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Lanello Invokes Light from the Central Sun to Shine Forth

Lanello Invokes Light from the Central Sun to Shine Forth
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Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
February 26, 2014¬†¬† 9:09‚Äď9:39 am MST
Livingston, Montana



Come to Terms with Your True Selfhood
and Know Yourselves Fully as Light

Your Work to Accomplish Our Joint Vision and Mission Is Essential: 
Collaboration Is the Order of the Day

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Light from the Great Central Sun, shine forth here! Shine forth within the hearts, minds and souls of all of God‚Äôs sons and daughters. Light from the Great Central Sun, blaze forth your radiance, your mercy, your love and all of the virtues of the Divine One within the lives and conscious beings of these your children, O Lord. Light from the Great Central Sun, ray forth through the very cells of their beings, at the deepest levels of their core reality, the essence of their spirits manifest in flesh. Light from the Great Central Sun, on this day that these celebrate the ascension of one son,¬Ļ¬†allow them to feel the progression of their souls, the infusion of light and the coil and radiance of the ascension fire within them.


            Precious ones, what can I share of the radiance that I know, which is union with the Source, except light? Therefore I have invoked it on your behalf, and my prayer this day is that each of you may come to terms with your true Selfhood and know yourselves fully as light.


            As you have engaged in the work of the ages, as you have allowed the Lord your God to live and breathe and move through you, you have come to understand the dynamics of Solar living and that which, thirty-three centuries ago and more, I understood with my beloved and which we attempted to inculcate within the culture of Egypt, in the lives of those whose mission was vouchsafed to us and to many divine beings incarnate upon Earth.²


            Blessed hearts, each of you is a ray of light. Each of you, foundational to the fulfillment of the greater mission of the Great White Brotherhood, stands upon Earth now in the full glory and divinity of your oneness with your Source, if you choose, in order to allow that ray who you are to be expressed at the highest and most effulgent level and radiance. We the ascended masters are here to assist you and to shine forth our light to complement all that you do upon Earth, even as we abide in heaven. And this tryst of our oneness, as Above, so below, is the formation of a greater community of light. And through the work that together we engage in, there may be a new Earth established, the Pure Land known again, an Eden fulfilled upon Earth once more.


            This has been our goal for eons, the reestablishment of the original matrix of that sacred garden of light that we left, unaware that our choices would result in so much suffering, pain and sorrow. Yet these times are nigh fulfilled for humanity of living outside of the oneness of the hallowed circle of God’s being. And therefore it is incumbent upon you to choose righteously and to live in that sacred space and radiance of godliness as examples of initiates and of what every man, woman and child may ultimately accept and become through their own oneness with their Source.


            You know these teachings; you have attempted to live them, apply them, become them. And I honor each of you this day for the grace that you carry and the light that you bear on behalf of the eternal ones. Dearest ones, the work that you are engaged in day by day through the offering of your hearts, your voices, your minds and your vision toward the accomplishment of our joint vision and mission is most essential.


            This day I see the Earth blessed with these light rays in certain areas and geographical locations that some of you will be traveling in in future days. And I use this occasion, the day before the onset of a new opportunity for our words to go forth across the airwaves,³ so that you may understand the importance of every opportunity to share your hearts.


            The Master Omraam and I will be there tangibly, along with Jesus, the Master Morya, Mary and the Great Divine Director, as sponsors of this Hearts Center movement, to capture souls for the light where the messenger walks and where you assist in any way possible. We will be there behind the scenes, guiding, guarding and directing, orchestrating with light that which will be outplayed and manifest through the delivery of the word. And we will be there when you walk and speak consciously, with hearts of fire, in love and with truth upon your tongues and manifest through your higher vision. We will be there, often manifesting the miraculous as you invoke it and allow it, the synchronistic as you accept it and behold it, the magical as you sense it and call it forth, and the mysterious as it emerges from the mind of God and the womb of the Cosmic Mother.


            Yes, blessed ones, we are here for you. We often alight in your midst and share the radiance that we bear, and yet some are as asleep, unaware; for they are too engaged in the not-so-subtle elements of living in your domain.


            Therefore rise in your awareness! Meditate with serenity upon the beautiful heart and mind of the One, and accept the delivery to you, within your soul and spirit, of the most precious aspects of God-consciousness and Solar awareness. Support the Master Morya El in his work to share his teachings on the aura divine with humanity.4 And become all that you know is essential to realize, for in this you will fulfill your dharma, your destiny in Deity.


            Clare de Lis steps forth now within her Solar Reality to support any who would make the leap to accept this dispensation and the work that we are engaged in now within the Earth through our initiates, our disciples of light. We will appear tangibly to some and in dreams and visions to others, inviting them to participate in your endeavors, projects and initiatives in ways that will unfold majestically in future months and years. Your support of one another is essential. Your understanding of each one’s place and each one’s talents and gifts proves that you know the meaning of community, harmony and oneness.


            Collaboration, cooperation, is the order of the day, for one cannot fulfill an entire mission working alone. It requires a strong witness of many eyes. It requires many hands rowing together, and not separately, for the ship to reach the shores of destiny and glory. It requires the captain and the crew. It requires the vision, enumerated and held to, for the victory of light and for each one who is a part of that greater mission to fulfill his or her dharma within the whole.


            Some have attempted separately to inaugurate or instigate various measures that they see as essential to move our mission forward. And yet, dearest ones, in virtually each and every case, without collaboration and understanding of the dynamics of community, communion and oneness, many have lost their way, abiding within their own egoic sense of what is just or unjust, right or wrong. The greater way is always to submit to the holy will, wisdom and love of the Divine, as the teacher and as the divine Guru exhibit and demonstrate it lovingly. And it is never our way to control in the human sense, only to model and to be the divine example of purity, humility, harmony and peace.


            Some have thought that their way was the best or only way. And, like Sinatra, they have gone their way to the detriment of their own souls. Understand that many of you are at the crossroads of your potential victory over the lesser self; and learning to be obedient is key at the juncture of the Y, where you may either float or fly. We suggest the latter, blessed ones. For from the perspective of the Sun, rather than abiding upon the waters of samsara, you may know the higher way and walk with the Lord of Life.


¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† We bless you and bestow the grace of the Holy Spirit this day. And you may claim the new mantle of light that we provide to the Solar ones who are ascending in spirit to behold God face to face in purity, in joy and in love. God bless you and keep you ever in the light and the radiance of the Lord. Your Lanello, I remain; your friend and spiritual compatriot, I am‚ÄĒall ways.



1. The messenger for the Great White Brotherhood Mark L. Prophet ascended on February 26, 1973, and is now known as the ascended master Lanello.
2. Lanello was embodied as Pharaoh Ikhnaton in Egypt with his twin flame, Nefertiti, an embodiment of Elizabeth Clare Prophet, now the ascended lady master Clare de Lis.
3. On February 27, the messenger, David Christopher Lewis, appeared on radio on The Dr. Pat Show.
4. See Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance, published by Meru Press, September 2013.

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