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Saint Germain as Our Lord of the Seventh Ray and His Inspiration Through Heartfriends' Work and Service

Saint Germain as Our Lord of the Seventh Ray and His Inspiration Through Heartfriends' Work and Service

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Beloved Saint Germain
David Christopher Lewis
May 1, 2014 8:31–8:47 pm MDT
Saint Germain’s New Alchemical Formulas for Spiritual Success
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Saint Germain’s Alchemy Intensive: I Have Prepared a Banquet Feast for You

I Am Invested in Your Alchemical Victory in This Life


           In violet-joy freedom light, I come. And I invest here and within your hearts the light of eternal freedom and of divine alchemy for the victory of your soul experience in this life, for greater mindfulness to be yours and greater love to flow through all that you touch with your consciousness, with the quintessence of your being, with the essence of your selfhood as a great soul of light evolving here.

           Precious ones, alchemy is a joyful science. It is one in which the co-creations of those who perceive God within anything that they choose to invest their heart’s love within manifest with a beauty, a grace and a beingness that is truly magical.

           Many of you have desired to learn the secrets of a greater form of alchemy through that white magic and divine science that will allow you to put beneath your feet your troubles, your challenges, your sense of lack, even a poverty consciousness that at times takes hold of you and brings fear and anxiety into the equation of your journey and your work. Dearest ones, I may not meet all of your expectations in the human sense during this class together, yet what I can assure is that a Holy Spirit-empowered teaching will be yours, that you will receive what you require now to make greater progress on your path.

           Yes, I have prepared a banquet feast for each of you. And I have even already set the table, placing at each place mat the utensils, the setting for you to receive divine nourishment both from me and from a number of ascended masters who will augment what I will share through their own essence in support of this alchemical work.

           I know that some of you have struggled to even consider investing the money, which you seem not to have in the first place, to attend this alchemical class. Yet there is a way, blessed ones, and if you have desired this enough, I am here for you. We have even offered the opportunity for some to pay in three installments because we do know what your situation is.

            Tomorrow at 3:33 I will be seated here before you to begin the sharing and to anoint you with that which I know will be of benefit to your soul. This anointing will come moment by moment through the flow of light that I will expand through my heart chakra directly to you, each one. For I am invested in you, O heart of fire, and your alchemical victory in this life. I am invested in seeing to it that you will have what you require both to fulfill your mission and ascend and to make the required progress that will move you even beyond this lifetime to a higher state of Solar awareness, God-consciousness, Buddhic Presence. Yes, this is a springboard for many of you to learn keys, through love, for your victory.

           There will be what some may see as foundational or fundamental teachings that they have already heard. Yet I can assure you, blessed ones, that not all have mastered the fundamentals, even of what I have shared within the “I AM” Activity, the Bridge, The Summit and The Hearts Center. Therefore it is altogether appropriate to review some of these foundational teachings again so that they are inculcated deep within you, become a part of your essence and are there as a shining light within you for you to access any time, day or night, that you are beset with a challenge, a conundrum, a complex equation that simply must be solved before you can move on to the next level of progress in your life.

           The formulas that I will mindfully offer you are born of Spirit and originate from the Great Alchemist. I have poured forth my love into these formulas to form a collective energy field that I will access to bless those whom I knew would be front and center and present with me during this time together. For you see, blessed ones, the handwriting has been on the wall for some time, the stars have been in a certain aligned state, and I again call to you to consider allowing me to be your advocate, your friend, as well as your Lord and servant leader.

           As you know, the greatest among all is the servant of all.1 And those who desire greater alchemical keys to precipitate abundance and all that they deem as essential in this incarnation must come back to first principles of love, humility and of service in order that they may understand the higher aspects of advanced alchemy that I will share. You see, blessed ones, I have gone before the Lords of Life. I have taken my cues from the Great Divine Director, as well as other manus, from Gautama Buddha himself and the Solar Lords who guide the destiny of many worlds. When you see from their perspective some of what is transpiring as pettiness in the lives of those who call themselves chelas and disciples of the Great White Brotherhood, you gain new perspective and you realize that it is altogether essential to have a new vantage point from a great master to give you the essentials of life, spiritual life, from the authentic place and sacred space of pure beingness in the heart of God.

           We have seen some disciples tremble in fear before the great Lord of Life of their own Higher Self, knowing not how to surrender the lesser self in totality, to accept the Solar rays of God-consciousness and the impulses from their own causal body, one with the heart of God. Blessed ones, fear has no place within this sacred space. Therefore, invest love in all that you do, and walk with head held high as an alchemist with me. For I will show you the way through the serene and cosmic aspects of the teaching that will be yours in these three coming days.

           Love will set you free; life will pour forth its victorious sense through your chakras, your auric field, your mind and soul; and you will be raised by virtue of the fact that you have offered yourself, through sacrifice, to the Lord of all creation, the mighty I AM THAT I AM in the Great Central Sun. And through this reconsecration of your life essence to the holy purposes of God, God then speaks to and within you, and you are born anew—a new creature in Christ, a new sovereign and divine spirit-spark—ready to fly, to ascend to the highest heights and to merge with the All in all as a lark ascending finds its home in the sun.

           Now, blessed ones, as you listen to that music, “Lark Ascending,” feel, with the power of the dove of the Holy Spirit, the beginning stages of your inner nourishment for this course. Feel my love, as well as Portia’s, for you and what we will together fulfill in this alchemical work through oneness.

           I AM Saint Germain. I am real, here and invested in you, each one, by God’s grace and by eternal love.



1. Matthew 20:26, 23:11; Mark 9:35, 10: 42–43.


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