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Jesus Shares the Importance of Love Within Our Families

Jesus Shares the Importance of Love Within Our Families

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Beloved Jesus
David Christopher Lewis
April 21, 2014 8:20–9:31 am MDT
Livingston, Montana


Love One Another as the Holy Family Loves All

O Holy Ones of God,

I am with you through all that you experience in this realm. I am loving you and caring for you as the Good Shepherd, with my beloved Magda at my side. As I rose on Easter morn, lovingly demonstrating the victory over death, I, as the living Christ, am rising within you daily as you nurture your Selfhood in God, as you caress the Spirit Most Holy in your thoughts, musings, meditations and inner silence, times of oneness with God.

Yes, I am there for you through every challenge, through every joy. I walk with you when you invite me to be with you. I ride with you when you invite me to travel in your vehicles of all types. I muse with you when you desire my heart to be present, my mind to overshine you in poignant moments of eternality and oneness with our Father-Mother God. I too, with beloved Saint Germain and now my blessed mother, with Magda, Raphael and Portia, am radiating the fire of the Holy Family in your homes on behalf of you and your loved ones.

I state to each one that when you have a focus of the Holy Family as an artistic representation in some form in your home, we will radiate the light of our collective Presence on a daily basis. And if even for a moment you offer devotion to God by gazing upon that image, kneeling if you desire, calling upon the Lord or simply breathing consciously and offering yourself on behalf of your family, we will expand the ambience of oneness, harmony and peace so that your family experience may simply be the best, the most opportune, the most loving in intimate friendship and understanding.

Many have left off caring for their families and each member thereof through prayers, through communication, through simply being there, being present, listening, speaking, truly hearing and acknowledging the vantage point, the viewpoint, the challenges, the situations of each one. I show you now from a higher vantage point your life as it is exists within your personal family and the greater family of God-beings, the Great White Brotherhood and the greater communities of light forming within and above the Earth. As we see it from our perspective, there is opportunity for each of you in some way to come up higher, to be more thoughtful, caring and giving, more present, more conscious, whereby the Holy Spirit may work through and speak through you as an advocate, as a friend, as a benefactor.

You see, blessed ones, it is in these tender moments of simplicity and of beingness that hearts are won to God, that those whom you intend to inspire toward a path of light are moved by your heart, your caring attitude, your giving spirit. It is not by pontificating about the path that hearts and souls are won to your way. It is by the simple and profound demonstration of who you are as a loving and caring being that those whom you confess to love are truly cared for by God and his angelic presences in answer to your inner desire.

Therefore step back, reassess who you are, your mannerisms, your ways, your speech patterns, your reactions, the way in which others perceive you from their perspective. And in this approach and through this new lens, in gentility and humility you will, with the Holy Family’s support and love, make greater progress and avoid words of hurt and situations that you later regret. I share this because, blessed hearts, we know that you care. And yet at times even our most precious ones are misunderstood—not because there is not love; because greater love may yet be present through higher clarity of consciousness and appreciation of each one for just who that one is.

This is my message; this is my mother’s message to you, each one. Love one another as the Holy Family loved all and as we continue to love and nurture you in the light.

I AM Jesus. I am with you always, blessed ones, and I thank you.


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