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Sir Laugh-A-Lot Advises Us to LIGHTEN UP and to Accept His Help in Our Alchemy and Finances

Sir Laugh-A-Lot Advises Us to LIGHTEN UP and to Accept His Help in Our Alchemy and Finances
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Beloved Laugh-a-Lot  (Sir Winston)
David Christopher Lewis
April 2, 2014 ¬† 8:09‚Äď8:29 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


You Should Laugh More Often


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† As I laugh, the cosmos laughs with me. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! For I AM Laugh-A-Lot, whom you have known as Uncle Kenneth.¬Ļ And I have come this night with a thousand gnomes, elves and even a few ogres to present unto you, spiritually, diamonds, crystals, emeralds and all manner of cosmic gemstones, which I fill this sanctuary with because, blessed ones, it is my offering to the Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Ray.

            Yes, I have gone to his retreat and I have seen the diamond crystals, which utilize cosmic energies for the focusing of great Buddhic light within and around the Earth. And this light manifests and is magnified, expanded and maximized during your services here for the upliftment of humanity; for the integration within you, through the eighth ray, of Solar light; and for the victory of love in all of its aspects within your conscious lives as you work toward your full unification with your Source.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Many of you know that I often engaged in the sale and, first, the procuring of the magical gemstones that I was privileged to find, to behold and to then place into your hands as foci of light for your spiritual work. And I presented to the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, whom we lovingly referred to as Mother, a particular cosmically charged, energy-laden focus that she wore for the duration of her life, through which amazing divine particulates and flowfields moved‚ÄĒsolar charged with the radiance of the Cosmic Mother‚ÄĒand through which she performed alchemy and many a spiritual miracle on behalf of her disciples and lightbearers worldwide.

            Dearest ones, many of you have gemstones that you wear. Consider that these are alive and were the creation of the gnomes working under the Earth for generations and even eons of time to fashion, through their own God-consciousness and attunement with the mineral kingdom, these amazing latticeworks of light. And when carefully crafted, polished and prepared by those who work within the diamond and the gemstone industries, they may become for you cherished objects and talismans through which divine light may blaze forth throughout your being and throughout the Earth and the cosmos. Each of these, charged with the radiance of Solar joy, truly employs something of the light rays of the sun itself, dearest ones, and can be for you an amazing resource through which your spiritual work may be magnified and the joy flame may be expressed in so many ways throughout the grand scheme of cosmos itself.

            Why, dearest ones, even upon your altar the focus of the amethyst is here. And this night, by God’s grace, I charge it with the radiance of my causal body and the energy of my attunement with Lanello, Clare de Lis, Saint Germain, Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst for the amplification of every violet-fire prayer, song, decree and fiat that you make from this day forward. For here, within this Sanctuary of the Heart, I come often also to be recharged, as well as to charge you with the radiance of my Solar Reality.

            Blessed ones, I have interacted with many of you. I have told you my stories, those that you believed and those at which you laughed, with me, upon my telling. What is the difference between reality and fantasy through the imagination of one whose heart is attuned to the Source? Why, even fairy tales, with all of their magic and revelry, are born of cosmic substance and bring into the minds of the youth all manner of magical possibilities for their own evolution, their own God-attainment. And through their imaginative minds and their receptive hearts, an angel, a muse, a divine and cosmic being may alight to inspire them to aspire higher, as did Peter Pan with his cohorts, flying to a new retreat in the heavens where children never grow old.

            Well, I was one of these! Many of you know that even in my elder years I was childlike. You may call to me to reverse the aging process, if you would. For I have a special wrinkle-dissolving, cosmic cream at my disposal. And I know many of you would love to have this within your repertoire and in your sacred bounty of potions and lotions to keep you young, expressive and beautiful in the eyes of God, which you already are, and in the eyes of men and women upon Earth.

            Blessed ones, what a joy it is to live as one with God in eternality! You should try it, not just wait till some future date. Accept it now within your heart. Realize it fully within the eternal moment of each day’s moving stream of awareness, beyond time and space, that manifests through the reality that is you, the reality who God is inside your heart.

            Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! You should laugh more often and even incorporate, if you would, laughing sessions into all of your morning and evening prayer and decree sessions, as well as the meetings that you have, dearest ones. For even one minute of cosmic laughter flowing through you dissolves so much oppressive energy, which you have felt, and the dialectic of dualism.

            Ha-ha-ha-ha! Yes, I am a master of cosmic laughter. And even the walls catch a glimpse and the sound of my roar, with Lanello, to keep you lit with the light, dearest hearts. Oh, breathe deeply before you laugh, and breathe deeply after you laugh, and breathe deeply while you laugh! Ha-ha-ha-ha! For the Holy Spirit is there within that breath, and it may just be that you will receive one or more of her sacred gifts as you laugh. For I will provide little portals into eternity through that laughter and joyous interludes of cosmic dynamism between the breaths, and between the ha-ha-ha’s and the ho-ho-ho’s and the hee-hee-hee’s, and away we go’s! Ha-ha-ha!

            Why aren’t you laughing with me tonight, dearest ones? Well, some of you on the broadcast are, yet those in this room seem to be a little clumsy in the way of their ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha laughter mechanisms. So, what will it be? Joy and laughter, levity and fun or gloom-and-doom and bummer matrices? I prefer the former, and therefore the latter are done with, with laughter, you see.

            Lanello, as the cosmic jester, with me, will often come to pluck you right out of the doldrums, the ruts and even those situations that you should never have let yourself fall into. For you know what a rut becomes, dearest ones. What? A grave, if you allow it. No grave ones here! No slaves and no beggars. Only conscious, joyous, friendly, heartfelt, radiant lightbearers I see within this movement.

            Therefore come to Saint Germain’s retreat, for I will be there listening very carefully. For, you know, I myself at times even performed alchemy and I too have much to learn from the Master Alchemist of Aquarius. Why, dearest ones, if you will call to me, since I still have a little bit of karma yet to balance upon the Earth, I will assist each and every one of you in precipitating the money you require to attend that class.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Now, the first point is to accept that this is true and to accept my Presence in your life and that I have the authority to act on your behalf, by your invitation, to precipitate in your wallet and in your bank account what you require. If you do not believe that you are worthy or that you can accept what I will perform, then so be it. Yet, dearest ones, if you have the daunting audacity and the derring-do to accept it, then you can do it. You can receive it; you can manifest it. It is all a matter of acceptance, belief, faith and trial by fire. Yes, I said ‚Äútrial by fire,‚ÄĚ for the Holy Spirit is the one who enfires you to accept this level of abundance.

            Many of you still have a poverty consciousness. This night I wipe it out of this movement permanently, if you will accept it, dearest ones! Why, it is time for many of you to truly be rich beyond your wildest dreams. Have you read that book that we sent to you?² If you have not, then I assign you to do so immediately! For if you simply read it and participate with the alchemy that is within this book, you will have much more energy in your life, as well as the abundance that you require to precipitate everything that is essential for you, dearest ones. You can come to every event! You can attend every Meru University course! Yes, all of this is possible for those who believe and accept as a child accepts and believes.

            Therefore I am empowering you! I am enfiring you! And I, with Lanello, am roaring this night to deliver you now from every sense of limitation and that which is the downer syndrome of Pisces. No more! Be an Aquarian man or woman now! Accept your true divine inheritance!

            Yes, dearest ones, there is a time for laughter and a time for seriousness. And now I charge forth that light of Sirius into you, each one, and ray forth the energy and the power of God into you, just as Godfre and Saint Germain often did to thrust the disciples out of the doldrum consciousness. O light within these hearts, burn through now that they might accept their God Reality. Burn out of them all that is less than Christ-perfection, Buddhic attainment and the light of the Mother fully ensconced within their soul and their Oversoul.

            Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! O gnomes, you who have come with me, the thousand, strip away from them now all that is less than the truth, the life and the way that they deserve and that is truly the way that Jesus demonstrated to his closest and most loving disciples.

            Why, dearest ones, at times even the Lord chastised his own when they too would move into the mode of a sense of lack and of nonacceptance. And he performed those miracles whereby the water was changed into wine, the loaves and fish were multiplied in order to prove even to those, who at times could not believe, all that he was and all that he truly manifested, to demonstrate the reality of the God-light within him. Well, it is time that many more of you demonstrate who you truly are by accepting and believing in who you are as God-realized sons and daughters.

            Therefore, dearest ones, my time is about up, I see. And yet I would have you laughing into the night, into the morning and throughout the noon experience of your lives. Be at peace with who you are. And yet accept the new you every moment, and you will be a child of God, in whose image you were created in the beginning and whose reality you are returning to within the eternal Now. Namaste to you all. Namaste, namaste, namaste.

1. "Uncle" Kenneth McNeel was on the staff of The Summit Lighthouse for a time in his final incarnation on Earth.
2. I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams: I am, I am, I am: How to Get Everything You Want in Life by Thomas and Penelope Pauley.

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