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Magda on the Melchizedekian Priesthood

Magda on the Melchizedekian Priesthood

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse (Inspired by Beloved Magda)
September 26, 2014 7:36–8:01 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Magda on the Melchizedekian Priesthood

Tonight beloved Magda would share with us a little bit more about the Melchizedekian priesthood in preparation for what we will receive next year in a series of twelve Sunday sermons overshined by beloved Melchizedek, from spring equinox to summer solstice.

Magda shares that Jesus taught his closest disciples about the Melchizedekian priesthood. As we read in the New Testament, Jesus was of the priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek. If one of the disciples put this in scripture, why? Some of the disciples knew about it. It was an inner mystery revealed only to the closest initiates, not to the masses. We don’t have much in scripture about it, and yet if one of the apostles mentioned it, Jesus obviously knew that he was a member. He talked about Melchizedek and about the initiations of this priesthood. There were initiations, both in the Essene community and among Jesus’s close associates and disciples, that were part of the initiatic path of this priesthood, which of course we will learn much more about next year.

We know that the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and Peter Deunov were aware of Melchizedek as a great, powerful being, a universal Christ figure who almost ensouls the planetary consciousness of all peoples with the ideal of Christ-attainment. Melchizedek is like the manu of all ages. Beloved Magda says that if you could have one manu that ensouls the Adam Kadmon, or the ideal for Man, capital M-a-n, which is men and women, Melchizedek would be that ideal for the Earth.

This ideal man ensouls the perfect balance of masculine and feminine within his temple. Women, of course, can be members of this priesthood, so we could say priesthood/priestesshood, if we desire. It’s not just limited to those of male gender. Magda herself was an initiate in this ancient priesthood, which predates the Flood, goes back to Enoch, and through Enoch, ultimately to Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara and Melchizedek have a very close relationship because they both have great attainment, the type of attainment that is required to literally keep the flame of life for an entire planet and all of her evolutions. We’ve heard this story.

Melchizedek was, as the scripture says, without father or mother. What does that mean, without human father or human mother? In effect he was like the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, a descended master. In other words, he could take physical incarnation, or form, and yet he was perfected already. He came to Earth to assist the evolutions of Earth in rising out of the dark ages of the past, after the Fall, and returning again to a state of God-consciousness, oneness with God.

Part of the purpose of the priesthood is to inculcate within humankind as a whole the innate sense that we are all of Christ, in Christ, and that we can lead Christly lives, because at the core of the essence of Melchizedek is the universal Christ consciousness. When you have masters such as Peter Deunov and Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, who hold the same frequency as Melchizedek for the Earth, there is a great instauration within the Earth of this essence of the priesthood, this universal Christ consciousness, which raises the level of awareness of all mankind. Just their physical presence in the Earth is a blessing and a grace to all of us. And of course the teaching that they bring is paramount for our transition to a Gol den-Crystal Age.

Here in Livingston, Montana, under the retreat of the Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Ray and Light, we have a great opportunity to invoke this crystalline light-energy, as we have done tonight, focusing and using Magda’s mantra, which is part of this matrix, as well as our Tube of Light and the various prayers we’ve given. This energy field is alive; it is growing; it is vibrating; it is humming. And those who are very sensitive to vibration can feel in the greater Livingston area the energy patterns of the Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Ray. There is a freshness, a newness in this city that will continue to allow a certain resurrection energy field to build in the future as we, as initiates, engage it, fortify it and support it through our invocations, disciplines, prayers and meditations, especially in services like tonight’s.

Melchizedek can and will, if we request, overshine all of the future Diamond-Crystal Purity services with his essence. We have an image of the Master that’s framed in the anteroom to this sanctuary, painted by Sister Natasha’s daughter, Slavka. It’s beautiful, and I encourage you to look at it, meditate on it at times. I have attempted to have us secure Slavka’s images to sell in our store, but we haven’t gotten to the point where we are able to do that. This would be one of the two or three images that I would highly recommend that we attempt to secure and sell, because Melchizedek, as I have shared, will be preeminent next year, beginning in springtime.

Focusing on Melchizedek will help all of us to reach up into our Higher Self and draw forth Christic essences, divine formulas for our evolutionary path that we must utilize in fulfilling our divine plan. These formulas are, as it were, divine recipes that bring spiritual food from heaven to Earth, through our consciousness, right into the nexus of our heart for our utilization and our spiritual work. And studying the teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov is absolutely paramount, required really, for initiates within The Hearts Center movement. We read the daily meditation in English and French daily. We have all of the books in our bookstore. Some of you have secured all them for your Hearts Centers or heartfriends groups. And I hope that you have them at your bedside to use as often as you choose in order to really immerse yourself in the vibration of the Master, because he himself was really immersed in the consciousness and the essence of Melchizedek.

Just as the image of Lord Maitreya on the wall that I am facing has the rod with the globe and the crystal sphere and a crystal point, or spear, at the top of it, so the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, as you may remember, also wielded and held in his hand, virtually wherever he went, a cane with a crystal on top. I believe, and I accept the fact, that he was initiated by Melchizedek to do the same type of work that Lord Maitreya does and that he holds the spiritual office of planetary Buddha, as Maitreya does. In his case, it would be more like a planetary Christ, because he as well as Peter Deunov were more focused on the Christian teachings, the advanced or esoteric Christian teachings. So we have a planetary Buddha, and you could say that we have a planetary Christ, and Melchizedek is that planetary Christ. And yet at times arhats such as Omraam come and hold that office while in incarnation to stream forth to the Earth great Solar energies, energies of the Sun itself, representing the Christ.

What can we, then, take from this understanding to impact our daily lives and our spiritual work as we move forward through the duration of this year, now that we are in the final three months of the year, or the physical quadrant of the year? We’re in the cycle of Libra, moving to Scorpio and then eventually Sagittarius. And then at our winter solstice conference in San Diego, we enter Capricorn and we move into the new year. Well, this is the time of the harvest. Tonight before our service we had the harvesting of squash, which was lovingly prepared. And there is much to be grateful for in this great harvest of light and of the teachings of the masters, what they have brought forth through a number of dispensations, including The Hearts Center movement.

So as Magda works with Jesus to support the transition from Pisces to Aquarius, it is important to study the transitional teachings of blending the seven rays with the five crystal rays and allowing those seven rays to be magnified, even as the five crystal rays now come more to the fore through this diamond-crystal light that we are focusing on. All of us know much about the teachings of the seven rays. How much have we mastered of the five crystal rays? We’re still learning about them. They’re no longer secret—we don’t call them secret any longer—yet we’re still learning to utilize them and to have them benefit humanity through our hearts, our hands, our feet and these five points within us that represent a step-up in vibration from the seven.

What Magda would announce to us tonight is that she is coordinating and has received permission to have a direct link between this retreat of the Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light with Jesus’s and her retreat over the Holy Land. Part of the purpose of this linkage, through cosmic rays and these diamond-crystal rays, is to support the establishment of peace in the Middle East, throughout that region. It is to support the averting of a World War III or a greater manifestation of war and the warring elements that are coming to the fore now through what we’ve heard about, at least through our standard media, of ISIL or ISIS, the beheadings that are going on, and the spread of fanatical, violent, perverted Muslim activity and terrorism of all kinds. This linkage between these two retreats will allow a certain energy of our prayers given here to go for that greater purpose.

I spoke during the Canadian pilgrimage on the bus about Archangel Michael and his greatest challenges. I believe we’ve already posted that audio file, which you can listen to. I asked him the question: “What are the greatest challenges you’ve engaged in since the casting out of the fallen angels from heaven?” He shared a lot, and in that sharing there was teaching on the amalgamating of different forces, forcefields and great energies of darkness through war, violence, hatred, acrimony, et cetera, as well as entities that move through people in what we’ve seen happening on the Earth now.

So part of this linkage will allow our prayers and our causal-body energies to go forth to help avert greater calamity on Earth, because if World War III comes to pass in the way that the dark ones desire, it will impact all of us individually in some way. It will impact the world economy, our personal economy, our auras and our ability to do certain spiritual work, because we will have to focus so much on what is transpiring. God forbid America herself is attacked, and yet this is altogether possible. How do we avert this? We’ve been asked to give forty-five minutes of prayers in the morning during our morning broadcast services to the blue ray to step up the action and to have an ongoing focus on protection and the sealing of the Earth. The sealing of all peoples in light is really required right now.

So I’m grateful to beloved Magda for asking for this dispensation, which was approved by the Lords of Karma, and to beloved Jesus, obviously, for helping to facilitate it. We can call to beloved Magda as the Princess of Peace. Just as we call Jesus the Prince of Peace, we could call Magda the Princess of Peace. For she will facilitate all manner of miracles and saving graces to help individuals in the Middle East who are under attack: Christians and those of various faiths who have been challenged to give up their faith or to move by the fallen ones within the fallen aspects of Islam or else be beheaded or killed. I am seeing Magda moving in many realms and among many peoples and a number of nations to avert loss of life, destruction, death and these beheadings, et cetera.

I believe that the masters are observing events on Earth, are sensitive to the needs of mankind and hear the prayers of people everywhere, including good Muslims who are not in any way moved by the radical fundamentalist-type elements within their religion to take part in the violence and the terrorism that we’ve seen. So we have to pray for the Muslim people who are the true Muslims to stand up to these elements and speak out against terrorism, violence, et cetera. Where are the true leaders within that religion who are spokesmen for those who decry this type of activity? Many more could be standing firm in their resolve and speaking out against it.

Are there any comments or questions from any of you here or on the broadcast for beloved Magda tonight that could assist us in understanding more of what is transpiring across the Earth, or within our Hearts Center movement, or you within your own personal lives? She’s opening up now to both comments and questions.

I would like to say that the authority and the power that is wielded by initiates of the sacred fire within the priesthood of Melchizedek is what is required, what is essential to counteract and countermand all the negative energies that could erupt into a world war. In other words, the collective universal Christ consciousness is what is essential to avert planetary cataclysm and war. I believe that’s part of why this information is coming to us tonight. Boyd, if you get any comments or questions, let me know or raise your hand.

Question: Beloved Magda, we have heard that we need to continually clean our own subconscious, as in the teachings of Ho’oponopono, whenever we come in contact with troublesome phenomena in our conscious awareness and that there is no “out there.” Yet Lanello requested five people to decree and pray to bring more energy into the current world affairs. Can you comment on individual cleaning versus our collective prayers and how we can better understand the concepts of self-cleaning versus collective work that we have received in the past few years.

David: Well, there is “out there,” and yet it’s a reflection of what’s in here. We can’t deny that things are happening out there; they do exist. However, we can impact them through our inner cleaning, and the clearer and cleaner we are, the more we rise into this Melchizedekian state of Christ consciousness. We become much more powerful in our ability to affect the “out there” when we are clear. So we can’t hide our heads in the sand in regards to world events. We learned the lesson from what transpired in England with Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who initially ignored Hitler. It took a strong individual, Winston Churchill, to stand up to what was transpiring and inspire the English people to stand firm in their resolve to overcome.

What can we do to stand firm within ourselves, first and foremost, to be a counterweight to planetary darkness? We keep cleaning; we keep working; we keep refining and using all the gifts that we have been given by the ascended masters and use alchemy to become more powerful spiritually so that we can impact, through our calls, our meditations and our spiritual work, everything on the whole planet. Gautama Buddha is the general, so to speak, of all the forces of light for the planet, and yet he sits in meditation. What is he working on? It’s a good question. I’ll have to ask him. He’s working on a lot, energetically, and he does it through meditation and through focusing the perfect energy of peace through his being to instill that peace throughout the world.

We have another prayer that I was going to call forth next that is by the beloved Elohim Peace and Jesus, 60.011, where we say “I am the flame of perfect peace.” If we model peace within the harmony of our beings, that harmony, that peace, that tranquility, that equanimity is perfused through our consciousness, our auric field to the whole world. You mention the five individuals coming together—the power of the five times five. Collectively we are more powerful than just individually. That’s why Lanello is asking for this action. Part of his purpose in calling it forth is to avert World War III or planetary war. When he requested this, he said that the situation in the Middle East is worse now than it was at the time that he made his transition, when he offered himself to be that nexus of light to avert greater calamity in the Middle East.

I think we will always have this dynamic whereby we observe what’s going on outside of us and yet our primary focus is within. Yes, we make calls on everything that comes within our consciousness, within our awareness, within our vision. We can’t hide from the truth of what is transpiring. And yet, can we directly impact it personally? Unless we go off and fight a war or join forces with what we consider to be light, the best thing that we can do is spiritual. How do we affect things spiritually? We affect them the most when we are clear and clean ourselves, because if we are not clear and clean, part of the energies that will be thrust out from our prayers, calls, invocations and fiats will be colored and tainted by the impurity within us.

We’ve seen the effect of what Dr. Hew Len did with Ho’oponopono with the prisoners. I don’t feel that I’m even at that level of being able to impact people directly the way he did. I feel that I require greater clarity and inner cleaning to get to the point where I could assist in healing someone that quickly. Collectively, though, we can affect much when we work together. He was one individual working on his ow on behalf of mentally ill criminals in a special hospital ward.

Magda encourages us to follow Lanello’s words and pool the resources of our causal bodies, because collectively we have the energy, through the collective Christ consciousness, to impact the planet to a great effect and especially what’s going on in the Middle East. That’s the requirement of the hour. And if we can really focus on this together, we can avert much; we can mitigate much. When I interviewed Dannion Brinkley on the radio, he said to reread chapter 5 of his book, which I did. A lot of what is in that chapter has happened, though it did not happen according to the timetable that he was originally given. He thought a lot of it was going to happen in the ’90s. Why didn’t it occur according to that timetable? Because the prayers of the righteous on Earth mitigated a lot of what he saw would happen. I truly believe that.

I think our calls, decrees and prayers have mitigated much. So we can still mitigate much. We don’t have to have people walking around with 666 microchips inserted into their skin. We don’t have to have a one-world government. We don’t have to have great planetary calamity and destruction and even an economy that is completely destroyed. We can have gradual enlightenment, whereby people force the powers-that-be out and there is a new way through the new blue wave manifesting on Earth. It takes enlightenment; it takes consciousness; it takes teaching and for people to wake up. If we wake them up through enlightenment, they will be privy to what’s happening and they will stand for the truth. If necessary, they will demonstrate for it. We can have a peaceful divine revolution and we can have a new world. That’s the preferred way rather than complete planetary calamity, war, destruction and the decay of civilization. I think that the masters prefer the gentle way, the peaceful way if at all possible.

Are there any more sharings? Go ahead.

Question: Can you make some suggestions regarding how to pray positively for those people who are behind the efforts to begin a third world war? Also, while in Canada, we heard about a large child-trafficking activity, including child sacrifice, which some of the Canadians and Europeans are well aware of. What is the best way to pray and make calls regarding the people behind these things rather than being angry with them?

David: O God, enfold all those who are still your sons and daughters who have gone out of the way and have seen the only way out of their own dilemma as the way of darkness, destruction and death. Seal them in light. Nurture them in your Spirit. Protect the Christ-essence within them. I see it unfolding within them and changing their course, transmuting the darkness, resurrecting them in their true spirit. O Lord, you are at the core of the light that yet burns in the hearts of these. Get through to their higher minds and their human minds by the Christ mind. Get through and inspire them, beloved Aspira and Allegra, to move beyond the methodologies of war, violence, killing, maiming and destruction and to see the higher walk with God and the true path of light and peace, brotherhood and prosperity.

And free those involved in child trafficking, child sacrifice, Satanism, black magic, witchcraft, murder and mayhem, O God, from the entities of darkness that have ensnared them in their web of darkness. Free them now by the power of the circle and sword of Astrea, the power of the Elohim. Archangel Michael, strip from them that which would cause further loss of life, especially to the innocent children and infants. Blaze the light of God through! Expose the truth, expose the lie and bring forth the highest manifestation of God-good. We call for the arresting of the spirals of darkness, beloved Divine Director, within the lives of those who would sin against the Holy Spirit by sinning against the holy innocents. Strip from them the cause and core of self-deception and of this seeming need to engage in these dark activities. Bind now the satanic forces, O beloved Astrea and Purity and legions of light and fearlessness flame, beloved Ray-O-Light, and nurture the souls of those who have been wed to darkness so that they may turn around 180 degrees and serve the light. O restored angels, grace them with an apparition now so that they can see in akasha the results of their evil deeds, bend the knee and return as prodigal ones to the true light of the Almighty.

We agree together upon Earth in the name of Jesus the Christ that this is so. For where two or more are gathered in his name and in the I AM name, it is manifest. We accept it; we see it; we realize it now. O God, thank you for hearing our call and answering. Amen.

That’s an example of a call that you can make, or you can create one yourself using similar words.



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