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Dealing with the Challenges and Choices of Our End of Life Experience

Dealing with the Challenges and Choices of Our End of Life Experience

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
July 16, 2014 9:08–9:20 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Dealing with the Challenges and Choices of Our End-of-Life Experience

This entire process of what we’ve all been through in praying for Nancy, hopefully for her healing initially, and then through the transition processes, has brought to me, very directly and almost in my face, the understanding of how important it is for us all to get our house in order, to have our last will and testament in place with exactly what we desire, especially regarding our living will, which includes how we will be treated and dealt with based on various potential scenarios of either our declining health or in case of a terminal illness and accidents, et cetera.

El Morya came before us a few years back and there was a major thrust within our movement for us all to have our will and final testament complete. We assisted many of you in that process. This was not simply to try to secure more money for The Hearts Center; this was really for all of us to look at our life and to deal with the final details that must be dealt with so that we are not a burden on our family and others.

So, if I could speak a little more to this subject, I would say that we all have to attend to this in a very detailed way as soon as possible, even if we are in our forties or fifties or sixties and we don’t foresee ourselves going through our last days upon this Earth anytime soon. Nancy was sixty-five years old, almost sixty-six. Normally we would’ve thought that she would live into her eighties or maybe nineties. She was a very hale and hearty soul and was working right up until the very last days of her transition. Yet, we never know the cycles of God’s eternal light moving through our souls and calling us home.

Therefore, Lanello today begs all of us, admonishes all of us to look at this squarely before us, and take the example of what Nancy has been through personally so that we can, right now, tend to these details. Speak to your family, those who are in your will or should be in your will, and those whom you will be assigning or have assigned within your will as the person(s) who will be dealing with the legal matters. Ensure that you have spoken to these individuals and that they know your wishes. They may even have a copy of your will so that they can have everything in order, pre-arrangements can be made, in some cases, even with funeral homes or crematoriums that you know; and we will know how you desire to have your personal effects dealt with, what type of memorial service you would like, hopefully an ascension service.

The more attentive you are in a very detailed way in this regard, the easier it will be for everyone in this process. This can also include the necessary research of how you will spend your last days if you go through a gradual and general decline in health, even concerning potentially moving into an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or potentially, a facility where, if your mind is not fully sound, others including your children will have to assist you in your last days when you will not be able to mentally make those decisions that you normally can make right now.

I know this is not an easy topic for us all to think about or discuss. And yet, I can assure you that there was a lot going on behind the scenes that I and several others were aware of that is important for us all to now understand as part of this dynamic of one’s passing from the screen of life. There are, within our movement, resources and individuals who have the understanding, the knowledge, the training to deal with some of these issues. Our beloved Dr. Cheryl Bench works with hospice care and individuals who are in the final stages of their lives. She has the training to deal with the psychological, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual impacts and effects of end-of-life situations. So if you even desire some counseling in this regard, please reach out to us and we can attempt to do everything we can to put you in contact with those resources.

Lanello is asking that we have a very clear web page dealing with end-of-life preparations in addition to the last will and testament, and the living will. Although we already have much of this in place, we can reassess and ensure that the medical aspects of this, including dealing with Medicare, Medicaid, whether or not you have insurance and what that will cover, is also important for us to consider in assisting our heartfriends through this entire dynamic.

I for one am not really prepared medically for my life transition, and I admit it, because I don’t even have insurance right now. The law of the land in the United States, whether we like it or not, is in place based on what has been called Obamacare. And we all have to deal with that at some level and understand that although we may have our own ideals about perfect health and the way that the healthcare system should be, there is also the very dynamic, which is part of the reason why I believe the government is involved somewhat, and that is that many people cannot afford healthcare and have not taken the measures to secure the appropriate healthcare in their lives. And therefore they become, at times, a burden on society by going to hospitals and clinics or healthcare facilities without being able to pay for them, and then that burden is borne by society.

So whether we currently like the methodologies, the healthcare system itself, we do have to do the appropriate things so that as initiates, as adepts, we have our house in order. And of course I am speaking directly to myself in this regard and I know that I have work to do in this regard. Because seeing what Nancy has been through and all of what __________ and __________ and __________ had to deal with is daunting and gives me pause to consider that I have to do more research. We have to know what our options are. And I believe that as a community of the Holy Spirit we can support one another in this regard. Even though the laws may vary slightly based on the various states, there is the national law for the entire United States based on Obamacare as it was passed by Congress. And we can probably do a little better job of educating all of us and of being prepared.

So, if you have input in this regard, please don’t send it directly to me. I’d ask that you probably would send it to Steve Miller. I’m asking him, as our president, to facilitate this discussion and work with our web team ultimately to see how we can appropriately post links, et cetera, based on our nonprofit status, and bring to you a greater understanding of the resources available. It would be altogether appropriate, Lanello says, to have another special session, even a broadcast that deals with this topic in greater detail, and that we should try to do this within the next few months. It may take a month or two to really do the appropriate research. It’s not something that we have to do immediately. We have to do our due diligence. And this is all-important for our community because many of us, as we know, are aging, and probably the average or the mean age of heartfriends who are active in our movement right now, I would say, would be over fifty years old.

Thank you for your understanding of this. I appreciate all of you so much in your givingness and your understanding of this, and especially for your prayers for Nancy and for all of us within our community who have been going through this time of transition into Aquarius and our elder years where, as we age, we do deal with health situations.


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