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Hilarion Sends a Wave of Healing Light around the World

Hilarion Sends a Wave of Healing Light around the World

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Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
July 18, 2014 9:08–9:28 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

A Daughter of God Is Returning to the
Heart of the One

Beloved Nancy and I Will Move Heaven and Earth
to Establish a Focus of Healing Light

In the radiance of the morning light, I shine forth the ray of healing love to every soul who desires, through focus upon their I AM Presence, wholeness, purity, oneness with their Source. As your Hilarion, I come, and I invest throughout the Earth a new wave of healing light, restorative of the beauty, perfection and graces of God through many avenues and modes of expression, through that which heaven offers unto humanity on a continual basis, if all would simply look up to their Source and look within to find truth in all of its radiant, mindful and opportune offerings.

Blessed ones, this is an important day for you all, for a daughter of God is returning to the heart of the One. And within the ascending spiral of light itself, as heaven merges with earth and earth is subsumed into the divine matrix of eternality, there is inculcated within the matter planes a radiant stream of new beingness. For every time one ascends, a stairway of light is offered to many souls to now climb, through that one’s example of a virtuous life lived to the glory of God.

Yes, you may take heart in knowing that at every turn God is invested within his sons and daughters and in maintaining the stability of the cosmos itself through love expressed in lives offered to a holy cause and purpose of union and oneness. And when one conscious one makes the cosmic leap into the higher octaves of light, it is as if that bounding and miraculous experience is felt by all. And the very pressure of the light itself that manifests within the ascension coil and the holy matrix that is affirmed and established right where that one chooses to make his or her ascension allows for this new wave and opportunity to emerge, to be expressed and to be a boon to every soul.

Yes, blessed ones, the alchemy of the ascension itself is an amazing work of art of that one soul, and each expression of this final blending of the individuality of one with the supernal and all-inclusive beingness of God is unique. As we see it from our realms, there is also and always the awesomeness of godliness manifest within this process, and we the ascended masters are also benefited by what we perceive as almost an atomic explosion of light on behalf of lightbearers across the Earth.

You have seen these explosions captured on film, dearest ones. Yet glimpsed with new eyes, the amazing reality of what transpires when there is this cosmic activity of grace, harmony and perfectionment manifest through the union in light of a soul with her Source is transcendent. It is all that you have dreamed of as possible for you when you have at times ascended in consciousness to experience that state of divine bliss and beingness, in love with the All-in-all. Yet, dearest ones, when that experience comes to you, it is more than you can imagine in the flesh. It is the all-glory of God truly vouchsafed to those who have put the Lord first and have soared in consciousness to behold the very face of God within the I AM Presence as pure light-energy, as radiant beingness, as the crystalline, star-fire, eternal substance of perfection, beauty and harmony.

I give you all now a glimpse of this process so that you may take heart and realize that all of your efforts, all of your givingness, all of your strivings day by day do affirm and reaffirm that you are on this pathway of light, that you too are ascending daily, and that as you intuit, by your own gifts and graces of the Spirit, all that is essential for you to access on your sacred journey, you are progressing to the selfsame state of ecstatic joy of knowing God, not simply believing or accepting what another has said of the divine experience.

Like the ancient Gnostics and the mystics who live today throughout the Earth and have determined that, come what may, they will unite with the Beloved, you have chosen to go where it is necessary, to leap where some dare not, and to fly and soar; for it is the right of every God-created son and daughter to live in the integrity of that state of oneness and bliss with the Divine One.

Precious hearts, I give you pause this morning to consider your own pathway of light, the truths that you aver daily through your sacred work, your dharma with the Buddhas, your offerings to the Divine Mothers, your prayers as righteous ones clothed like the saints in white, giving your invocations, singing your praises in songs of joy, and meditating on perfect peace, prosperity and love. I say that it is worth every moment of focused attention upon the light when you too come to that point on your path when the ascension spiral itself takes hold of you and moves you into this new reality.

This evening as we together will affirm and celebrate the victory of one daughter of God and as you listen to that music of the master composer Franz Liszt, Liebestraum, my prayer is that you will be suffused in this light, will be quickened and awakened into the higher reality of your Presence and that day by day you will make progress on this journey of truth—the truth of who you are, the reality of your divine nature, your Buddhic and Atmic and Solar Self, one with the ever-present, the omniscient and omnipotent One.

Dearest ones, as the healing wave now flows across the plains, the forests, the mountains, I am there within every healing modality that you choose to engage in to experience a greater level of wholeness within your body temple, within your emotional experience, your mind and especially your spirit. I am there through thick and thin for those who have chosen to behold God, to see through higher eyes the Source of all light and love within their hearts. I am there in your strivings, your tests and initiations so that you may prove the law of being; you may know, in eternality, the integrity of your True Self day by day, not as something that you simply read in books or hear that others have known—truly as that which you, as an integrated one, are realizing in the eternal Now moment by moment.

As you celebrate the life and look upon the imagery of one suffused in love, with light, virtuous in so many ways, a servitor of truth, healing and beauty and the culture of the Mother, may you be supercharged, may you be blessed, may you be self-realized again and again in all that God is now outplaying within your life as the choices that you make and the progress that you experience.

Blessed ones, beloved Nancy, as some of you know, is near and dear to my heart. And I reveal to you now that as she is experiencing this new state of oneness, we together will move heaven and earth through this activity to establish a greater focus of healing light within one retreat so consecrated and within many hearts who are trued to the path of wholeness and are using the various modalities of healing that they are trained in to alleviate pain, suffering, sorrow and anguish of body, mind and soul. I have been waiting for quite some time for this opportunity to blend the resources of my heart and spirit with the one that I cherish as a part of Self, as a co-equal in light, as a beloved and eternal friend. Need I say more of my tie to this one and of my love for her as a spirit-spark of God and a daughter most holy and beloved of heaven?

Yes, precious ones, your time has come too to know God internally and fully. And no matter what the cycles are of the expression of your lifestream in this incarnation, know that you are always beloved. You are always held in the highest esteem by the Lords of Karma, your own mentors, sponsoring masters, the angels and archangels and the divine beings who guard and guide the spiritual evolution of mankind.

Bless you, each one, for all who you are and for that which this day you will give on the altar of your own heart to the universe as you surrender your lesser self and embrace all that is divine and holy, virtuous and pure. God bless you and keep you ever in the light of truth and in the healing ray of perfection’s joy in oneness with God. I thank you.

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