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David's Sharing and a Reading of a Special Letter

David's Sharing and a Reading of a Special Letter

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
June 30, 2014 9:00–9:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana


David’s Sharing and a Reading of a Special Letter

A blessed Monday morning to everyone. God bless you for who you are, what you do and everything that you are so lovingly invested in.

I am not averse to verse.
I both approve and prove.
Yes, I attend and tend, for I am awash in wash.
Though I’m aplomb with plums, I have allure for lures.
Abashed of all I’ve bashed, I make amends and mend.
I’m now aware of wares, aghast of ghastly ones, apportion my own portion,
akin with all my kin, ascending as I’m sending,
aspire, I win those spires, avow when I, too, vow.

Now, you’re averse to my verse, I’m sure.

I had a little fun with the a before words. I love Christy the Wordsmith. I wonder if there are some wordclarks or wordlewises out there too.

Today, blessed ones, I have the opportunity to again be on the Dr. Pat show at 11 am mountain time. And I thank Dwinn and Ronaldo for playing the Kuan Yin rosary, because the subject of our discussion will be our beloved Kuan Yin. I intend to use this opportunity to radiate forth through the atmosphere, through the wave patterns that flow through our voices conscious awareness of the flame of mercy, compassion, kindness and seventh-ray joy from the heart of Kuan Yin. So if you’d like to join us and bear with the commercials, which are not our own, you can go to our website and click on the link and listen.

I thank all of you who have supported Hearts Center Talk Radio. You can see on our home page in the middle column that we’ve raised close to $10,000 of the $33,000 we had intended to raise by May 1.

When our council met Saturday and Sunday, just yesterday and the day before, we realized that right now we’re about $23,000 behind where we would have liked to be in our budget, which we co-created and mindfully thought through in terms of what it would take to accomplish all of our dreams, our projects and our goals for this year. We laid them out very conscientiously with the help of our directors of operations. We see that we’re lagging behind and we’d really like to get to that point of balancing our budget as soon as possible. We made a great impact on that during our summer conference, and I thank Joyce Genis and all of you who were involved at every level of supporting us and putting on that conference.

If we could somehow magically raise this current amount from $9,759.56 up to $33K, I would be ecstatic, and our staff, our directors of operations and our board would be ecstatic. So thank you so much for all of your support already given. It is phenomenal. It is awesome, and I know that we will be victorious as we move forward, and we are victorious now.

Today is the last day of this month of June and we soon have an opportunity in the month of July to radiate forth light during this cycle of Cancer, moving toward Leo. Cancer is a time of the Mother and we focused on our Divine Mothers during our conference. And wow, such light was released, such levity, such joy. We had a great time. Many of the replays are already up. We’re working on those that aren’t. We beg your patience, because some people worked long, long hours before, during and even after the conference, and some people require a little respite, including Boyd, who’s going to be taking some time off for the next two weeks. So be patient with us. We love you. We’re doing our best to get everything up and online and edited on our website.

On this Monday I’d like to focus again on the flame of divine love. We’ve had so many amazing messages about love—divine love, godly love, universal love, compassionate love, that love of God that is born from within our hearts, which we desire to share with our brothers and sisters everywhere, with all life.

I’d like to say that at times situations arise where it’s difficult to remain centered in our hearts and to fully embrace the challenges of the hour, the initiations that come, the communications that at times arise which can make any of us testy and they test us! Of course, I’ve been at the center of some interesting dynamics that have occurred in the last ten years in my and your interactions with many individuals who have walked through the halls of our movement.

What I can say definitively is that I know in my heart that love is the key to our victory in all things and that when we all have love for one another at the deepest level, no matter what one or another of us is going through, including me, we can get through the challenges. We can meet those things that arise that are placed in our path for our self-mastery. And even if at times some of us fall—we may not say things that others appreciate or we may even make mistakes, get a little agitated, defensive, or whatever—at the core of our being, God is. When we can come back to that center, refocus, appreciate one another at the deepest levels and truly love one another as God has loved us, as Jesus taught,1 and love God as the first commandment teaches,2 then we can move through any situation and come out the better for it, even if we are temporarily soiled or burned or miffed a bit.

We have an amazing council. In our meetings over the last two days we discussed many things, including whether in our plans, initiatives, direction and purpose we are truly focused on what we are intending to do and know we should be doing. I’d like to reach out to heartfriends everywhere and say, please let us know, through email, through phone calls, through chatting, or whatever means you desire, how we’re doing, what you feel are the most important aspects of our mission. Personally, I think that these daily broadcasts are crucial to anchoring light, to delivering the ascended masters’ teachings, to helping individuals be reinspired, reinvigorated in the morning so that they can have a great day and be victorious in whatever they choose to engage in. These sessions are so crucial to anchoring light in the various places where the broadcast originates—today it’s Mount Shasta.

Some of you know that Cathleen Alexander and Robert Beese, who are married, are moving there soon. And I’m sure they would appreciate our prayers because moving is always tough. You have to let go; you have to accumulate all your stuff. It’s a lot of physical work, strain on the body, the emotions. You transport it all and then you set it up again in a new place in a completely new setting, a new vibration. Sometimes you have to do clearance work on where you’re moving, and it’s a big deal. So Cathleen and Robert, we send our love to you both in your packing and the transporting of all your goods, and in receiving help from anyone in Mount Shasta who can assist you in any way. And we ask angels of transportation, angels of protection, especially Archangel Michael, to seal you both, your caravan, your vehicles and the trucks or vans that you may use to haul your stuff. We see this as absolutely victorious, because when you arrive in Mount Shasta and when you set things up again, I know this will make an impact on that area, along with the flowfield that has already been established by Dwinn and Renoldo and others who are there, including Bruce and Catherine Catlin in their store.

This will be a new day for Mount Shasta. When two very conscious individuals who love God with all their hearts work together with others of like mind and heart, what an amazing energy field will be established and grow there. We will see miracles. We will see transformation. We will see all manner of surprises from the Master Saint Germain, Kuan Yin and others because of your consecration and dedication. I can assure you of that. I look forward to being invited to come back to Mount Shasta regularly because I know that there are many lightbearers there and that together we can co-create something phenomenal for God and for the Master. This is one example of how we can support one another with our love, our prayers and sometimes our physical presence and our muscles engaged.

There are others of you out there who, of course, have challenges too or are engaged in some change in your life. We desire to support you energetically, first and foremost with our prayers, our love, our intention, our divine thoughts and the radiance that we shine forth from our hearts, our chakras, our auras. So when you have a need, when you have a crisis, a situation, a health problem, please let us know. Let Donald Galvin know; let the Knights and Ladies know. If you are in the Knights and Ladies order, let me know personally if you choose. And we will go to bat for you. We will go to our altars and we will pray and we will keep you in our hearts. This is a major part of what we do, in addition to the morning and evening broadcasts, our conferences, events, seminars, book signings, Meru courses.

Prayer, meditation and mindful, conscious sending out of frequencies of love are what we, The Hearts Center, are about. This is our primary work—to be God-conscious ones, to live in an enlightened state in the eternal Now, to remain tethered to the Now, to live in the Now, and by that, to live in our Presence, to stay focused with our work and dream the Golden-Crystal Age into existence through tiny steps in what we do daily. Sometimes it’s little things that build into big things.

When I look at our website, I am truly amazed and grateful for all of the amazing work that has gone into it. Right now I’m behind in editing HeartStreams. Two of our editors have been very busy lately and I’ve been doing other things—traveling, the conference, a Meru class with Anastasia and a youth retreat—so I will have to catch up. So please pray for me in regards to my editing. Pray for Claire Brown, who is helping me with the Saint Germain book. We are editing our CS38 prayer/call sheet for July and August. It should be done today, hopefully, and uploaded by tomorrow.

Just two nights ago, Saturday evening, I had the privilege of attending an event and met a wonderful couple from Bozeman who lived in India for quite a while and who studied with a guru and learned to sing bhajans. They have a wonderful last name—Rose. Faith Rose is communicating with me, and we’re planning to sing bahjans when she can come to Livingston, and it will probably be during our Wednesday Wholeness Service on July 30. We are moving it to the end of the month because Boyd is taking some time off. We’re still going to be broadcasting every Tuesday of this month in the morning, and we’re ending at 9 am because of all the extra sunlight and the work that’s essential in our gardens during this time of the year. Faith will sing bhajans that she’s created. She’s a beautiful soul. You will love her. We’re hoping to have an awesome kirtan session on Wednesday, July 30, so mark that on your calendar. Be present at 6:45 for the meditation and then we will go full steam ahead with amazing new bhajans.

We are making connections. We are, one by one, finding those lifestreams who resonate with us and with whom we share a greater God-mission of love. And I know you are finding them. When you find these people, there is an instantaneous recognition. There is a leaping of the flame between hearts. There is the sparkle in the eye that you see and you feel in the heart and you know a kindred soul of light. I knew that I had seen Faith before. We finally realized where we had seen each other, and it was at a friend’s house in Bozeman a couple of years ago. I hadn’t made contact with her since. Yet somehow when I saw this radiant one, I just went up to her and gave her a hug and said, “Hi, I’m David Lewis. Nice to meet you. I know you from somewhere.” So Faith Rose is coming, and she may even come tomorrow morning to attend our service with her husband. We look forward to embracing them in our community and seeing how we can collaborate.

In our council meeting, we also discussed the Canadian pilgrimage. We’re making progress and working out the details on this. We will be meeting a lot this week to finalize these plans as much as we can, and we appreciate the input from our Canadian heartfriends. I’ve asked our leadership to reach out again to a few of them to secure some of the final details that are essential. What we have determined is that we’re not going to use a tour company. We are planning this on our own. We’re still doing it, no matter how many people we have going, and we will make it as cheap as possible, which will benefit all of us as a result. So please be patient. We know that those of you who are flying from across the country to Montreal, or wherever we end up starting from, have to secure airline tickets soon. We look forward to being with you for that great event.

I’d like to read from Life with the Master Peter Deunov: Autobiographical Reflections 2, by the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, published by Prosveta. There are many absolutely wonderful stories in this book that are very, very touching and which move me almost to tears as I read them. On page 108 of this book is a letter, and I’ll preface reading it with the words of the Master from page 107. He says:

Since I spent ten years at the University, I was able to get to know many young people and we spoke a great deal together, for they asked me about the teaching of the Master, whom they did not always dare approach. Among them was Alexander, a friend who was younger than me and whose father was the most important jeweler in Varna. He was handsome, intelligent, very cultured, and I liked him a lot, as well has his sister, Milka. She was also very beautiful, but more than that she emanated something very pure. She became one of the most faithful of the Master’s disciples, whereas it was much more difficult for her brother. Little by little, life events took him away, but I always held him in great affection. Then I left for France. And here’s the letter I received from him years later:

My Dearest Brother Mikhaël,

I am listening to Radio Paris, and this bridges the thousands of kilometers between Sèvres and Botevgrad. So my thoughts are not only with you, but perhaps at this very moment we are listening to the same piece of music. Perhaps tomorrow too we could be linked, thanks to television, and be looking at the same images. Are these transmissions of sound and images across distance not based on the same principles as clairvoyance and clairaudience, this sixth sense which you first talked to us about twenty years ago?

So much time has passed since we last saw each other. But all this time has been needed for me to reach a point where I could appreciate the true value of all that you spoke to us about with such inspiration and depth. These twenty years have been a sequence of falling down and getting up over and over again, but I have always kept the memory of your words within me. Even if I could not free myself, I sensed the value of these truths. I may have been swept away by the seductions of life, but the basic points of your philosophy never lost their power for me.

Exactly a year ago in May 1943, I felt more and more clearly the presence and the authority of my guardian angel, and I had the feeling that my hour was near. It happened in Berlin, where I lived from October 1941 to September 1944. On the 28th of May 1943, I said to one of my Bulgarian friends, “I feel the hand of my spiritual guide and feel him watching over me like a father.” The next day I was arrested by the Gestapo, accused of spying, and I spent seventy-four days in prison. These seventy-four days were the most sacred of my life because they opened my spiritual eyes and showed me my path, a path I had abandoned. In this isolation within four walls, I was born once again. All our conversations, all the talks you gave to our little group twenty years ago came back to my mind, and once again you became my spiritual guide on earth. Everything I had heard you speak, but could not feel at the time as a living truth, has now become blood of my blood and flesh of my flesh. There were days when for hours at a time I would feel myself filled with a sensation of lightness, of joy, of light. I had at hand paper and pencils, so I wrote down all of my thoughts and all that my spiritual eyes revealed to me. When I was brought before the examining magistrate and told him that the days I had spent in the prison had been the most luminous days of my life because I had found myself once again, he could not understand me.

During this imprisonment, I meditated on the problems of the world, and I forced myself to find an answer to them. I grew more spiritually in those seventy-four days than I had in the rest of my life. Your words were the main reason for my achieving in such a short time this huge and decisive transformation. Your words, spoken so long ago, had stayed in my consciousness like ghosts. And during my captivity these shadows were transformed into living creatures. They have now become my destiny and my future.

My very, very dear brother Mikhaël, if you had nothing else in your life and to your credit than this one transformation, that would already be a lot. I want to write you so much and about so many important things. For the moment, I just want to say this: although the time has not yet come, I sense that the moment is coming when I will have to pay my debt to humanity, and I am getting ready for it. I have been planning to write to you for a long time. This evening, by chance, I went to S’s house. I saw your photograph on the table. We spoke of you, and as soon as I got home I immediately began this letter. How happy I would be to receive even two lines from you.

I have been appointed head of the office of public insurance. As before, I shake your hand most warmly. I now have a little girl, who was born on the 6th of February 1939 at 15 hours and 48 minutes. She looks a lot like me. My sister is fine and sends you her greetings. She too will write to you. If you could send me a few of your talks, I would be most grateful.


Then the Master communicates:

This letter, which stirred so many memories, gave me tremendous joy. It is worth making efforts, even if it is twenty years later that they bear fruit. This is the fate of all those who want to draw people onto the path of light. For years they will hand out treasures, great truths, and those who watch and listen to them say, “Yes, that’s very good. I will think about it one day, but at the moment I have better things to do.” And then some years later ordeals arrive to remind them of what is essential. For each one, events are being prepared, and this is how people refind the path they never should have left, but these ordeals will strengthen and enrich them.

I have received other letters from Bulgaria like that one. Until now I had not read you any of them, for it would have been vanity. They all write to me, “Oh, now we understand.” But none of them touched me like this one, which is why I read it to you. How could I not be touched by this conversion that took place twenty years later? We cannot push away these great truths indefinitely. Sooner or later they become a reality which floods the whole being, and obviously the sooner the better. But sincerely, I was astonished that my friend still remembered my words so long afterwards.
So that’s the reading for today and my message for you, my precious heartfriends. Love to you, each one. God bless you and keep you in the light, enrich you, enfold you and protect you in all things. Have a glorious day and week. Bye-bye.

1. See John 13:34–35.
2. Matthew 22:35–40; Mark 12:28–31; Luke 10:25–27.

Copyright © 2014 The Hearts Center®. All rights reserved. We encourage you to share these messages with heartfriends throughout the world. With the approval of the messenger and/or the master, some of the spoken words may have been changed, or new words added, to provide greater clarity in the written word. Short excerpts may be quoted, giving credit to the author. Contact us at Send correspondence and contributions to PO Box 277, Livingston, Montana 59047 USA.



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