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Enoch Implores Us to Stand Firm With the Hosts of the Lord to Invoke and Anchor the Light in the Earth

Enoch Implores Us to Stand Firm With the Hosts of the Lord to Invoke and Anchor the Light in the Earth
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Beloved Enoch
David Christopher Lewis
March 5, 2014  10:15–10:29 am MST
Livingston, Montana

It Is Time That Prophecy Be Fulfilled in a Greater Measure

Reaffirm Your Commitment to the Truth

and to a New Unleashing of Light throughout the Earth

            I AM Enoch, and I come with Melchizedek and many of the ascended masters who originated the Great White Brotherhood eons ago for the salvation of Earth, for the support of the sons and daughters of God, for the victory of the light and, ultimately, for the ascension of every man, woman and child that God has sent to incarnate upon our Earth.

            Dearest ones, many of you know the story of the fall of angels, of their taking the daughters of men unto themselves and incarnating in flesh within the Earth.1 The legacy of this debauchery is continuing even to the present moment in an even greater manifestation of evil, darkness and nihilism. And so you see outpictured in many realms across the globe the effects of that original decision to rebel against the Lord God, the ways of light, the virtues of the throne-seat of the Almighty. And you witness, too, death and destruction as it is yet manifesting upon Earth within the Mater planes of temporal beingness.

            Enter the scene of the archangels and the hosts of the Lord as you know them, as you invoke them, and as the Lord God sends them to bring deliverance and an action of judgment—the justice of God manifest within the Earth. Blessed ones, when you invoke Archangel Michael and his hosts, there is an instantaneous answer and intercessory manifestation within the Earth, both where you are and where you direct them to enter with greater specificity through your invocations, prayers and heartfelt calls.

            It is time that prophecy be fulfilled in a greater measure. I recommend that you read the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation again to be aware of events unfolding within the Earth even as I speak and as the forces of darkness conglomerate and array themselves in order to usurp the power seat of the Divine within the Earth and to imprison the souls and the spirits of mankind if they are allowed by mankind’s freewill choice.

            Dearest ones, it is up to you to stand firm in your resolve and never to allow darkness to enter your world, your auras, your beings. The light of the Christ is sufficient for ye all. And Jesus and the priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek2 are here for you day after day for direct intercession in your lives and for that mediation that is required in this hour of Earth’s history for the fulfillment of God’s divine plan within the Earth and within your lives.

            Yes, you may behold the darkness even as you uphold the light. You are aware of the machinations of mechanization men even as you are simultaneously suffused with the spiritual glory of God through holding fast to the eyes, the heart, the mind, the strength and the beingness of your Lord and your God.

            Blessed ones, it is time to reaffirm your commitment to the truth and to a new unleashing of light throughout the Earth through the dynamism of the invocation of the sacred fire and of the release of light through your songs, praises, thanksgiving and divine givingness that flows through your hearts one with God. It is time for a new manifestation of divine glory to flow through our own, the saints robed in white3 in the Earth, whom we rely upon to be our voices, our hands and feet, our active ones calling forth the highest light and the judgment of the Nephilim and the godless.

            Though we agree with the tack that you have taken within this movement to be more Buddhic and enter the higher spheres and regions of light through non-dualism, yet, dearest ones, there are times when it is also required that you stand and deliver the sacred fire through your hands raised, beholding the armies of the Lord within the heavens and inviting them to seal you, your properties, your homes, your families and your nation in the divine light of God that always prevails. Yes, the hosts of the Lord are here this day. And Archangel Michael and his legions are very active across the globe at the behest of many lightbearers who yet worship the Lord God as one God4 and invoke the light through their prayers, offerings, sacrifices, fastings.

            On this first day of your Christian Lent, I come and implore you to in some way make greater sacrifices than you have considered as possible. For there is a point-counterpoint manifestation whereby that which you surrender is released as light and grace on the altars of the Almighty as a counterbalance to the darkness that is growing in certain regions upon the Earth. And as you give and as you pray with your entire being, putting yourself fully into everything that you do, the glory of God is manifest and the Divine shines forth through your lives an example, like Christ Jesus of Christic and Buddhic beingness.

            Dearest ones, Mighty Victory is also ready every moment to answer the calls of the righteous and those endowed with an immortal flame within their hearts who know, through the science of the spoken Word, the keys to invoke God through the name I AM THAT I AM, given unto Moses on the Mount thousands of years ago.5 It is time for the “I AM” teachings to be known throughout the Earth. And you, O soul, may be a part of this dynamism through a more active participation with us in this work of the ages Therefore, be intrepid, be emboldened—not by human might; only by the power of God that flows through you as a true son or daughter of the Most High.

            Thank you for your participation in the alchemies of God within the Earth today. Thank you for your consecration, your dedication, your willingness to be there in spirit and in form for God in this hour of Earth’s travail. You chose to incarnate at this time and during this season and cycle of Earth’s history and you knew the consequences of that decision. And we gave you the keys, even before you entered the portal of your mother’s womb, to deliver the spiritual goods unto the Earth for the victory of the light. Now use them and exemplify virtue, integrity and Solar awareness.

            I AM Enoch. I walked with God6 and I continue to walk with the Divine One in Spirit. And I invite you likewise to know, to cherish, to walk with and to love God with your entire being. Thank you, blessed hearts of fire.

1. The story of the fall of angels is told in the Book of Enoch, published along with the other Enoch texts in Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil: Why Church Fathers Suppressed the Book of Enoch and Its Startling Revelations (Summit Publications, Inc., 2000); originally published as The Forbidden Mysteries of Enoch: Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil (1983, 1992).
2. Psalm 110:4.
3. Revelation 7:9–17.
4. Deuteronomy 6:4; Mark 12:29; 1 Corinthians 8:6.
5. Exodus 3:14.
6. Revelation 5:22, 24.

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