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Krishna: The Purpose of Peace is Progress

Krishna: The Purpose of Peace is Progress

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Beloved Krishna
David Christopher Lewis
May 18, 2014   11:45 am – 12:00 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Purpose of Peace
To Progress on Your Path, Access Greater Inner Stillness

Beloved Ones,

            The delicacies of God are yours to enjoy if you choose first to love God and, in that love, surrender to and access who God is within self. These delicacies are the infusions of divine light deep within your being, whereby the ever-present sense of awareness of peace is yours—peace flowing, peace growing, peace bestowing to life within your universe a greater harmonization of all.

            What is the purpose of peace? It is not simply the cessation of violence, anger, war or commotion. The purpose of peace is progress in beingness. The purpose of peace is understanding of oneness. The purpose of peace is to authentically feel the divine light flowing through you throughout the coursing of your soul’s experience and, through this experience, for you to know God within, greater unity, greater fealty unto and within the Lord.

            You call me Lord Krishna, and you call Shiva “Lord.” Just as Jesus said that there is only one that is great,1 so Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu and I point to the one Lord of All-That-Is. And that Lord and the vibration of that Allness resides within you through the peaceable presence of stillness that you allow the Divine One to pulse through you by your conscious choice to live in that Krishnaic. Christic and Buddhic awareness.

            If the purpose of peace is progress for humanity, then peace will lead to the resolution of all in unity. Then peace will lead beyond conflict to the confluence of all essences into the one stream, the one river of life, from which all may draw assistance, abundance and what they require on their sacred journey.

            If the purpose of peace is progress, then you may progress on your path by investing in a time of stillness to access the light of peace. For many of you, listening to and participating in the giving of bhajans may be key to accessing a greater inner stillness, a greater sense of who you are as a God-conscious one. For in moments of putting all aside except the Word, the chant, the vibration and the emanation of light and sound, of color and divine fragrance, the All moves through all of these to bring you enlightenment, freedom, eternality.

            Some of you may have discerned within my name the crèche of Krishna, which is within yourself. And in this hallowed space of purity, your own newness, your own beauty, your own serenity, your own virginity may reside in the white light of harmony and peace.

            In the Krishnaic sense, all are brothers and sisters, all are both followers and benefactors of the One. Though the flute’s tone and tune may attune you to the Source as you follow the sound back to the fount of light, yet, dearest ones, you will always find, through self-discovery, that you are the flute upon which I play, that you are the tone of the OM and the sounding of the soundless sound, that you are life itself—you are God incarnate. When you reach my state of awareness, you access your own true Selfhood. When you meditate with me and I therefore contemplate thee, there is only God in the equation of this oneness; there is only the toning of the OM within us as brothers, as sisters of light.

            The singing of bhajans, of sacred kirtan may also assist some of you in the healing of your minds. Many know not that their minds require healing, yet all require greater God-consciousness, through which the Mind divine may suffuse their minds with its interminable presence of perfected thought.

            O, to think on God and to allow God to cognize thee as one with the great He affords you access to all who I AM, all that Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, in balance within you, bring forth through the gods and goddesses who outplay the great play through the drama, the song, the dance and the artistry of movement, of peace, of oneness.

            Long ago a master once told me, “Do not move,” and therefore I didn’t. And yet within the framework of nonmovement, I accessed all movement, all dance, the music of the spheres, the turning of worlds, the bliss and ecstasy of the One. And so I have been moving ever since within the space of nonduality, of the centrality of beingness in that causeless state of unity. Yes, I turn this way and that only to face mankind, to bring my face and the light therein into play for the blessing of the children, the harmonization of lives and the nourishment of the child within all.

            Be still and know that I AM Krishna. And when you become still, then I will play my flute and dance around you with Radha until you can behold God fully within yourself.

            Krishna I AM within you, my lovely ones. Peace.

1. Matthew 19:17; Mark 10:18; Luke 18:19.

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