel Michael. If you choose to engage, God bless you.


             A number of you serve in a number of holy orders on the inner, and some on the outer. Every holy order has an ascended master sponsoring it, or in some cases a number of ascended masters. And some of you, because of your level of involvement, dedication, consecration and daily givingness, move interdimensionally through a number of these holy orders in heaven, and you have seen on the inner how these ascended beings have worked assiduously to answer your prayers, to assuage pain, hurt, suffering, anguish, torment upon Earth.


             It is time that horror and terror be erased upon this planet. We must countermand these with love, with vision and with understanding, teaching people the way the truth and the life shown by the avatars: Gautama Buddha, Jesus the Christ, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Saint Germain and many others. This we are doing through our website; this you are doing by fulfilling your mission and vision, as well as helping The Hearts Center fulfill its mission and vision. As we realize personal enlightenment through our Higher Self and as we share the ascended master teachings and our love-wisdom throughout the Earth, so the angels and archangels, the ascended masters, cosmic beings, Elohim are involved with us. We together are engaged.


             As we fulfill our personal vision within a greater vision, whereby we live in sustainable Golden-Crystal-Age communities in joy and in harmony with Mother Nature, using Solar sciences of the Spirit, and as we radiate light and we live and love as one, so we are in that oneness stream of beingness with our friends the archangels, including the dynamic Archangel Michael, whose love is amazing, whose power originates from God and whose wisdom is so refined that he knows exactly how to deal with every situation with alacrity, with mastery, with confidence.


             Yes, the archangels are confident. They are not overconfident, as some of the dark ones are. They know that God is the doer through them and that it takes light to deal with every situation. Every prayer that you give and the oil that you oil that prayer with—which is your love, your fervor, your God-desire—authenticates that prayer, stamps it with a certain identity and energy. The archangels receive that, and those engrams of light are then gathered together for the most holy purposes of the Divine One throughout the world.


             If you at any point lose hope or faith in what you are doing and its import, ask the archangels to show you the results of your prayers in a moment of mindfulness, in a dream or in an awakened state in meditation. Then write down what, in a flash, you observe, hear, see or feel, and remember it so that you never forget it in times of depression or when you feel ill or less than. We require the boost to know that what we are doing is effective and is worth the effort. And today Archangel Michael tells you, each one, that what you are doing is effective and is worth the inconvenience of arising early, before dawn, of giving your time and of sacrificing your energy, your sleep, your abundance for the holy cause of the Universal White Brotherhood.


             If you could see the sacrifices that you have made whereby lives have been saved, people have been rescued and the archangels have appeared and inspired millions, you would be emboldened this day and every day to continue with your devotions, your prayers, your sacrifices, your givingness. Therefore please accept from Archangel Michael his gratitude for you and to you, each one, for that which you give, you offer and you lovingly place on the altar of God.


             Tonight, for those of you in the local area, we will have a bonfire. If the weather is acceptable and it’s not pouring rain, we’ll have it outside. If not, we have a fireplace in our living room. We’ll gather and sing, tell stories, pray and maybe have some form of refreshment, not a dinner, just something to drink. I welcome all of you in the local area, with Mona, to our home at 7 pm Mountain Time.


             We initiate a new cycle on Michaelmas Day each year, even as it’s 9:29 am now on 9/29/2014. I will say goodbye to each of you until we meet again. God bless you; God love you; God keep you ever within his/her eternal beating heart. Bye-bye.


1. See Job 22: 28.

2. Matthew 19:26; Luke 18:27; Mark 10:27.



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