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El Morya: Blazing the Will, Wisdom and Love of God into Action through the New Blue Wave of Solar Awareness

El Morya: Blazing the Will, Wisdom and Love of God into Action through the New Blue Wave of Solar Awareness

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Beloved El Morya
David Christopher Lewis
September 19, 2014 9:15–9:27 am EDT
2014 Autumn Equinox Canada Pilgrimage
Ottawa, Canada

Blazing the Will, Wisdom and Love of God into Action
through the New Blue Wave of Solar Awareness

From North to South, from East to West, I, El Morya, create a wave, a new blue wave, of Solar awareness that I issue forth upon this land within the hearts, the minds and the wills of her people for the establishment of the kingdom of God through the love-wisdom-power flames that are eternal and now manifest in a new pattern of perfection, in a new divine glory and radiance as you have invoked it, as you have called it forth through your words. For you, O souls, are co-creators with God.

Through the dynamism of Spirit and through the majesty of that Word and the power of the four-times-four, here and through your throat chakra with its pure sixteen petals of blue-fire light, this wave is established. And a cosmic action occurs that cannot be stopped, for it is born of eternal light. It moves and it undulates and it causes at times, maybe, a certain uncomfortability at the deepest levels of being in the unconscious, where these patterns are repatterned and where now light has concourse within the soul to raise it unto eternal glory.

You have come on this pilgrimage and been a part of the alchemy of what we, the ascended masters, are co-creating day by day through our offices of Spirit, through what the Lord God has allowed us to be engaged in from the spiritual worlds of perfection. The light descending through your hearts and the rays of God focused through the crystalline patterns that exist within you, O soul, are now reconditioning the Earth in a new aurora borealis. If you can picture it in your mind’s eye and see the new radiances of archangelic majesty flowing now through this wave pattern here, there and everywhere in the North and throughout this nation and her peoples, then it is so, because you, as an active participant in our work, are manifesting it through your own awareness, one with the Divine.

You speak words, and these words become real through the orifice of this creative chakra that God has given you for speech, for song, and for the molding of energy and consciousness within your life through the I AM name of God that you speak in the conscious words through which light descends and is precipitated in the material plane. O, if mankind only knew the power that they could wield through their voices upturned to the Source and speaking purely that majesty, articulating that which their Higher Self inspires upon and within them, you would see a new world born even now all across the Earth.

First it is manifest through you, O soul, O conscious one who understands the nature of co-creativity through the Word. And then, as it is increased through many, there is the supersaturation of the mass consciousness by the new blue wave energies that we are providing mankind in this hour, which are reconditioning all, through the agency of the Holy Spirit, with the light of perfection, divine joy, resonance and harmony. The alchemy of the Spirit of your daily lives is what you may glory in as God lives through you, breathes through you, speaks through you, and rays forth the everlasting light through your diamond-shining mind one with ours.

You have heard this term. And yet, how many have accepted the holy matrix that you may live in eternality within that Buddhic awareness and majesty through your own mind trued to the Eternal One’s universal mind? Well, accept it now. Feel it glowing within you. The empowerment that comes when those divine ideations are highlighted, and then expansive and manifesting within you, truly negotiate through you a new world of beingness and the blueness of the heavens and their azure and pristine glory.

O, blessed ones, arise with me on this new blue wave pattern and fly to the sun. And feel, this day, one with God within your core, within your heart, within your soul. Even a few moments of freedom to be in God will bring about the new blue and true you, if you choose to accept God’s Word within and the Logos alighting where you are and blazing through your consciousness. As this new frequency is established and many waves continue to manifest to dispel darkness and to increase light and the vibrancy of the Aquarian experience, you will see the renaissance that you have called forth, the quickening, the divine awakening that you have envisioned and may now accept as manifesting eternally.

Pay it forward to the youth in conscious waves, for they will carry this wave far into the future for a new Earth to exist here and for every nation and all peoples to receive God’s will and majesty through inspired and creative opportunities flowing, glowing and ever bestowing upon humanity eternal grace, joy and beingness. Live in the wave even as you live in the new blue light of God. I thank you.



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