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Nada Charges Forth the Light for Our Victory in Love

Nada Charges Forth the Light for Our Victory in Love

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Beloved Lady Master Nada
David Christopher Lewis
April 18, 2014 9:00–9:22 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

I Call You to Be Warriors on Behalf of Love and Virtue

Gracious and Most Holy Ones,

On this Good Friday I come to invest light, love and levity within the Earth and within every heartfriend consecrated to the divine cause of planetary transformation, Self-realization in the light and the victory of love. As your Nada, I come with a heart full of the eternal blessings of the Spirit, of universal, undifferentiated, and yet specific, love. For God’s love finds its course unto all from the within; and love, when it moves you to action, to God-success, to victory in all things, is miraculous in its ways and means and varied manifestations.

It is love that cast aside and transmuted what has come to be known as the Good Friday spell. Yes, dearest ones, though many look to this day as an infamous one, in celebration or acknowledgment of the day that Jesus the Christ was crucified, yet we see this as only transitory. For we all know the greater story of the resurrection and the ascension of the Son of God. And we look beyond one day to the new day, to the eternal Now, in which we all live and move and have our being in eternality, in divine joy, in perfect harmony and resonance, in peace and in the invincible light of the Presence manifest through the resurrection current, which may be yours to claim; for it is for all to know, to understand and to realize.

Dearest hearts, many of you know of one of my lifetimes in which I was a feminine warrior of the Spirit. It was provided unto me in order that I would learn through the battle mode the conquering of self, by which and through which the greater God Self could be outplayed, fully present, and manifest in my life and within the world. Yes, I learned within that life the means by which one stays true and on course to one’s destiny. And ultimately, blessed hearts, that destiny leads one to perfect love of God, and of God within all life, for there is no other means to win the victory than through love.

This Jesus so nobly and humbly modeled through his final hours and moments of his Nazarene mission, speaking words of love and forgiveness to all, passing a certain torch to John the Beloved and Mary and moving on in Spirit to a new realm of possibilities for a greater teaching and example to be anchored upon Earth in his Eastern ministry, beyond the thirty-three years of his life that is known of in scripture.

What will you allow to fall to the Earth to be sown within Mater so that you may be resurrected fully come Sunday, Easter morning? What is it that yet remains lurking within the folds of your garment, hidden in the deepest recesses of your soul and unconscious, your subconscious and even within the dweller that remains in a quiescent state whereby through this surrender experience, dearest ones, you may receive what comes after the surrender, which is the full outplaying of God’s will, wisdom and love as the shining light of the resurrection within and through your heart, your mind, your spirit.

The greater the surrender, the greater the effulgence and grace of God that is yours to know and experience. The more that you let go of, the greater your chalice is for God to fill with light, beingness, inspiration and the Holy Spirit’s joy. Therefore use this day and every Good Friday as an opportunity to self-reflect. And, if necessary, write down what you observe of yourself that yet abides for you to resolve, those sticky elements of nonresolution, those aspects of consciousness that you rue and that you desire God to take from you permanently. For, blessed hearts, everything that you release is also released on a greater scale on behalf of all life because of the level of your self-mastery as an adept, as a master-in-the-making. And therefore the greater amount of sweat and tears that are transmuted within moments of deep introspection, silence and of recommitment to the will, wisdom and love of God, the greater the benefit to humanity of your service and ministration, because every surrender allows the sacred to be restored within many domains, blessed hearts.

O beloved Astrea, come forth now with the light of purity and encircle these with the full power of the ascension fire this day! Strip from them and release from them, by their free will, all that is less than God-perfection and that no longer serves them on their sacred journey into the divine light. Burn through, burn through, burn through, O holy fires of God! Yes, I Nada, emanating love as purity this day, charge forth that light within our community of the Holy Spirit. And there is a quickening and an awakening within many that will allow them to access greater God Self-mastery, abundance and the vitality and health that they seek on their pathway to the Source of all.

O Lord, I offer my heart as a bonfire, as a Sun of love this day for each one to know you with a greater closeness, proximity, union. When they can feel that love charging their cells and enlivening their being as we the ascended masters do, we know that Earth shall be saved and her people reconciled to your heart, O Lord. So it is and shall ever remain through the gift of love—the virtues of each heart wed to thee this day and every day—and as Jesus so lovingly shared through his example of one who wields the greatest love: the one who lays down his life for his sheep.¹

O good shepherds among you, I call you to higher service and ministration. I call you to release ampoules of peace, harmony, divine fertility, of oneness within the Alpha-and-Omega experience of union in God. And I call you this day to be warriors on behalf of love and virtue, taking no prisoners whatsoever, relinquishing all and leaving all on the battlefield of love for God.

The strain, the stress upon the Master in those late hours of Holy Thursday, I have known through my communion with his heart of fire. And many who experienced the stigmata also knew the passion of Christ in all of its elements. If you would be compassionate, as he was and is, you too will know a greater passion as a desireless desire, feeling and knowing God beating within your heart every moment, blessed ones. And in the sanctification of your life through your breath and the holy breath of God, all will, through you, receive the selfsame love that the Savior bore to the Earth through his example of givingness and cosmic surrender on behalf of all sentient beings evolving here.

Yes, I am blessing you, each one, with cosmic rays of selfless love. I am charging you with cosmic frequencies of universal harmony and kindness. I am accelerating you with divine wave patterns and crystalline light essences that I have accessed from the Great Central Sun on your behalf during the Lenten cycle. For to those of you who fasted and prayed and gave your all, I am giving my all. And I am releasing ampoules of cosmic consciousness and Solar awareness for those of you who have given “The Keeper’s Daily Prayer” for years and decades.² I have been there behind the scenes charging you with the words that you have uttered in humility and love. I have been there keeping the flame for you as you have kept it for others and for all life.

Yes, blessed ones, as your chohan of the sixth ray from the Holy Land,³ I emanate peace; I emanate the joyous way of love to all. Thank you for your service. Thank you for being just who you are—a son, a daughter of the One God.

1. John 10:11; 15:13
2. Nada composed the Keeper's Daily Prayer released through The Summit Lighthouse.
3. Nada and Jesus oversee an etheric retreat of the Great White Brotherhood northeast of the Red Sea over the Arabian Desert. Beloved Mother Mary and Raphael as well as Aurora and Uriel also serve from this retreat with their respective angels of healing and peace.

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