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Gautama’s Wesak Address

Gautama’s Wesak Address

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Beloved Gautama Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
May 14, 2014   1:09–1:20 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana
Wesak Address

Gautama, Maitreya and Manjushri Perform Solar Alchemy
on Behalf of the Earth

Beloved Ones,

            Today I choose to be with many and to simply emanate light and love, laughter and levity to our world. The teaching has been presented, the Middle Way has been made plain, and now you, as Buddhas becoming your own enlightened selves, sit under that bo tree, illumined by the sun, cautioned by the wind, enfolded by the starry sky and moved by Spirit to self-realize joy.

            The dawning of your Buddhahood; the fulfillment of the Noble Truths, four; and the path of eight streams of awareness provide for you my resource of light, my example of beingness. Now, with Lord Maitreya on my right and Lord Manjushri on my left, I choose to perform Solar alchemy this day on behalf of the Earth and her evolutions. And therefore we three together co-create a new world of light here and where devotees celebrate Wesak and, more importantly, are engaged in conscious cooperative works of the Spirit to bring love and compassion, kindness and truth into the equation of their daily lives, the practicum as their experience upon Terra.

            By the power invested in us and through my office as Lord of the World, there is the charging forth now of frequencies of mindfulness, of emanations of beingness, of streams of heart-centeredness in all directions unto all evolutions and multiverses of being. Feel now the wave currents, which when imbibed may allow you to resonate with us. Feel the light emissions, which when accepted into the very center of your being and your cells will allow you to glow, will allow the radiant field of your aura to expand unto new heights, new realms and new flowering fields and aromas of divinity. Feel, dearest ones, through your own sentient self, life, light and the reality of the breath moving through you, flowing and going, coming and moving, streaming and being, awakening and allowing you to know the All. Yes, it is through the breath—the breath of mindfulness, the breath of awakening—that you may learn of greater truths that we yet teach in the realms of Spirit, in the retreats of wonder.

            We modulate these frequencies now in wave patterns of Solar joy to create for each one of you a resource in which you may bask during your time of silence each day and be enfired with your own Buddha nature, your loving and joyous Presence so that whatever you move through within your daily lives, you will yet remain resolute in Buddhahood, fulfilled in holy purpose, sanctified in the dharma, in the sangha and within the aura of the Buddha.

            Prajnaparamita comes now, at this very moment when the moon is fully full in the heavens where you are, and she sends forth her rays of glory and divine splendor, and she illumines the ignorant with her Mother-truths, her Mother-mercies, her Mother-kindnesses.

            Be restored, O holy ones, to a fresh new space and place of grace. Be restored to the new you, the new blue you that few yet have understood. Be restored to the inner Selfhood of God-identity, where the cycles divine opine within you, where the musers of heaven are not losers nor abusers; they are choosers of you as vessels of beauty, choosers of you as co-creators, with Spirit, of presence where you are, of harmony where you reside, of peace where you live.

            Now the Buddhas all encircle the Earth and amplify through the full moon the light-energy field that we alchemize and radiate from Shambhala. Let all know that Buddha is here, that Buddha cares, that Buddha shares loving-kindness, wisdom sublime and the allness of Self with each self, one with the Great Self of all. Om Namaha—Namaha Om.

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