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Verity, Angel of Truth Delivers Cosmic Justice to Overcome the Lie (video)

Verity, Angel of Truth Delivers Cosmic Justice to Overcome the Lie (video)

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Beloved Verity, Angel of Truth
David Christopher Lewis May 13, 2014  
7:05–7:26 am MDT Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Light of Truth Is Released into the Media? and Cosmic Justice Descends upon Those Who Have Proliferated the Lie ?

           I AM the Angel of Truth, and this day I alight upon Earth and in those places where error, the lie and the infamy of ignorance, as darkness, manifests.           

           Dearest ones, what will become of the sons and daughters of God if they remain in the darkness of ignorance? What will become of mankind as a whole if the truth is hidden and if the lie is purveyed as it is this day throughout the Earth through your media???           

           I stand wherever there is a broadcast of any sort through the airwaves, through satellite and through the electronic media, and I call forth the light of eternal truth into the environs and around the spokespersons who, in their own ignorance or at the behest of those whom they serve, promulgate this darkness as a mass entity that does not afford the light of illumination, the light of enlightenment, the light of pure wisdom to flow forth within the Earth. And I ray forth the light of truth here and there and wherever there is the receiving of these diatribes of darkness and the shadowy elements of the energy veil that continue to weave a web of illusion. And there is the dispelling now, by the light of God through the emerald ray of truth, of dishonor, of intentional obfuscation and of that which would deny the light of reality to flow into the minds, hearts, wills and eyes of the elect and of the children of the Sun incarnate upon Earth.           

           Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire now into the lie. And there is, at the behest of the Four and Twenty Elders, the taking from the Earth in this hour of one who is one of the original liars who came to Earth long ago; who has, unfortunately, been a nexus of deceit, deception and illogic; who does not follow the Logos, the Word himself as the authentic voice of the Godhead.           

           Blaze forth the light now, O angels of the sacred fire! Bind this one now and remove him from the Earth, nevermore to proliferate the lie unto mankind. And with this one are taken a certain ten thousand supporting dark ones. And they are removed permanently from the Earth with this action of light this day in answer to the calls of many lightbearers who have petitioned the Lord God Almighty for the light of truth to manifest.           

           And there is a rumbling within the media of the Earth itself as many receive notice from the Four and Twenty Elders that the lie may no longer be proliferated through the media without the immediate consequence that comes as a result of this intentional deception to keep souls in darkness, away from the light of eternal truth.           

           Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now! With this action, O holy ones of God, the sword of truth descends and cleaves asunder the Real from the unreal. And many awaken from within themselves this day, by this action of light, to a new world of opportunity to live as a sentient being quickened by the Spirit, illumined by the Sun, trued to that course of light that truth itself determines for them from the God-flame within their hearts, minds and souls.           

           Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now! Blaze forth the light now!           

           Nothing can be hidden from the Lord and from the light of truth, which the Lord releases this day throughout the Earth into every avenue of communication, into every form of the delivery of news. And the leaders of these stations and communication outlets are also given notice this day that they must live within the authentic fire of truth, else the Law of the One will manifest on behalf of the children of God to take from them that which they have accumulated, the resources at their disposal that have allowed them to continue to proliferate this great web of darkness.           

           Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light now of truth now!           

           Through this action, grace comes to many. For, dearest ones, you know that truth shall make you free. Free for what? some may ask. Free to be godly, free to be creative, free to be unencumbered by all that has previously assailed the soul and attempted to curtail the natural inclination of the spirit to soar in oneness with the Source.?Now Pallas Athena stands within her Temple of Truth with her beloved, the gracious Maha Chohan, representative of the Holy Spirit. And as she stands and raises her right arm, there is, through the light of truth, the naming of the names of those to whom these angels, by a directive and an edict of the Almighty, are directly delivering a message of truth this day, that it may be received from within their hearts and the core of their being.           

           You see, dearest ones, there are times, there are cycles and there are specific points on the path that must be attended to, met and mastered for evolution to continue and for worlds to remain viable within the vast solar systems and galaxies of the cosmos. The light of truth goes forth through this action, and a great blessing and wave of comfort from the Maha Chohan manifests within many spheres.           

           If you desire, you may call to me as the Angel Verity, Angel of Truth. For I am there and available to you when you speak so that every syllable that you speak is formulated from the sacred space of perfection and reality, so that all that flows through your awareness is conditioned by this truth experience, by this light-energy field—radiant emerald green, so serene, whole, pure and clear. Truly, dearest ones, clarity of consciousness comes to those who desire to fulfill the will, wisdom and love of God daily from within their hearts; and all that they proffer to the universe is sanctified, blessed and beatified in light.           

           Speak the truth and never a lie, for I hide from those who even in their white lies and in their embellishments justify that which they speak, the half-truths and the ignorant words. For only truth comes as the way and the life of the Christos for the elect. And therefore elect, dearest ones, to be truthful in all things, especially within and unto yourself.           

           The names have now been named by the Goddess of Truth. The action of cosmic justice has descended, and the Book of Revelation is opened for many to know that this is the hour to put all else aside from their lives except God, love, brotherhood and truth.           

                                      [Verity chants for 46 seconds.]           

           In an Atlantean tongue, I have conceptualized and precipitated a matrix, an emerald cubic matrix, of truth as a talisman that I place within a certain temple that is even now being built within the Earth, through which this light of truth may be purveyed and expanded for the illumination and freedom of thousands of lightbearers.??           

           God bless you when you speak from the authentic heart and the pure mind illumined wisdom and the verities of joyful truth. I thank you.                       

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