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David's Sharing on Opportunities in Virgo and Updates on Upcoming Hearts Center Events and Projects

David's Sharing on Opportunities in Virgo and Updates on Upcoming Hearts Center Events and Projects

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David Christopher Lewis
August 22, 2014 8:00–8:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Opportunities in Virgo and Updates on Upcoming Hearts Center Projects and Events

Good morning, everyone. God bless you. Thank you for being here today on this twenty-second day of August 2014.

As many of you know, tonight we enter the cycle of Virgo, and so it is an opportune time to use the opportunities we have in life to expand the flame of God-justice. And through the light of the Goddess of Justice, beloved Portia, as well as beloved Lord Lanto, who sponsors the eight o’clock line of the cosmic clock, we can come to understand the cyclings of light through the ray that manifests through the line of Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign in the emotional quadrant of the year, during which certain specific impulses from the Great Central Sun flow through our sun to the Earth and then on to us.

Virgo is a very important sign for those who desire to manifest the virgin consciousness, which is the consciousness of purity and of the immaculate concept, because the Cosmic Virgin is the one who holds that original pure perception of us as sons and daughters of God in our immaculate state, in our inviolate state of beauty and perfection, grace and holiness.

So let us all attempt throughout this coming month to focus the light of the Cosmic Virgin through any of the ascended lady masters that we choose to commune with, especially Mother Mary, who the Catholics call the Virgin Mary, or any of the other divine personages who have embodied in female form, taken their ascension and focalized that pristine light of the Mother to harmonize all. In so doing, we may bring to fruition and conclusion in the emotional quadrant of the year the greatest outpouring of the virtues of God through love and our feeling body. Then, as we move into the physical quadrant of the year, when the cyclings of light pour through the sign of Libra, we can have the most wonderful manifestations of our harvest, of the physicality of the release of light in this dimensional plane of being, the 3-D spirit-matter cosmos.

We have had discussions of late about our Hearts Center Talk Radio program. As many of you know, we attempted to fundraise $33,000 and we have not reached that mark. From the perspective of our leadership and also El Morya, by not receiving the support from heartfriends within our movement and those who generally support us, it is apparent that they may not necessarily see this media opportunity as the most important thing that we are doing in our movement. Therefore we are assessing the cost involved, which, to be frank and let you know, is $3,000 a month—one thousand dollars paid to The Dr. Pat Show and then another couple thousand to support all of the preparation for that show.

We would love to hear from you, the heartfriends, and know what you see about our investment that is important to you. Do you feel that my interviews with the individuals that we have been privileged to talk to are of import to the world, to consciousness, to the enlightenment of lightbearers? I can truly say that, to me, this last program with Dannion Brinkley was the best of all of them so far, primarily because of Dannion’s amazing humor, his consciousness and his perception about life on Earth. He has a wonderful vantage point from having visited heaven when he died and came back, where he was shown in the etheric octaves certain aspects of what is happening on the Earth now and what will transpire in the future.

There are other interviews planned. One is with Robert Thurman, a very amazing individual, who gave us permission to use his translation of the great bodhisattva teaching of the Far East from his book The Jewel Tree of Tibet. It is an amazing ritual, which we sometimes give and which I feel is a phenomenal visualization of Buddhic awareness and Presence throughout the Earth. We will hopefully interview the author of The Afterlife of Billy Fingers and other amazing individuals who can truly bring us understandings that go beyond what most people hear in the mass media.

If you would choose to have us continue to provide this resource, we would love to hear your take on what we have done, the value of it to you, or what you think we could do. The sooner you let us know by sending an email to or speaking to one of our council members or staff, the better. Radio is a media that not as many lightbearers utilize today because of the Internet. When I drive my car, I sometimes listen to the news and to various programs that I enjoy, both on NPR and on Fox News, the two major outlets that are available in my area. In the major cities, of course, there are many, many more radio opportunities for people to listen to, including classical music stations, et cetera.

Radio is a means to reach people through the stimulation of the audio centers of their being: the ears and the inner ear. Of course much of what we do in our movement, even what I’m providing today, comes to you through the airwaves of the Internet. The light and sound rays impact us and provide the stimulation of our higher nerve centers, thereby exciting the divine light within us and bringing us presence and possibilities for our attainment, our education and enlightenment. We see radio as one of these opportunities.

We have also been talking within our movement about the opportunities before us for our events and Meru University courses. Because of the financial exigencies of the hour, we are potentially planning to combine some of the work of our teams—our events team and Meru University teams—to facilitate a simpler and easier option for you to attend events and Meru courses at the same time, as they will be merged together as one. So we may have less Meru University courses. They may become a little bit more physical in orientation next year, where people attend in person, and yet we will still beam them out through the Internet.

There’s something about interactivity when you’re in physical proximity with one another that stimulates a greater God-consciousness, a greater community spirit, a greater focus and opportunity for higher learning because of the mindfulness that is manifest through the collective of all of us together. Much of this can be done through the Internet and through the programs that we provide, and yet there is a dynamic of the physicality of our being together that, as we know, engenders a greater action of light by our togetherness, by our oneness.

We are hoping and praying that we can still provide amazing new teaching, new revelation, facilitated by both me as the spokesperson for the ascended masters through our movement, as well as others who are trained and tutored in higher truth through what they have researched, what they have become in their own lives through their focus on what they have chosen to be involved in, to learn and to master and are then able to teach. So this is exciting.

We are planning the events for next year, and we hope and pray that the ascended masters, through all of us, will facilitate the most wonderful outpouring of light throughout the planet in certain key places. Of course, some of the events are still going to be here in Livingston, Montana, kind of the central Hearts Center, where Boyd and I live with our beloved wives, and where other heartfriends are consciously working together to promote what we do. As we complete certain major projects, such as the alchemy book, we will hopefully be afforded the opportunity to have them at other key places where we can bring this teaching to greater numbers of people.

Today I am especially asking for prayers for our beloved Rev. Claire Brown, who is working with me on the alchemy book at this key juncture in time right now, as well as for Cathleen Alexander and our editors. We are in the throes of determining exactly what we will release and how and when. It may be that we will have two books because there is so much material. It is probably easier for people to assimilate it in smaller gulps rather than in one gigantic heap of light.

Saint Germain has given us so many beautiful teachings through this activity—the violet-laser light, all the teachings on heartstreaming and a focus on divine love as the key to alchemy. I believe these teachings will bring to the world a shift in awareness to move us beyond fear and certain age-old patterns from Pisces and previous ages and into the true light of Aquarius, where we can resonate together with the higher frequencies that are being delivered to the Earth and we can truly love one another, move beyond war, division and strife into this unity field of beingness that we hear so much about, which is pure consciousness. It is pure oneness; it is the aliveness of our Presence; it is that which we tap into when we do what we do through our services, our broadcasts and all that you—the staff, the volunteers and heartfriends—are very conscientiously and consciously participating in with us.

One of the questions that came up last night in a guidance committee meeting was, what truly are we focusing upon within our movement? What is our primary message? Who are we? What are we going to present to the world on an ongoing basis that is meaningful to lightbearers throughout the world? And what will stimulate them to either get involved or stay involved in what we offer? Of course from my perspective, the ongoing progressive revelatory teachings of the ascended masters, with the radiation that they pour forth through their messages, are imperative for us to continue to release. That doesn’t mean that I am the only one through whom light can flow; of course it’s all of us.

What is key for us is the primary message of the immediacy of God’s consciousness, which is available to us through the ascended masters, who are these great divine beings who have moved beyond this plane and are working assiduously to save the Earth through many focal points of light across the world—spiritual communities worldwide as well as those who are awakening to the Presence and are moving through the stages of their enlightenment. Of course we desire people to know that they are valued; that they are sons/daughters of God; that they have the gifts, talents and graces to bring forth and ray forth their personal message of light and creativity to the world through the co-creative process of life itself.

I think that through all of the vehicles that we have offered in our movement, we provide the impetus for every soul to somehow be engaged. This is what makes us unique, in some respects, among other movements whose focus is on a primary teacher and not so much on personal self-development, self-mastery and enlightenment, whereby each individual can provide a resource to the world.

Our mission, again, is, “Within our Hearts Center community we realize personal enlightenment through our Higher Self and share the ascended masters’ teachings and our love-wisdom throughout the Earth.” If each of us is not distributing and sharing his or her love-wisdom in conscious ways on a daily basis, then we’re not really fulfilled as a community. And so we have to look at ways to provide these opportunities for each of you to do your sharing however you feel you can best do it. There are many resources. Of course we have all of you broadcasters, who serve one or more days per week in a very amazing way throughout the United States and throughout the world. We have teachers, presenters, heartfriends groups and Hearts Centers that are involved in all manner of fantastic works through book study, prayer sessions, gatherings and at times sponsoring booths at new-age fairs.

The new-age fair that we attended in San Mateo, near San Francisco, last year was really a victory for the ascended masters in many ways, even though financially it was not a success. We actually lost money in the process. If those of you out there desire to see us in your area at a booth, talk amongst yourselves and see if there is a way that you can facilitate something like this. I may not be able to come to each of them. Maybe you will be the primary messenger at these events to share our teachings: our books, CDs, videos, artwork and other offerings. When you do the work—do the research, raise the money and you pray to the masters—dispensations can occur for me to travel to a major city once or twice a year to help at these booths, to perform the alchemy that El Morya, Saint Germain or other masters desire through the new blue wave, the new violet wave or even some sort of healing modality that our beloved Mother Mary sponsors.

So I’m putting the call out there because I know that this fair was very wonderful. We actually met with Dannion Brinkley and he signed a few of my books. He had a booth with people that sponsored him to come just about forty feet away from where we were. It was fun. It was very intense with the work that the masters did with many individuals. It was life changing for them. It was very stimulating, and yet it took the energy of many of us to facilitate this.

El Morya is limiting my travel outside of this area to only six times next year for Hearts Center work. So we have to be very conscientious that we hold events that will give us the greatest bang for the buck, so to speak, so that my time is utilized wisely, so that Boyd’s time, the time of other staff, and those of you who sponsor and assist with these events is utilized to the max and to our greatest benefit. So we can travel around, though travel does become expensive when you consider airfare, hotels and food. We can also choose to remain here and to broadcast to certain areas and have 75 percent of the potential release of light there, because I may not always be physically present.

We choose to have you give us input for the future because we cherish you. We cherish your vantage point, where you reside and where your work is being done. I think the masters do move me and some of us around considerably to share the light in different arenas, in different countries and geographical areas. One of our cherished heartfriends in Argentina felt kind of sad that we have not been able to go to Buenos Aires yet. I pray for this cherished one and pray for the souls in that area that would benefit from the ascended masters’ teachings. Certain work has to be done in preparation for a trip such as that, and it has to be done locally and through prayer work.

So please pray for the lightbearers in South America, because I am seeing and feeling that I am destined to go back to South America at least one more time during my tenure as a spokesperson for the ascended masters. I don’t know the exact timing of it. I would like to facilitate the greatest outpouring of light there. Of course we have other pilgrimages that have been asked for. Yet because of the state of the economy in the world right now, the finances of The Hearts Center, and the finances of you, our heartfriends, it is difficult to say how long and how often we will be doing pilgrimages, with all of their expenses. We first have to receive the dispensation from God, the sponsorship of the ascended masters, and the backing and authorizing of these events so that they can happen. All that we do is stepped down through the ascended masters’ hierarchical chain of divine command by permission, by grace through the dispensations that are garnered because of the prayers, decrees, songs and devotions of lightbearers, especially those in our movement.

When we understand this dynamic, yes, we could do a lot of things. We could go here and go there. One cherished heartfriend in Baltimore has pleaded for years for me to come there to a weekend book event to sign books. Is this the highest work that I can do for the Great White Brotherhood? I would love to go. Yet the costs involved are great and we have to ensure that what I do and what you sponsor me to do is of the highest order and for the best purpose.

I am speaking openly, heart to heart to you today, giving you some inklings of what we have been talking about and what the ascended masters are musing on so that you can understand some of the dynamics that are at play right now. I do believe that my primary work, in addition to bringing forth the progressive teachings from the HeartStreams—the dictations, darshans and discourses of the masters—is to anchor light, is to affect the world at large by what is released through my chakras, my heart and all of us together, because what I do matters. What you do matters. What we emanate on a daily basis matters. When we pour forth that light through our beings, through our chakras, through our devotional services, it does impact all life on Earth because of who we are, our oneness with God, our oneness with all life.

We simply can’t stop doing the broadcasts, because they are really the bread and butter of our movement in terms of what is released for the holding of the balance, which is so necessary right now. I’d have to say that, in my opinion, the broadcasts are the most important thing that we do. So pray for the broadcast team and our broadcast team leader, Alice Tucker Rogers. Pray for those who are broadcasting so that they have the health, vitality, wherewithal and abundance to continue doing it. There have even been attacks on people’s four lower bodies at times to attempt to get them to stop broadcasting. We’ve had accidents. We’ve had little hiccups here and there. Yet because of the collective will of our movement, of you, we are still doing it. We are still broadcasting day after day.

This, to me, is one of the most powerful aspects of The Hearts Center movement, of what we offer to the world. We may not reach huge audiences to affect life as certain divine gurus and spiritual teachers do, such as Amma and others who are known in India and elsewhere. Yet I can assure you that behind the scenes our spiritual work is divinely provocative of planetary change. It is what the ascended masters are intimately and personally invested in in terms of how they see the divine plan unfolding on Earth in a very proactive way. We are releasing great divine resources and fountains of light into the Earth through our spiritual practices.

Speaking of fountains, I’m really looking forward to our winter solstice conference in San Diego. I hope and I pray that many of you will make the trek to San Diego, which probably has about the best weather anywhere in the United States. It’s wonderful all year round there. Come to Dennis Fisher’s home. Plan to be there for this release of light from the twelve archangels. I can assure you that you will be supercharged. You will be refreshed by these fountains from Lemuria, which will be reopened and reestablished around the world. This is an opportunity for a great shift on the planet because these fountains represent God-consciousness, the Divine Mother’s energy and the shift in awareness to compassion and all that the Divine Mothers represent in these great foci that they will reopen. Primarily it will be the archeiai who do this, even though the archangels will instigate it. Each fountain will be, in effect, sponsored by or reopened by one of the archeiai. So I’m looking forward to this, and you may hear more about it from the masters in the future.

Tonight we have our monthly Diamond Crystal Purity Service. I’m looking forward to being with you tonight, coming from Livingston from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. Beloved Enoch’s twin flame will be with us. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard the name of Enoch’s twin flame. So if you would like to know who she is, her name and what she desires to reveal and share with us, please be with us, either personally or on the broadcast.

God bless you. Thank you, Helen and Estelle Marie and the lightbearers in the Motor City, Detroit, for sponsoring today’s broadcast. God bless you and have a most wonderful day. Stay in tune with your Presence, be happy, be at peace and emanate love, light and levity everywhere. Take care. Bye-bye.

Copyright © 2014 The Hearts Center®. All rights reserved. We encourage you to share these messages with heartfriends throughout the world. With the approval of the messenger and/or the master, some of the spoken words may have been changed, or new words added, to provide greater clarity in the written word. Short excerpts may be quoted, giving credit to the author. Contact us at Send correspondence and contributions to PO Box 277, Livingston, Montana 59047 USA.




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