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Mother Mary Comforts Us and Speaks of Nancy Freaner's Imminent Ascension

Mother Mary Comforts Us and Speaks of Nancy Freaner's Imminent Ascension
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Beloved Mother Mary
David Christopher Lewis
July 15, 2014 7:21–7:36 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Timing of One’s Eternal Union Is Always Fulfilled According to Cosmic Cycles

Your Beloved Sister Nancy Is Preparing for Her Ascension


Blessed Ones,

I come early this morning in a visitation of Spirit; for the Lord has seen fit to send me into your midst for the assuaging of certain pains and sorrows deep within your heart that are at times a burden upon your psyche and would wear away, if they could, at the very fabric of the sensitivity of your beings, the radiance of your souls, the delicate nature of your inner quintessence of Spirit, one with God.

Often our angels are sent to you in a sacred visitation whereby we attempt to move you out of distress, distraction and that which distances you from your God Presence, the source of all love and light. For in intimate moments of deep reflection and communion with God within your heart, there can be the reconnection, fully, of your soul with your spiritual Oversoul. And in these tender moments, grace flows, the Holy Spirit’s peace and power are present and the distillates of your own God-consciousness permeate your being to infill you with that which is essential for your victory on the path.

Often it is in the early morning hours when your soul is most receptive to our coming in these visitations. And that is why from the onset of this movement you have held these early morning sessions to invoke the light near the time of the sunrise in your areas. There is a freshness of a new day’s sunlight and that which God emanates through the sun to Earth and to every living creature upon it. And when you are there, awake and enlivened by this radiance, by this God-joy in your midst, you truly can be refashioned in a higher image of divine light and receive from many angels and divine sources the inspiration, the strengthening—yea, the empowerment that you require for that day’s journey, for that hour’s ascent in the heart of God to win your victory in all things.

Yes, blessed ones, the delicate nature of the soul is such that you require, as it were, a daily visitation by the great ascended beings, the sacred ones who vibrate at a high frequency in order to bring to you a vision, a mission renewed, the virtues of God that may be accommodated and assimilated for that very day and hour. Heaven often moves on when souls do not respond to her calling, and yet for the sensitive and those who listen carefully to the inner voice and are inspired from within by the angels of mercy and grace, of compassion and love that come with their frequencies and divine aromas of light, there is renewal—there is the possibility to be reborn in God, reformed in the fashion of the Son of God.

Therefore, blessed ones, my angels now surround you and bless you with the radiance of healing light this morning for the reestablishment of a foundation of peace, a sense of prosperity, an empowerment of causal light within your midst so that you may truly know God within your heart every hour of every day, if you so choose to maintain that reconnection betwixt Spirit and matter within you and obey the inner voice of divine light, which muses and sings throughout the day of all that is pure and rich in the Spirit Most Holy.

Your beloved sister Nancy is now preparing for her ascension, the wedding day of her great soul with the Spirit of the great beloved I AM Presence, her Real Self. This process, for one having recently made the transition, requires great focus and attention upon the light, the will, wisdom and love of God within the core identity of pure being. And when one has, in a sense, fought the great fight and given all of one’s self in service and in love for one’s brothers and sisters, it is truly God’s great pleasure to anoint that one in the permanency of spiritual integrity, bringing harmony into play for the final walk up the ascending staircase of light into heaven.

Each of you may be a part of this process if you choose during this immediate cycle of time, as you know it upon Earth, by sensitizing yourself to Spirit, maintaining a sense of inner peace, supportive of beloved Nancy, and allowing all that heaven has to offer of its spiritual fire and grace to coalesce within the alchemy of this process. For, dearest ones, I can assure you that when one so close to you moves through this great encounter with the Lord God himself, you are all raised; you are all nurtured; you all become the beneficiaries of all that this one has fulfilled in your midst, as you have been a part of her, and she now, in her higher reality, becomes a part of you in a mystical union of Spirit within form upon Earth.

Yes, gracious ones, the timing of one’s eternal union is always fulfilled according to cosmic cycles. And we the archangels and archeiai always stand ready to assist, to affirm, to support each one who has so consecrated himself or herself to the light and fulfilled the calling most holy in the final lifetime of that one’s sacred journey upon Earth. In readiness, you too, O soul, should always be attentive to the Spirit’s impulses within your soul, for only the Spirit knows when you will be called. Only the Lord God, in the great timing within the turning of worlds and of souls within those worlds, knows the cyclings of light and the rebirth of one within heaven.

With the comfort flame surrounding you and the grace of the masters of mercy, healing and peace, I have come. And I bless you again, dearest ones, with my heart’s fire and the joy eternal of our oneness in God. Thank you.




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