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A Sacred Darshan with the Manu of the Seventh Age

A Sacred Darshan with the Manu of the Seventh Age

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Beloved Divine Director
David Christopher Lewis
September 19, 2014 9:29–9:58 am EDT
An Autumn Equinox Sacred Journey with Saint Germain to Southeastern Canada
Canada Pilgrimage 2014
Ottawa, Canada


A Sacred Darshan with the Manu of the Seventh Age

This darshan is with the manu of the seventh age, so it’s your opportunity to ask the Divine Director a question, both those here and those online. If you have a question, you can raise your hand and the mic will come to you, probably brought by Boyd or someone rather than it just magically coming to you.

Question: We talked about this on the bus, and I would appreciate some more clarification, if there is more clarification to give, on the anchoring of physical light on a pilgrimage. My understanding is that those who go on a pilgrimage are able to anchor light in the physical 100 percent, and those who participate from their homes can anchor light 75 percent in the physical. Could you give more clarification on what is exactly happening?

David: It all really depends on people’s consciousness. If you had an adept in your midst, such as Padre Pio, who was able to bilocate, he could anchor 100 percent. He knows the laws of metaphysics, or what the Master calls superphysics, whereby when you enter God’s being, you are everywhere in the consciousness of God. You can expand your awareness to actually be physically present. Most of us are not there yet in awareness. Most of us, if we don’t have our physical body in a certain place, can be there energetically in our emotional body, our mental body, our spiritual body by projecting a ray of consciousness there. Yet our physical body is still not there.

The physical body holds light and consciousness in our cells. Our physical temple is the temple of the living God, the temple of the Holy Spirit, and is a sacred thing. We, of course, take our body temples for granted sometimes. We don’t look at our physical body as being that spiritual, and yet it is. God created us in his image and likeness, in her image and likeness. When we understand that our physical body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, we can use that temple to do any spiritual work that we desire through the majesty of God’s love and light within us, within our cells. Remember, at the core of every red blood cell, if it’s healthy, is a little white sun. So God exists right within us, multiplied billions and trillions of times over in our cells.

When we feel and are aware of that consciousness of God within us manifesting, it’s amazing what can transpire when we use God’s love and light within us to anchor light. So if we are conscious, light is manifest wherever we walk on our pilgrimages or anywhere on this Earth. We leave tracings of our soul identity. Our essences are precipitated and anchored wherever we have walked on the Earth, and those tracings are left in what we know as akasha. At every place you have ever been, in that dimension or, you could say, at those 3-D points, there is an akashic record of it.

So the more conscious you are as a lightbearer in doing your spiritual work, the more those tracings are there in the many places you travel. By remembering where you have been, through your memory body you can reenact certain spiritual work that you have done or been involved in. Or, through your memory of seeing various places, you can go there in consciousness and project light.

Part of this work can be done through looking at pictures of various places in travel magazines or on the Internet. Yet when you go to a place physically, such as the Taj Mahal, where you walk past the reflecting pools and go into the rooms and touch the marble, it’s different. We have all experienced that difference. There is a more tangible essence of ourselves that is left in places we have visited, and those tracings can be reactivated, reenergizing what we have left in akasha. We can use those tracings of ourselves in those spaces to anchor greater light through our vision, through our imagination and through the sending forth of rays.

As an ascended master, you live as a spirit being. We are spirit beings now, yet we’re having a physical incarnation. The advantage of being in incarnation is that spirit is anchored in matter very tangibly, whereas the ascended masters don’t anchor their light in matter unless, by dispensation or grace, they are called into the physical plane and have the opportunity to do so. Yet it’s still different than us doing it. We are physical beings. The importance of our physical incarnation cannot be underestimated because it’s a powerful opportunity for us to anchor heaven on Earth, to spiritualize matter and to materialize spirit. The Lord requires those in incarnation to save the Earth, to bless the Earth, to charge the Earth.

We were talking yesterday when we stopped at one point on our long journey here of five-and-a-half hours. I think we were traveling from 12:30 to 6:00—five-and-a-half hours with a couple of stops. Some of us took our socks and shoes off and then walked on the ground, the grass. It has been noted that people who walk with their bare feet on the Earth pick up those currents from the Earth, and it can help in healing. When you walk the Earth barefoot, the same dynamic occurs whereby there is also the blessing of the Earth by your presence. It’s a two-way street. The Earth likes to be touched by human beings because we are conscious, alive beings. And the Earth loves to send frequencies through our being, through our feet to bless and heal us. The more conscious we are that the Earth is a conscious being, and the more we are conscious beings working in conjunction with the Earth in this alchemy, the more powerful the healing experience will be. If we’re oblivious to this and we don’t love the Earth and are just walking barefoot but not really thinking about it or conscious of this dynamic, there may be a certain level of healing; though it can be more magnified when we’re in tune with the Earth.

Just as grounding ourselves by being close to the Earth, walking on the Earth, walking in the cities, traveling in all these places allows heaven to be anchored through us, so a part of us, in communion with Mother Earth, is raising the Earth. There is a reason this prayer to the Divine Director says “Raise the Earth in sacred fire.”1 The Earth requires our love for the fulfillment of its mission as a conscious being, as a beautiful being. As more people are quickened and awakened and participate in the alchemy of the New Age, the Earth jumps for joy. I could just see the Earth jumping for joy, hopping around the sun and laughing as it’s moving around the sun, in a certain way.

If all of mankind were happy and joyous, the Earth would be even more joyful and we’d have perfection, beauty, no pollution—everything would just be amazing. So we have to anchor joy. The Divine Director says that one of the things we have to do is to be joyful and happy. That’s why we laughed at the beginning of this session

We’ve had a lot of wonderful experiences. For those of you at home, since we spend a lot of time on a little bus, we’ve been telling stories, learning about each other, telling jokes. It’s a great experience. Some people are nodding off a lot. That’s okay. They require it. People are getting to know each other. You’re sitting next to someone and talking sometimes for hours, and you’re learning all these great things about each other. This is important. That’s part of anchoring light, too—community, building community, getting to know each other.

We had one session in which I told people they had to talk about one secret in their lives that they never told anybody, and it was amazing what came out. It was pretty interesting. We get to know each other, even our secrets, and it’s a lot of fun. Pilgrimages are supposed to be fun. They are not supposed to be morose. They are not meant to have a sense of, “Oh, we’re doing all this spiritual work because the masters asked us.” Yeah, we’re doing it, and yet we’re having fun at the same time. So the next time there’s an opportunity, save your money.

The Canadians told me that they are able to give money locally into a fund. In their country, they have established a religious organization, and so some funds were donated into that fund. And they voted to use some of those funds for some of you to come, which is great. I think it was absolutely a smart move so some of you could come. Those of you in other Hearts Centers and Heartfriends Groups, if you have resources, vote and use the money that’s there to come on these pilgrimages or for whatever you desire to use it for. It’s there, so you may as well use it rather than have it just sit in a bank account.

So back to the original question. As you become more adept at this alchemy of anchoring light through your body temple, you will begin to have all kinds of mystical experiences as these essences of yourself, these quintessences of yourself that you have traced around the world are reactivated. When you have been somewhere and there is a need in that area, heaven calls out for those who are conscious to respond with a prayer, with energy, with love to meet that great need, to dissolve darkness or to anchor light in some way. So through your Higher Self, you are called upon many times to do certain spiritual work, unknown to your outer waking consciousness. By having traveled to key places in different parts of the world, or gone wherever you have gone, you can be used as a resource for the ascended masters to reenact alchemy or to anchor light through your Superconscious, your Higher Self.

One of the benefits of attending these pilgrimages is that the more places you have been, the more opportunity there is for God to use your Higher Self to perform this alchemy. It’s a simple equation. Even if you’re not aware of it on the outer, it’s okay. There is just so much we can understand in the physical. If there’s too much information, TMI, it’s too much for us to deal with. Sometimes less information is better so we’re not blown away or freaked out, because there is only so much we can do. God, in God’s infinite beingness and greatness, knows the laws of alchemy, of this dynamic, of the multiverses that exist and the different dimensional planes of being. We get glimpses of these in our dreams, in our visions and in our mystical experiences. When we have them, it is mystical and magical and sometimes we remember things. We’re surprised at times, thinking, “Oh, wow, yeah, I guess I am a divine being after all. I am pretty special to God,” This doesn’t come from an egoic sense; just from the fact that we realize we are here for a reason and we may as well fulfill it and be happy in the process.

So give yourself more credit for who you are and what you do, without gloating over it or telling everybody in the world about it. Just do it silently in your own heart and give God the glory for who you are. Feel the sense of oneness, the majesty and largesse of heart that, yes, you were there in India. We were there when the Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh was there. We were there that very day in India. Our energies commingled with his in the atmosphere, and his words commingled with ours. There is a dynamic that occurred whereby wherever he walks now and wherever we walk, there is a figure-eight flow between his Buddhic awareness and ours. God’s alchemy of love, understanding, forgiveness, patience and all the Buddhic qualities will forever be there flowing through both of our hearts because we were one in that moment when we passed by each other. Think of things like that or the fact that if you’ve walked in the Holy Land where Jesus walked or you’ve walked where Gautama walked, you have picked up on their tracings and they have become a part of you. And now you, as a mystical son or daughter of God, can anchor the light of Christ or Buddha or the Divine Mother where you are because of this wonderful blessing of imagination, acceptance and the beauty of just being incarnate upon Earth.

It is a wonderful thing to be incarnate on Earth. We’ve read stories about people who have passed on and gone through near-death experiences, and the masters, in some cases, have told them that they would give just about anything to be incarnate for a season or for one life, because they see how much can be anchored in the Earth through a physical embodiment. You’ve read stories like this, right? And you’ve seen movies about angels coming into incarnation. It’s pretty amazing. The dynamic of anchoring light is a whole study in itself. It’s an ongoing manifestation of beingness through consciousness.

The more you are conscious and aware, the more light you can anchor. It’s a simple equation. If you’re oblivious to things and you’re not really in your Presence, you miss out on a lot. If you’re awakened, quickened and observant, then you capture a lot through your awareness. There will be more amazing, beautiful memories during these pilgrimages. You will have spiritual experiences that you will remember for your whole life, that you will be able to tell your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren about. Sometimes all it takes is sharing one little mystical experience that you had on a pilgrimage or at any time to change someone’s life, because it inspires them. It gives them hope. It gives them a bubbly, effervescent energy: “Oh, wow! My grandmother did that. I can do it too,” or whatever.

Write down your experiences. Don’t forget them. They are really wonderful. Great question. Thank you. And, I will say, great answer. Thank you, Divine Director.

Question: Great Divine Director, with your recent upgrade to our individual divine blueprint, whiteprint, as it’s been called sometimes, I’m wondering if Canada is also included in that as a nation in terms of having an upgrade to her divine blueprint. Could you shed some more light on that so that we might do our jobs better in helping you to reach that state of the Golden Age?

David: Computer companies continually make upgrades to their systems and software. Some people may still use the old software for a while, and people who buy new computers get the new software loaded onto them. So people eventually start learning the new processes, the new modalities and the functionality of the programs. The same type of thing happens planetary-wide as the masters, especially the chohans of the rays under the direction of the manus, project into the mass consciousness and the planet as a whole, using engrams and actual spiritual programs, amazing alchemical glyphs and awarenesses that will raise consciousness. It’s part of this blueprint or whiteprint. The chohans are doing this work under the direction of the manus. They are responsible for the awareness of people everywhere on the various rays. They are constantly refining these spiritual programs, if you can call them that, which are large processes that direct engrams of light into many arenas of action, especially in the spiritual and educational fields, and into the awareness of people who are more sensitive: meditators, people who pray, et cetera.

When more and more people are able to access the new software, or spiritual programs, they start to take hold among a greater collective, and then people do awaken. They start using more conscious words, and we’ve heard this over the last number of decades. People are using the word alchemy all the time now. It’s in advertising. People are using certain terms that we didn’t use very often forty or fifty years ago, although there were people who were embedding those terms in the mass consciousness through their spiritual work. Now, because of the shifts that are occurring and the new software that’s being downloaded into mankind’s awareness, people are using those words and they’re becoming part of our lexicon.

This new blueprint is being lowered in a gradual process through the Christic minds of, first, the lightbearers, through whose consciousness the first wave of light is coalesced from the etheric into the physical. Then the second wave comes and they lower more of the blueprint, which is released through the rays, starting with the blue, then the yellow and then the pink, within each manu’s work. There is the blue wave of the seventh ray, the yellow wave of the seventh ray and the pink wave of the seventh ray. It moves through cycles like that. The blueprint is always in the process of being lowered and amalgamated into our dimension and plane through these various waves.

What did El Morya do today? He is a chohan, and he did this amazing alchemy through the waves, and then the Divine Director came right after him. So it makes sense that Lanto may come and do a new-yellow wave next and anchor what the Divine Director is envisioning for the seventh age in a different way. We’ve heard a lot about the new-blue wave and the new-violet wave. We haven’t heard a lot about the other ones. I guess we can anticipate something happening in some way in the future and in the Now.

So getting back to the software. When more and more people can dispense with the older software, the old paradigms, the old language and pick up on the new, then it becomes integrated in the world. Then it’s easier for the masters, the chohans to project the next wave or the next activity that will raise awareness on a planetary-wide, civilization-wide, culture-wide scale. Some cultures are behind, way behind, and some cultures are ahead. The Canadians are right at the forefront of consciousness along with some in America, India, Tibet, Nepal and other spiritually awakened countries. What is the nation that measures Gross National Happiness (GNH) instead of Gross National Product? Bhutan. They’re right at the forefront. They get it—organic foods, et cetera. They’re right there at the cutting edge of the new wave, whereas countries that are struggling to even give their women freedom are at the very end of the wave, and they’re holding back humanity.

Using this metaphor of computer systems, as the new software of the New Age is lowered and utilized, we will see the shifts that are required. Sometimes you have to throw out an old computer altogether. You just have to get a new computer that has the new software ready to go, because the old stuff doesn’t work. It’s too slow. Everything now is about faster speed. And right now here in this hotel, there’s a slow connection. Some of you at home may be experiencing problems. If you are, it’s our fault. This particular hotel has an issue.

You can use this metaphor of the new-blue wave, the blueprint and computer systems to visualize that at certain key points in history the chohans, the masters will initiate these new programs of light to transform civilization. They’re ready for a lot more to happen. We have to be ready. Some of the youth are already prepared in consciousness before they incarnate. It’s just us older folks who sometimes aren’t ready. So we have to get with it and be ready. That doesn’t mean throwing out the principles and the values of the masters, yet we must be ready for these new wave patterns when they come. If we are stuck in a mold and believe we have the best way on Earth and we’re not going to change, we won’t get those new wave patterns and be transformed. We’ll be stuck in the old program, the old software. So be willing to upgrade.


1. See The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, prayer number 70.001 or 10.004.


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