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Archangel Gabriel Speaks on the Importance of Protecting Motherhood and Babies in the Womb

Archangel Gabriel Speaks on the Importance of Protecting Motherhood and Babies in the Womb
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Beloved Archangel Gabriel
David Christopher Lewis
March 28, 2014  
7:00–7:15 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

In Support of the 40 Days for Life Vigil


            I, Gabriel, shine my light within this sphere created by your mindfulness, your silence, your purity. And within the atmosphere here, I alight and expand your ability to cognize God within, to accent all your work with greater perception and possibilities of attainment by which the River of Life may be yours, the Solar fragrances of higher worlds may find presence within you, and the sounds and the colors of the glories of heaven may bestow upon and within you the radiances of God’s grace, peace and love.

            Dearest ones, you know of my trumpet call to humanity to rise higher in light, and you also know that I announce the imminent birth of souls unto women on the inner planes. Know also this night that I am with mothers-to-be and the child aborning within them throughout the duration of their pregnancy. And during this time the hallowedness of God is there within the sanctuary of the woman’s womb, and there light is anchored betwixt mother and child, both through consciousness and physically through the transfer of the blood and the essences required by the child for its development.

            During the 40 Days for Life vigil, which ends, blessed ones, on Palm Sunday,¹ there is a greater urgency for prayer for the unborn and for mothers-to-be, which you have seen. And many witnesses are there, praying with all their hearts, often in inclement weather, for the souls of these children. We of heaven are desirous to answer every prayer with the full power and strength of the Almighty to avert the aborting of souls, the destruction of life, the murder of the unborn by those ignorant of divine law within this world.

            Blessed ones, in addition to these prayers, it is essential that more of you understand the dynamics of what it will take to transform your civilization, which has accepted this lie as a part of its culture. Therefore compassion, understanding and great assistance to unwed mothers and those caught in the web of denial, of self-denial, must come forth through prayers and through direct support, especially education.

            O mankind, if you could see the effects of what is transpiring across the Earth since that fateful day of January 22, 1973, you would see how the outplaying of this karma of mankind en masse has resulted in what you see as the destructive elements of the weather, the upheavals within the Earth and all manner of cataclysmic activity that quite naturally manifests because the energy of the destruction of the life of the unborn must be outplayed in the circle of karmic recompense upon the source and those responsible for these abortions.

            Blessed hearts, during the service this evening, our desire is for you to focus upon the light within mothers and within the unborn, infants and small children in order to support their lives to the fullest in the ways that will allow them to fulfill their purpose, be self-realized in God and flower through their own divinity and holy purpose in this life. The angels of the fourth ray are here to support this work this evening and throughout the remainder of this forty-day vigil. We together, blessed ones, may accomplish much when working hand in hand, heart to heart.

            Through prayer, meditation, education and physical support, there is the nurturing of life itself within this realm. As more begin to understand the dynamics of the law of cause and effect, our prayer is that they always choose life. And yet because of the crumbling of society and civilization as you have seen it, many require a direct and personal form of intercession and often intermediaries who will assist them in taking care of their own and paying for services that they require. Therefore we are seeing and calling into manifestation—by the action of your prayers and by God’s holy will, wisdom and love—intercession, as best as the Great Law will allow. For as mediators from heaven of this light-energy, we do our all in supporting the upliftment of mankind, benefitting those who require God’s assistance.

            I ask now that your AV technician play the beautiful video created by a conscious heartfriend within your Creative Arts Team, mindfully and sensitively put to music composed by this one who speaks on our behalf, “Waltzing in the Womb.” Dearest ones, as you see the images of the mothers, the infants within their wombs in development, and young children, pour forth your love to them and we will be there on behalf of every expectant mother, her family, her spouse, her community.

            Yes, you see, we are able, like the ascended masters, to multiply our Presence many times over in answer to prayer throughout the Earth. And therefore we have done so during this forty-day vigil and saved many a child-to-be, happily nurturing those mothers with the support of those who stand firm in their pro-life activities. And we encourage you, each one, as you are able, to somehow get involved and to make a difference in this area of your lives. For, blessed ones, together we can erase this scourge and create a beautiful new world of light, harmony and beauty through that which the mothers themselves will bring forth in joy, through the children that they bear to the Earth and the conscious lives that they lead on behalf of all future generations, and even those now living upon the Earth.

            With hope for all and the ascension currents flowing, through the raising of the Mother light in this age and at this time of Earth’s history, I, Gabriel, support my own and those who speak truth into the teeth of the lie and thereby access all that is hallowed, all that is sanctified by the hand of Divine One and by the Word of the infinite Logos of light. I thank you.

1. The 40 Days for Life campaign is taking place from March 5 to April 13, 2014, in 253 communities across North America and around the world. In this pro-life effort, participants are engaging in prayer, fasting and peaceful vigils to end abortion.

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