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Saint Germain Inspires Us to Attend His Higher Alchemy Event in May

Saint Germain Inspires Us to Attend His Higher Alchemy Event in May

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CLICK HERE for more info on Saint Germain's Alchemy Seminar 2014


An Invitation from Saint Germain to Attend His Seminar
on Higher Alchemy:
A Cosmic Experiment in Which Heaven and Earth Will Meet

Gracious Knights and Ladies of the Eternal Flame of the One God,

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I, Saint Germain, am here in as tangible a light body as I am allowed to share with you upon the Earth this morning in order to extend to each of you an invitation directly from my heart for our May first through fourth event, broadcast from Livingston, Montana, and simulcast to Mount Shasta, California.¬Ļ

            I desired for you to hear directly from me the import of this class on higher alchemy; for, blessed ones, I have been preparing for this time and for this release. And I have been in consultation with great divine beings from far-flung worlds beyond this solar system to assist me in being able to deliver directly to you and to the Earth the teachings that are crucial to meet the challenges in this hour of Earth’s history and of your personal path in the light to your victorious ascent into the higher worlds, where alchemy is the norm, the science of life is understood, the dynamics of Solar evolution are represented in so many amazing and marvelous manifestations.

            Precious hearts, what can a master do to inspire his own to be with him? What words can I share that will move you personally to be with me in spirit and in matter? How can I craft something that will rekindle within your soul and heart a great inner desire to engage so that your experience may be molded in a new way, your life may improve, and the majesty of heaven’s grace may be yours as a daily, hourly and moment-by-moment experience, with God beating within your heart and enriching your life?

            All I can say is that I was there as the father of Jesus, and in many poignant moments of our relationship, our lives with Mary and our other children, an open portal to the Divine was created by many angelic presences and supporting deities who nurtured our Solar experience. And therefore I have called upon many legions of the seventh ray and those who work with the souls of mankind in a very direct and personal way to come to assist each one who will make the effort and the commitment to be with me.

           These days together are a cosmic experiment whereby I will literally place the full-embodied electronic presence of my being tangibly in Mount Shasta while I simultaneously am, as tangibly as possible, in the Sanctuary of the Heart overshining David and those present with my love, my nurturing heart, my spirit of commitment to your soul and your victory.

            Many decades ago when David’s parents questioned the wisdom of his attending a conference in California and the cost to attend, David shared with them that he saw this opportunity as similar to the very living reality of being in the tangible presence of Jesus two thousand years earlier. And he asked, if you knew that the Lord would be in a specific place on a specific date, what would you do to be there?

            You see, blessed ones, your desire, born of God-desire within a sphere of desirelessness, to be of service to humanity is what allows you to set up the frequency, the divine matrix by which the miracle of your physical attendance becomes a reality. If you feel that there are more important things for you to do, greater commitments to others that supersede this opportunity, so be it. I can share with you and truly aver to you that I see this time together as one in which heaven and earth will meet, the light will expand through each of us in grace, and a bestowal of cosmic purpose and opportunity between every heart will draw forth the miraculous, the divine into each one’s life and beating heart.

            Yes, I radiate this message through the broadcast from Mount Shasta this morning because I am increasing the fire of seventh-ray joy, the alchemy of freedom, and the spirit of enlightenment for this age within that environ. And I am calling to a certain twenty-four souls in California and within the Mount Shasta region to be in your seats on time for me. For you see, blessed ones, the path of initiation is great and requires sacrifice, givingness, surrender and an authentic approach to be, and not not to be; to live; to choose life; to be present where the master is, where God decides to anchor his light, her radiation with great joy and Holy Spirit-empowered vitality and presence.

            I pray that you will feel my heart’s intent, that you will know my personal love for you in greater measure. And even now I am increasing the fire within the hearts of those within this movement so that you will never leave off of your devotion; your consecrated path; your inner knowing of God; your resolution to ascend and to be one with the Eternal to whom you vow and dedicate each day to; and to live that consecrated life for humanity through your words, through the time, the space and the presence given.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬† O angels of the sacred fire, angels of coordination, abundance, opulence and victory, shine forth your light now within the lives of these God-sons and daughters. And provide for them the impetus, the means, the resolve to go the extra mile to win when this beatitude of a victorious spirit is required, and to be present for this experience, for this anointing and for that which the Holy Spirit will release in vibration and in the words that will be shared‚ÄĒin the resonance, frequencies and radiation of divine joy that will flow.

           Blessed ones, as you know, I am continuing to overshine some to work on the advanced alchemy book. It has been a long time in coming, and Portia and I are eager to have it released within this world at the appropriate time. For just as with the release of former divine teachings, there is the dividing of the way deep within the Earth. There is the cleaving asunder of darkness through the ray of light embedded within the words of comfort and of joy. Therefore the timing is crucial so that many souls may be won in oneness and may be secured in light for their ascension and their victory in seventh-ray alchemical joy.

            When you have had the staff, both paid and volunteer, consecrated to a holy purpose, one pointed in their directed work, you have seen the results of your victories. We are impressed by that which you have co-created through The Hearts Center website, and we will be even more impressed when the leadership of this movement decides to allocate the resources required for the fulfillment of this tome of light this year, blessed ones.

            Now I would give the floor to beloved Jesus, for we have seen that some were a little disappointed that he did not come in their desired way on Easter Sunday morn to present what they expected as his springtime message. I love you and thank you for all that you have already committed to. I see you, each one, glowing in violet-fire spheres of beingness, radiant in joy, blessed in the Presence divine, and I thank you.

1. The seminar, ‚ÄúSaint Germain‚Äôs New Alchemical Formulas for Spiritual Success,‚ÄĚ from May 1‚Äď4, 2014, will be a violet-flame initiation in advanced alchemy. Click here for more information on Saint Germain's Alchemy Event

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