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Sharing and a Poem on Our Love for Our Pet Friends

Sharing and a Poem on Our Love for Our Pet Friends

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Dog Heaven

(Updated version of what was read on May 6, 2014)


One day my son asked me when he was just seven

If pets live beyond earth; he’d heard of dog heaven.


So when I got still and went into my heart

I heard a clear message God ‘sired to impart.


“I AM Pure Consciousness; I AM Pure Love.

All pets have spirits I share from above.


When love is present between dog and boy

There I bring something of heaven’s great joy.


Friendship ‘twixt all forms of life there below

Forms sacred bonds that continue to grow.


Love that is shared in eternity lives;

Kindness, compassion, too, and all that gives.


When one shows mercy ‘midst crisis and storm

I see your loving toward any life form.


Lassie and Timmy knew love of this type—

Miracles happen; it’s not just all hype.


Collies, Dalmatians and Schnauzers and Hounds

Golden Retrievers should not live in pounds.


Each child a dog should tend, to lick and love—

Love’s unconditional, sent from above.


When I named each creature—horse, monkey, frog—

My title backwards I spelled for the dog.


So here’s to Mocha and sweet Ollie, too

For ‘most a decade I loaned them to you.


Their home’s now my mansion where saints above pray;

Where love reigns supreme and still boys and dogs play.


Yes, there’s a dog heaven and one for cats, too.

All creatures we care for are still loving you!”


Copyright © David Lewis  May 6, 2014




  • Ann
    I love this sweet poem! I still fondly remember my dog from childhood and know she will run to greet me in higher realms of light! Ann
    5/7/2014 4:45:18 AM
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