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A Reading from Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul on Visionary Alchemy and a Request for Heartfriends to Engage in a Collective Treasure Map

A Reading from Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul on Visionary Alchemy and a Request for Heartfriends to Engage in a Collective Treasure Map

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
September 8, 2014 9:00–9:28 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

A Reading from Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul on Visionary Alchemy
and a Request for Heartfriends to Engage in a Collective Treasure Map

Happy day, everyone. Today is the eighth day of September 2014. I’d like to read a chapter from a book called Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul: Heartwarming Stories about People 60 and Over. I’m not quite sixty, yet some of us are. This is a wonderful story. It’s in a chapter titled “From Here to Eternity,” by Michael T. Smith with Kelley Smith. There’s a quote before the story that says, “As we get older, our vision should improve. Not our vision of earth, but our vision of heaven.” That’s by Max Lucado. Here’s the story:

Our yellow legal pads were almost full, and our pencils were beginning to dull. For hours now, our music committee had been evaluating the past year. Planning for the future was our next task. As minister of music, I challenged the committee, “Okay folks, we’ve done some good work here. But to see the results we’re hoping for, we’ve got to have a fresh vision.

Committee chairperson Dorcas Chapman rose from her seat and instructed us, “Put down your pencils. Scoot your chairs back from the table. Close your eyes, and try to clear your minds.” Her next statement fascinated me: “We’re going on a trip.”

We listened attentively as Dorcas continued, “First, I want you to picture yourself on the front steps of the church building. After a good look around, step inside the main foyer.” Dorcas proceeded, “Take note of what you see, whom you see, and what they are doing.” Finally, we were to “travel” into the sanctuary, up the stairs to the balcony, and then back down to the choir loft.

After our first mental journey around the property, Dorcas asked us to start over. “This time,” she explained, “it is three years down the road.” We were to walk through all the same locations again, envisioning all the possibilities later turned into realities.

“Once more,” Dorcas continued, “but this time, it’s five years later.”

Then, we began sharing what we had seen. Some committee members had pictured multilevel parking garages and buildings with vivid detail—down to the color of the carpet and the awnings on the windows.

One woman described, “I saw a sea of blue uniforms filling the sanctuary.” The following year, we celebrated a special Air Force Salute Day, honoring all the military men and women from our city’s Air Force base.

We all nodded in agreement as one man reported, “I saw streams of people from all walks of life coming in and out of the church building, worshipping and being spiritually rejuvenated.” Since that time, church membership has grown by about fifteen hundred members.

I had goosebumps as we continued around the room. One lady talked about seeing a single mother seated in the balcony with her two children. Another person envisioned hundreds of teenagers at a rally in the gymnasium. This exercise was producing discussion more exciting than we had ever experienced before.

But a puzzling response came from Tommy Brinkley. He was our church organist as well as the orchestra conductor. When it came his turn to share, I eagerly awaited his response. He announced, “I didn’t really see anything—just hundreds of harps.” Harps? All he saw was harps? What about a two hundred-voice choir filling the choir loft or a fifty-piece orchestra on the platform? I was less than inspired by Tommy’s report. We moved on to the next person.

A few days later, Tommy was admitted to the hospital for chest pains. He suffered a massive heart attack and died within a week. As our church family grieved during the following weeks, I reflected on his life and death. My mind drifted to the time I first met Tommy and then to the countless lives my sixty-plus-year-old colleague had touched as a friend and musician.

Soon after Tommy’s funeral, I remembered our last music committee meeting and what Tommy had shared. It struck me that while we were still dreaming about the here and now, Tommy had already glimpsed his hundreds of harps. It was easy to imagine Tommy there, surrounded by rows of golden harps whose melodies make finer music than this world will ever know.

At a later planning meeting, I remarked to our committee, “Tommy may have had more vision than any of us. While our vision reaches from here to the next several years, his stretched from here to eternity.”1

I believe we can take a cue from this story ourselves to today envision our Hearts Center movement three years from now, five years from now, and if we’re really bold, maybe ten years from now. I invite all of you to send a statement through e-mail to, or maybe a picture or something that illuminates an aspect of what you envision, as you engage in this little alchemical work and experiment, that The Hearts Center will be doing and will look like in three, five or ten years. I would love for our staff to accumulate these statements, these snippets of our vision or images that you send to us, and put them in a collective organizational treasure map. Because I believe that this is a powerful, alchemical, visionary experiment and that we will manifest your vision, our vision.

Take a moment now to close your eyes and engage in this. Your vision may include what we are doing at the central Hearts Center worldwide, and it can and probably should include, for all of you based on where you live, some aspect of what The Hearts Center is doing in your area or on behalf of you, your family, your community where you live. While we’re doing this, I would like to have us be still, and there will be some silence. We’ll do this vision experience for about five minutes and then I’ll share some more. So take the next minutes to do this. [Audio pauses for about six minutes while the visioning exercise takes place.]

Welcome back. I could have said that you could write and record what you’re seeing. Some of you may have been envisioning more, dreaming your vision into reality in your mind’s eye. I hope that today, if you have a few moments of time, you can send in your thoughts. It can be a whole page or a paragraph or a sentence, or it can be, as I shared, an image, maybe something that you co-create with others or that you create yourself, or an image that you find somewhere that elucidates what you were envisioning.

At different times in our movement we’ve come to key junctures where we may be challenged in some way, based on events or our perception of where we are, maybe a seeming lack or a seeming major issue or problem or concern. And when we really get down to brass tacks and meditate and release everything to God and the universe, and we allow the creativity of the Divine One to take hold of everything, then the magical, the miraculous, the mysterious begins to occur. In some cases it’s far beyond what we may have envisioned, and in some cases it’s exactly what we may have seen in our mind’s eye years ago.

At times we get into a fear vibration when we look at our finances or our personal situations, and we allow anxiety and fear to take hold of us. This fear is diabolical. And I’ve observed this in some people in our movement who care a lot, and yet there’s a subtle level of fear and anxiety that grips them and takes hold of them to the point where they are not doing the alchemy that they would like to do. They are not engaged in allowing heaven to magically and mysteriously and miraculously enter the equation, and there is a stultification at some level that can be problematic.

I believe the exercise we just engaged in allows the angels, the visionaries of heaven, Inspira, a great master that we’ve learned about during our tenure in this movement, and Allegra, the twin flame of Inspira, to begin to work certain higher alchemy to bring forth this magic. It’s something that is mysterious, and we don’t always have to know the details of how it will happen. We don’t have to be involved necessarily in the process or the timing of it. We don’t have to let the human mind dictate the exactness of how heaven will proceed with the virtuous outpicturing and outpouring of heaven’s grace into the chalice of our being.

We simply have to be receptive, happy, joyous, and believe and accept by complete faith—and this is a higher form of faith—that God is the doer, that God is in control. That faith completely eradicates and obliterates all doubt, fear, human questioning, records of death, and the polarity from the two to the eight2 of anxiety and frustration that block alchemy. We have truly manifested in our movement amazing, miraculous things. Sometimes the masters speak through me, or share through me or through you, and things happen that shift us into a new reality, a new dimension of being.

When I heard and listened again to Fortuna sharing through me,3 I was amazed at what was there. I appreciate those of you who have already responded to her HeartStream for the establishing of this reserve fund and putting money into the general fund to assist us. In a discussion we were having recently with some heartfriends and including those on our staff, some people thought, generally, that people don’t necessarily get inspired by talking about a general fund. Yet, 90 percent of what we do in our movement, if I were to capture it in that sense, happens because of what is in the general fund, based on our tithes and the daily, weekly and monthly giving of our heartfriends.

What we do with that general fund is to provide the resource of our website; we provide the staff who support the website and who outpicture amazing aspects of what we share on the website through a lot of what could be called tedious work, daily activity. Everything you see on our site was put up there by someone. There’s a lot of forethought to it: there is the imagery and the text; there is the linkage to something when there is a link; and there are many articles. There is all the daily work of putting up the HeartStreams, and now we put up these beautiful images with the HeartStreams.

One of the things in my vision, which I’ve spoken about before, is to eventually have in our HeartStreams links to key words within them, where people can click on that word and go to something that highlights it, illuminates it, explains it with both greater text and with greater imagery. I know that this will happen. It will probably require the resource of a person assigned to do this, because it could end up being a full-time job. You know, if one person out there gave us $40,000 to pay for a staff member to do this, I think it would be an amazing alchemy. People could read the HeartStreams and have the understanding of what’s in them, based on these links and things, once we have that person who acts as our librarian, who categorizes things on our website. Then, when people search for a key word or a phrase or a term, they can come up with all these amazing messages from the masters and even through some of you, explaining that term or that word.

There’s a lot of opportunity for us to do amazing alchemical things. I was seeing in Livingston a lot of activity in our sanctuary, in our bookstore, with replays and yoga and dances and presentations and workshops, meditations and movies, people streaming in and out of our store because it’s an exciting place to come and find out what’s going on. And the same type of thing could occur where you live with local heart-sharing activities, heartfriend presentations, booths at new-age fairs, you name it. The sky is the limit.

I am envisioning products that heart friends co-create throughout the world that we can sell in our store and that you can sell locally. I am envisioning many aspects of permaculture being embraced throughout the world, with farmers’ markets now having booths where the teachings of permaculture are shared liberally. I’m envisioning chem trails completely stopped in the atmosphere. Since Surya and Cuzco’s HeartStream,4 the weather here in Livingston has been phenomenal, and I do feel a shift in the planet as a result of that particular dictation. I see everywhere, in communities worldwide, flowering trees and plants; and in villages, people turning lawns into gardens. I see drug companies and Monsanto being converted to a new form of sustainability and natural type of healing; that may be ten, twenty, thirty years down the road, and yet, who knows. I see a new healthcare system. I see abortion being rare, only in extreme cases.

As our vision increases and as we work these alchemies, we are co-creating the new world that we desire to have in manifestation. If we believe enough, if we have the vision, and if we empower that vision through work, through service and through daily focus, everything that you see as a potential reality can be and will be, by God’s grace.

So, even as this church group in the story in this Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul chapter performed their alchemy through a very simple practice of closing their eyes and envisioning three years and five years down the road, let us keep our vision, maintain a divine perspective, be able to accept and receive the miraculous into the coffers of our movement, in our personal bank accounts and lives and in those of our loved ones and our communities. I believe that as we focus 80 percent and more of our vision on what we desire to precipitate rather than on the negative and the inane and the banal, we will allow heaven to bring it about through magic, through alchemy, by God’s grace.

Thank you, everyone, for participating. I look forward to reading your contributions. I look forward to our staff composing the collective visual. And maybe in our huddle today in just a couple of minutes, we can talk about this and figure out a way to share it with you soon. It may take a week or more, and yet I see it already manifest.

God bless you. Have an awesome day. Thank you, __________ and __________, for being there again on this beautiful Monday. Thank you for your love and light, your prayer support. God bless you all. Have a great day.


1. Michael T. Smith with Kelley Smith, “From Here to Eternity,” in Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Paul J. Meyer, Barbara Russell Chesser, and Amy Seeger, Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul: Heartwarming Stories about People 60 and Over (Deerfield Beach, Florida: Health Communications, 2000), large print format, pp. 280–83.
2. Refers to the 2 o’clock line and the 8 o’clock line of the cosmic clock.
3. See Fortuna, September 2, 2014, “Fortuna Comes with a Personal Dispensation of Abundance for Heartfriends and for the Hearts Center.”
4. Surya and Cuzco, September 4, 2014, “It Is Time That the Light Prevails Fully on Earth.”


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