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Divine Director’s Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions

Divine Director’s Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions

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Beloved Divine Director
David Christopher Lewis
July 12, 2014 2:39–2:50 pm CDT


A Sacred Weekend in Chicago with the Magi, the Holy Family and the Saints Robed in White Wheaton, Illinois

Divine Director’s Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions


Question: Beloved Master, you had indicated at one time that you would be a life coach. I’m asking if you could possibly expand upon that, as far as how we can incorporate that, activate that or gain that coaching in everyday life to navigate through initiations and to help us to fulfill our life’s purpose. Thank you.


Divine Director: Have a notebook and a pen or pencil at your bedside, because this coaching and training can, for many of you, occur at nighttime when your body is sleeping and your soul takes flight to the etheric octaves of light. Make the call to go to my retreat, the Cave of Light in India, and expect a coaching session. Take notes in the etheric and ask that you retain the memory of that coaching session upon awakening in the morning, and expect and accept that you will retain the memory. Then when you awaken, immediately write down what you recall, because if you wait even ten minutes, the memory will fade, as you have all experienced with dreams.


In addition to this, if you meditate at the same time each day for ten minutes, you can ask me to coach you on what is essential for you to fulfill. After that meditation session, write down what comes to your outer mind and wakened consciousness, and trust that what you’re receiving is true and viable. Don’t doubt it. Immediately write what comes to your mind and heart, and keep your notes in one notebook. You can choose to title this notebook “Divine Director’s Coaching Sessions with Me.” If you are purposeful and constant in this, you will see the progression that occurs through this dynamic of your coaching with Spirit.


When you have assignments that you are given or that are inspired upon you, make sure you fulfill them daily. You can’t expect to be continually coached if you are not obedient to what is being requested. If you have accumulated too many things that you haven’t fulfilled, the Master may pause at times in the coaching until you fulfill them. So be aware of this dynamic. Many coaches don’t coach every day. You may meet once a week. However, to build the beginnings of the process you have to engage daily and start writing notes, because it oils the wheels and the axles of those wheels so that the process can begin and then continue.


The Master is recommending that some of you actually secure a human person as a life coach. There are some who are qualified for this based on their training, their expertise, their self-mastery and their spirituality. If you were to Google something like “spiritual life coach,” you may find some options for hiring a life coach who has a spiritual bent in terms of how he or she operates rather than someone whose approach focuses only on human success, money, career, et cetera. You desire someone who is preferably an initiate or someone who can truly lead you upward and onward on your path.


There again, if you hire a coach, you have to follow the wisdom, the teaching, the disciplines and the scheduling of that one. When you plan your time appropriately in this way, your life may become a little more regimented outwardly than what you had expected. And yet what you will discover—three months, six months, twelve months down the road—is that you have accomplished more. You have actually fulfilled some greater goals, and you are moving into a higher level of self-mastery and beingness because you have disciplined yourself.


To get any major project done in your life, you have to have a plan. And the plan involves careful analysis of what is essential to be fulfilled and accomplished at every step of the way. Every great composer, artist, artisan and initiate has moved through the steps and stages of the various cycles that were essential for the fulfillment of their work. Otherwise they could not have completed a symphony, or a great work of art, or a statue, or a treatise, a book, et cetera.


Start with the end in mind, move backwards in time and write down the markers that are essential for you to fulfill to accomplish your purpose. And then daily take steps to fulfill at least one step on that path. You will find that if you are constant, you will come to the conclusion of your victorious cycles with great happiness and joy. And the joy and the levity that you will feel in accomplishment will spur you on to new things. You won’t feel that you have accomplished nothing. You will feel self-validated by what you have accomplished, and this will nurture your soul and strengthen your spirit so that you can accomplish more. Every person who has completed a degree—a bachelor’s, a master’s, a PhD—had to go through the initiatic path that was involved in fulfilling all the steps and stages and the ultimate goal of that certificate of completion, that diploma, that degree and that title.


The spiritual degrees, the spiritual titles are the most important for us to work toward. Those of you who have already completed other degrees in this lifetime, consider the various virtues of God that you desire to have stamped by the angels, the archangels, the seraphim and cherubim as a part of what you have mastered in your lifestream through your incarnations upon Earth. I can assure that when a seraphim comes and says, “O thou faithful servant, I am enfiring now in your auric field the essence of God-good of this virtue that you have outpictured through your constancy,” that that word and fire of that seraphim will be much more important to you than the accolades of mankind in the marts of commerce upon Earth.


So put the fulfillment of those spiritual goals first in your life and allow the resources of heaven to be at your fingertips as you move through the initiatic path and pursue ultimate union with God, oneness with all that is; and life itself will be your coach. God within nature will be the way. The loveliness, the joy, the cosmic expectancy that is most natural and expressive of God’s offering to your soul every moment of your life will be there for you to receive nourishment from; because it is God’s great joy to give his children the kingdom.¹ It is God’s great joy to provide the resources that we all require as sons and daughters of God. Thank you.


1. Luke 12:32.



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