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Divine Director: I AM the Architect of a New World (video)

Divine Director: I AM the Architect of a New World (video)

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Beloved Divine Director
David Christopher Lewis
August 26, 2014 8:45-9:02 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

I AM the Architect of a New World

The Divine Director Releases a Cosmic Infusion of God-Glory
for World and Self-Transformation

I AM the architect of a new world. I emanate frequencies of God-glory. And my prayer this day is that you, O soul, will feel the impetus of light from your own God Presence to be even more invested in the work of the Universal Great White Brotherhood in this age and at this time, this important juncture in the history of life and the evolution of mankind upon this sphere.

As your Divine Director, I come to increase the wave patterns that will result in transformational change within the lives of many. These frequencies are borne by angels of the sacred fire from the altar of the Most High God in the Great Central Sun and now are perfused throughout this Earth in an action of light in response to your calls this day, dearest ones. For it is essential that the kingdoms of this world be transmuted into the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ.Âą And how may this occur except through divine intercession and through this cosmic infusion of light from the Source into the Earth through disciples of the living Word.

You live and move and have your being within the crystal-light radiance of God’s eternal being, dearest ones. And if you can hold firm to the truth and aver within your daily life that God is real within you and that you are one with your Source—body, soul, mind and spirit—then your life does become radiant and rich in God-glory. Your movement upon the Earth becomes sublime and holy. Your thoughts, your feelings, your words and your actions truly become infused with the grace of God and the love, wisdom and power of the Word, and higher mindfulness will always be yours to enlighten and guide you—yea, to direct the coursing of your soul in its sacred journey around and to the Sun.

This infusion this day will bring about many changes in a number of areas around your globe, dearest ones, which you will see in days to come and in ensuing months and years. For these changes must manifest before the notable day of the Lord,² when souls are called unto higher glory and must release all sense of attachment to the past and to matrices of the past that no longer serve their ascent and their victory in the light.

Each day you may release something of your past momentums, habit patterns, thought processes and paradigms that are not a part of the Golden-Crystal Age of love-wisdom of Aquarius. Yet many find that it is difficult to let go of who they were. For they are caught in the web of self-deception, and in their attachment to the egoic self there is little room for the Holy Spirit to ply her trade and her virtues within the beings of those so attached to mortality and a sense of being separate from the Divine One.

This infusion may truly be a boon for you, each one, if you choose to accept the initiatic path invested within it, with its challenges and rigors and the love-fire embedded within the radiant field of the stream that can connect and reconnect you to your True Self any moment that you feel a sense of separation, lack or misunderstanding of your path. You see, there is a current that divine direction is composed of that aligns one with the true-north Self of beingness in God. And when you can feel this current moving through you, you will always be Self/God-directed in the highest way, orderly in your life and yet also free to receive the Holy Spirit’s infusions and inspirations moment by moment.

This is the perfect balance of Alpha and Omega—to be both disciplined and liberated within the one light. For true liberation only comes, dearest ones, through the disciplined path of perfectionment of the heart. And if you seek to bypass the various initiations that are a part of this sacred process, then you will have to return to the points where you left off of this sacred journey, investigating byways here and there whereby you have invested the energies vouchsafed to you in streams and activities less than what you could have accepted and borne within you of God’s pure light and love.

You see, it is very easy, in one sense, to walk the noble and true path if you stay on course and ask to be guided each step of the way. Life only becomes difficult when you stray from this true nurturing pathway that we provide, with the key markers of our teachings, instruction and guidelines through many emissaries. Ultimately, you will be happy and joyous only when you live in the light of your Presence and that light is infused through your every thought, feeling, word and deed as God lives through you and radiates love from within you to all.

Some within the leadership of this movement have asked for guidance as to how to secure greater abundance to in turn secure the future of this movement. El Morya has given a number of keys, even as recent as last evening, for many to consider. Ultimately, blessed ones, it is the amount of light that you carry within your being that determines how much you will magnetize of the abundance of God within your life and within this movement. If you are rich in the radiant field of God-glory through your daily devotions and through the constancy of your givingness throughout each day, naturally there will be infused within your world what is essential and required for the abundant life to be lived by you, one and all. It is obvious that this equation is true. And yet some have sought, through some mystical and magical means, to bring forth abundance where it cannot be released because there is not the lodestone there to magnetize it by one’s devotion, by one’s strong beingness living in the perfected light of the Sun.

Therefore invoke the light and you shall magnetize that abundance. Be the light, and your effulgence will alight where you are through many means and through divine magic as it is outpictured through higher alchemy. Those who are the effulgent ones, tapping into the resources of heavenly light and grace, have within their inner bank the coin of the realm to offer to humanity, to one another when it is required and as it must be provided.

The resource that you have within this movement of the four-thousand-plus HeartStreams is, verily, a lodestone of cosmic, golden, liquid-light substance as the wisdom teachings of the ascended masters. And if you would share this with the world as best you can through all manner of inspired delivery systems, then you will see the return current as that golden, liquid light coming your way in the thankfulness and appreciation of those who will receive that teaching, feel the inspiration, know the truth and, through their validation and valuation of this work, give of their abundance to you.

The living Word is our trade and our bounty. Live in that Word, and your alchemies and your formulas will be fulfilled in due course of time, blessed hearts.

I now direct this stream of light in an array of sacred fire into many areas of the globe, and especially within the lives of you who are the consecrated heartfriends and servitors of this movement for your uplift, for your victory at this time, and for a new wave of eternal freedom to be yours. I am with you in what is coming. I am with you in what was. I am with you in the eternal Now, where the future and the past dissolve and there is only God within your breath and heartbeat. I thank you.

1. See Revelation 11:11–15.
2. See Acts 2:16–21.



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