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Jesus: Experiencing Love in the Golden Age now Dawning

Jesus: Experiencing Love in the Golden Age now Dawning

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Beloved Jesus
David Christopher Lewis
August 11, 2014 7:02–7:32 pm local time
Barcelona, Spain

Experiencing Love in the Golden Age Now Dawning


What is love? Love is the bliss of union and the divine feeling that emanates to all life through this union. Love is the energy that unites, that attracts all that is pure and beautiful and holy within every being and unto every being, and the awareness within the experience of this feeling, which kindles creativity and artistic expression. Love is creation itself and all creative acts that expand God’s awareness within the universe.

Now, you may ask, what is this love of the Golden Age now dawning that makes it different or new in comparison with the love that we have already experienced? Love is actually the same within and beyond time and space. It is our awareness that is changing and evolving, and therefore our experience of love is becoming more refined as we refine and purify ourselves.

This new love is a feeling that is more universal than just personal. It is intimate in a new and powerful way. Even as we may choose to be intimate with others in the way in which we express love, showing love to one particular person, we can also choose to expand our awareness as we now experience that love very intimately with all life simultaneously. This love is truly born of purity and compassion. It is much more than just a sensual feeling; this new love is beyond human sensory experience. It is extrasensory, or supersensory, in that we are one with our superconscious Self, which is another name for our Higher Self. It is beyond our conscious self.

This new love is total love. It is Solar love. Like the love of the sun, it shines upon the just and the unjust alike. In other words, it is unified love, non-dual love. For we have tapped into a unified field of beingness in which we experience the whole of creation, even within our personal space and our personal time, through which our consciousness moves. Therefore this love is both universal, omnipresent and impersonal, and specific, local and personal, because the Holy Spirit moves through us to stream this love to all life and at times to pause at one point to share that love in a very specific way with one person, one animal, one plant, one beautiful gemstone.

To stream the new love of Aquarius, we must be lovers of all life, all cultures, all people, all races, all nations, all forms of life. We move beyond preferences or preferring one person or situation over another, even though we may have our spouse or loved one that we love very personally. To personalize love, we pause to consider a specific idea or identity or ideation of God in an intimate moment of connection with that one. We make contact with form and we unite in awareness, vibration and frequency with that form or that person. Then we can learn to stream love and shower beautiful engrams or symbols or formulas of love to and upon many individual identities who are part of the greater community of forms and individuals that the Master has called the egregore.

Aquarian love allows us to commune with the stars in the heavens as well as with minute particles of sand on the beaches of the Mediterranean as we love the sun, the surf, the water and we commune with nature. Aquarian love unites life beyond this world. We feel the actual love of the stars, as they too, like our sun, shine upon us. The stars experience God’s glory through this magnificent Solar and stellar love. That which unites us is love. That which divides us is anti-love, which many call fear. Whenever you are feeling prompted to experience fear, consciously choose to transmute or change the sense that something is wrong and attempt, instead of dividing your consciousness, to unite your consciousness with your great Solar Presence, your Higher Self, the Christ within, and accept love through complete focus upon and unity with God within your heart. For we know that love casts out all fear.2

David: These are the words that Jesus shared with me on the airplane at thirty thousand feet in the air. And now he would like me to augment it, add to it, with some more fresh words.

The first commandment is to love God with all of our heart, mind, strength and soul, and the second commandment is to love our neighbor as ourselves.1 We have heard this since childhood, yet how many of us have practiced it every day? Do we reserve time to be still and to simply love God? Let us spend a few minutes and simply pour our love to God through our hearts and feel the fire of this pure love for our Creator.

[The messenger and participants meditate on God in silence.]

God has given us our very life. How often do we wake up each morning and simply thank God personally for the life that we have this new day? Gratitude, or thankfulness, is a great way of expressing our love—with one another, our spouses and friends, with nature, with our Creator. We know this. Those who are gracious and follow the etiquette of the angels are always respectful and thank everyone for what they give in any way. This gratitude expands the universe. You can feel the expansion of hearts and of our connection with one another when we simply say, “Thank you, my friend,” “Thank you, my love,” “Thank you, God.” It is an act of re-creation, of a new creation, because when someone gives and then someone thanks the giver, there is an action of light that expands love. We require more love on this Earth. We require Aquarian love. Therefore we must always expand gratitude, especially in the sign of Leo, which we are in now, the sign of the heart.

Do we have the courage to live every day with awesome thankfulness? Do we have the courage to never say a negative word and to focus only on the positive—about each other, about life, about our government, about the media, about anything? It takes courage to be positive. The word courage is from the French coeur, the heart. It means “the age of the heart,” coeur.

So in this new Age of Aquarius, we must be courageous lovers, brave lovers, sharing love of every kind that we can think of. This is what I feel in your presence when I come here. You have already generated so much love for one another in your sisterhood. When we watched your video in Montana at our summer conference, everyone was smiling, laughing and cheering. We felt your hearts across the Atlantic Ocean, and now we are here with you in the flesh to feel even more of your love. The hair is standing up on my arms with this feeling of love.

This is Aquarian love. You have been chosen to come together, maybe lifetimes ago. Even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, it’s true, because you instantly know someone as a heartfriend, as a special person, one that you know you’ve known before or that you recognize again. Even though our bodies change a little bit during different lifetimes on Earth, our essence is the same and that’s what we remember. So thank you for your essence, your essence of love, the beauty of that love, the completeness of that love and the expansiveness of that love.

Jesus flashes to me now a vision of the love that the disciples had in his presence when he would speak, and especially at that particular moment when he gave his Sermon on the Mount. It was as if the universe stood still and was hushed in silence as the Master spoke the beautiful words that we have come to know as the Sermon on the Mount. Those words were living words. Those words live today within our hearts. They are the fire that is within us, which we make alive again through our love, through our charity, through our compassion and empathy in little ways and in great ways. Often it is the little things that we do for one another and for others that no one knows about but the two, and this is where creation is occurring as that pure love unfolds. We feel like we are a part of God, creating anew as love is expressed through us. And truly God is within us in that moment, co-creating with us and through us as we express love; for the creation is love.

Jesus now comes and anoints each of you with a holy oil. It is etheric oil, which he pours upon your head with his beloved Mary Magdalene assisting. This anointing is a blessing of each of you to protect you throughout the Age of Aquarius, whether you return to another life or whether you fulfill all the requirements to move on to a higher level of being and make your ascension. This anointing is very special. It is a personal gift from Jesus to you because you came here tonight. You chose to be here for the Master’s Presence and his discourse through me.

With the sign of the heart, the head and the hand, we seal this moment of eternality in love for the victory of our Earth, all lifestreams evolving here, all of España and every heartfriend, worlds without end. Love, love, love.

1. Matthew 22:35–40; Mark 12:28–31; Luke 10:25–27.
2. See 1 John 4:18.

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