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Peter Deunov Explains the Importance of the Canada Pilgrimage and How Initiates Can Fulfill Their Vows (video)

Peter Deunov Explains the Importance of the Canada Pilgrimage and How Initiates Can Fulfill Their Vows (video)
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Beloved Peter Deunov
David Christopher Lewis
March 16, 2014   11:45–11:58 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


Attend the Autumn Pilgrimage to Southeastern Canada

Gracious Hearts,

            I am the master Peter Deunov, and I come this day expressing my own take on light and life within this planetary home. You have seen the handwriting on the wall of what is taking place in many nations, including Ukraine and Russia. You have found examples in this time of what the Great White Brotherhood is moving you through in order to sustain the harmonic and spiritual balance of the Earth. It is a time, blessed ones, that a greater effort be made by certain devotees in order to accommodate the changes required, the transformational elements necessary to sustain the balance in all quarters.

            What are these requirements and changes, O Master, you now ask. Well, greater discipline is first. Greater God-consciousness is next, and greater commitment to a path of initiation, whereby you see the gradual and sustained activity within your world whereby you know with a certainty that you are victorious, that you, through consistency day by day, are making that progress which you pledged, which you vowed before incarnating that you would in order to fulfill your purpose within the greater context of the Great White Brotherhood’s plan.

            There is much of which I could speak, though my time is limited this day. Therefore, I would share with you in this hour the import of your Autumn Pilgrimage to southeastern Canada.¹ For you see, I have a number of devotees there that I will be contacting on the inner and the outer to become aware of your creative efforts, your movement of light. A few may choose to step out of the mold of their own current understanding in order to receive you, to be with you, to concourse and commune with you, utilizing the spiritual toolkits and sets that you have in order to accelerate their own path of light.

            Dearest ones, this coming Tuesday, in two short days, The Hearts Center leadership is prepared to share with you more details of this pilgrimage. It is essential that at least thirty-three attend and preferably a full seventy, including our staff and spokesperson. You see, dearest ones, for the light that we desire to anchor in that region of Canada, it is essential for a certain action to take place—an anointing, if you would, of the people of that region—for this is where much of the decision making is made for the entire nation of Canada within the houses of their Congress. And you will see in coming days, if your work is done and complete, as we hope, a certain shift for a greater level of freedom, exposure of truth, and a radiance of light to be perfused throughout both southeastern Canada and throughout all of the provinces of this great nation-state under Bonnie Blue, Heros and Amora, and the beloved Archangel Michael.

            You see, dearest ones, there is much that Canada herself will be engaged in in coming years to safeguard the light of freedom within North America, within the North. And therefore, it is most essential—even while the United States is undergoing various changes which we say are not conducive to the original plan of the Founding Fathers and the ascended masters, including Saint Germain and the Goddess of Liberty, who would infuse their light throughout this people—that a haven of light be sustained in the North by devotees of various communities, including your own, so that our greater plan for freedom and liberty, justice and equality can be maintained and completed in this cycle of Earth’s history.

            Those of you who have studied my message of the true path of the Christian mystic will come to understand the balance of Alpha and Omega within you, the necessity to raise the Mother light while simultaneously drawing forth the light of Spirit from the Father to the Earth, and, in the merging of these two cosmic principles and forces, the birth of the true Christic consciousness, the light eternal of the Logos, the Word, to manifest where you are.

            It is not as essential for many of you who have grown up in the Christian faith to learn every nuance of the Eastern paths as both my disciple, Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, and I have shared. There is enough divine truth within the Christian way for you to ascend to the highest heights of God-awareness, yet you must find the kernels and seeds of this eternal divine knowledge and wisdom in what the Master has shared and in what you may now glean and master of his teachings so that you, as a walking Christic being upon the Earth, may also shine forth that light to give birth to the new age that is now dawning.

            Study my prophecy. Become aware of the greater message that I provided tens of thousands within Bulgaria and which has been carried on by the master Omraam and now by many of you. As you engage daily in your sacred work, there we are overshining you, inspiring you and spiritually goading you to higher heights of God-consciousness and Solar awareness. As you involve yourselves in various divine projects and as you engage your hearts, minds and wills in a concerted effort to bring forth the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood into the public domain in greater measure, you will succeed, you will be victorious so long as you yourself sustain the action of light within your being through your daily disciplines and through a heart rich and replete in love.

            This focus of light in Montana is important for us. We revere each one of you and see and know you as essential to the outpicturing of God’s kingdom upon Earth. Thank you for your service, O intrepid ones, O creative hearts, O fiery beings of the Mother and of the Sun. We are one in the Spirit Most Holy. We are one in purity’s fire forevermore. Thank you.

1. Pilgrimage: An Autumn Equinox Sacred Journey with Saint Germain to Southeastern Canada, September 14–22, 2014. For more information, go to The Hearts Center website.

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