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The Maha Chohan Extends the Comfort Flame of Love

The Maha Chohan Extends the Comfort Flame of Love

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Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
May 6, 2014   9:02–9:16 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

To Be the Flame of Comfort Requires Great Love

            I AM the comfort flame, come this day to assuage hurt, pain, suffering and the sense of loss. Life goes on in other realms, blessed ones. Consciousness, born of the One, moves and streams through ways and means that God alone knows in eternality and in the cyclic rounds of beingness within and beyond time and space. And the Holy Spirit is there within life, within the flame, within beingness and consciousness, presence and love.

           Where love has been shared, life yet vibrates. For love lives on, is never lost, and may be found again and again within as one contemplates the Divine within love, within all. The I AM THAT I AM exists within the spirit-spark, which animates all life at all levels of consciousness. And that I AM—who you are and who the individualization of that fire-spark of light has been, is and will be—is a part of the whole, permeates the Cosmic Egg and is invested in new forms, new matrices, new ideations and possibilities as the Lord himself recycles form into formlessness and form again.

            For, blessed ones, it may even be, as some have perceived, that the light and the life within elemental beings who incarnate through the precious animals that have been your pets, your friends, your family members incarnate again in some way; move on in their evolution; and, through the love that they have modeled, that they have imbibed from you and shared with you, learn, grow and expand God’s kingdom through God’s awareness of life. Who can say what may be lost, what may be gained, what lives on or what dissolves within the eternal sea of the universal ocean of God’s consciousness?

            As I feel it, as I know it, love lives on and is the essence within, behind and around all that is good and of God. Where love remains as the ideal and that which courses through you each day, a certain essence of beingness of all whom you have loved yet remains as an actual akashic identity in some dimensional plane of being, blessed ones. How can it be otherwise? For the Lord is good and desires all of his children and creations to know love in so many ways, to express love in all manner of co-creative and blessed opportunities.

            The central lesson that all life must learn revolves around the one virtue of love. And when harmony reigns within the heart and hearth and home, love is present, love is shared, love is expanded through you and you and you, blessed hearts.

            Yes, I AM the Comforter, and this comfort flame that I bear this day is composed of all of the love that has been shared by all life forms, which the Lord has allowed me to gather as a cosmic essence and bestow again and again upon true lovers—lovers of God, lovers of one another, lovers of life itself.

            When you would be my advocate of comfort, love, let love flow, let love grow, let love move you into new areas and eras of responsibility. Let love nurture you as you yourself nurture and nourish others. For there you may find me in the way in which the Spirit moves you to love, the Lord gently guides you to love.

           Yes, blessed ones, to be the flame of comfort requires great love—understanding love, wise love, omnipotent love born of the power of creation itself, unyielding love that loves no matter what comes one’s way from those who do not yet embrace fully love’s fire and God-desire.

            You know that love is the key to your God-identity and to your eternity experience with me. Come and find me within one and all as the spirit-spark of beingness so that you can love, so that you can comfort, so that you can revel in great joy and peace and have surcease from the strain and stress of life. At times life seems cruel, yet it is always opportune for you to know God within even a tiny poodle, a Great Dane or a pug-nosed one, who is not ugly to God; for that one is of the same Sun Source and essence that you also are.

            I AM the Comforter, and I bathe you in light, in joy and in the sustaining grace of the Spirit this day, my precious ones, my lovers, my beloved, and I thank you.

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