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Archangel Gabriel Emanates the Light of Hope within Our Hearts and Souls

Archangel Gabriel Emanates the Light of Hope within Our Hearts and Souls
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Beloved Archangel Gabriel
David Christopher Lewis
February 13, 2014   8:52–9:04 am MST
San Diego, California



Staying Connected with Your Source Is Key to Maintaining Hope

Utilize the Gifts of the Spirit that You Have within the
Core of Your Identity

            I AM Gabriel, and this day I emanate the light of hope throughout America and within your heart and soul. For in this hour, the light of hope is sufficient unto thee, O soul, to manifest all that is essential for your victory and ascension in the light. Many have lost hope, for they have seen the handwriting on the wall, portents and omens of destruction, dire calamities and that which, if embodied within the mind and heart, creates a disconnect from the Source of all that is pure, holy, benevolent and sublime.


            Therefore, blessed ones, in this hour, so near to the coming of the blessed Archangel Michael in your midst, I too am here with legions of the fourth ray to declare and to blaze forth into the Earth the light of Cosmic Christ and Buddhic hope. For when you reach up into and access the light of your Source, of your true Spirit of oneness, there is always hope, no matter what is occurring in the midst of your lifestream and your interactions with others and with the world at large.


            Hope creates a portal for joy, for buoyancy, for cosmic expectancy, blessed ones. Often when I come to announce the birth of the Christic light within the womb of mothers throughout the Earth, Hope assists me in imbedding, within the seed-ideation of the soul aborning in time and space, a cosmic presence, a seed of light, of purity and hope so that that soul may outpicture in its coursing through life the ideal, the goal, the winsome spirit that is essential for the fulfillment of its destiny and cosmic purpose. Even in your elder years, it is essential that you retain this seed of hope within you, especially within your heart and mind, and never let go of your connection with God, your trusting in heaven’s way, affirming each day as you rise with the sun that this day will be one of joy, of love and of holy purpose.


            Yes, blessed ones, for some of you, at the dawn hour you may even hear, through a sensitivity of your soul, the subtle emanations of cosmic sound and light waves of peace, of presence, of purpose within the sun’s etherealizing rays of Solar joy. And as you pick up on these through your meditation practice, through your time of stillness and silence, there is brought to you and to the Earth through you the light of the fourth ray, even of the ascension fire that we declare, that we aver every moment of every day throughout time and space.


            Staying connected with your Source is key to maintaining hope for a bright and cheery future, for a new day of blessedness, of grace whereby you may embody the virtues of God and aspects of God’s consciousness right through your own awareness, one with your mighty I AM God Presence of all light.


            Yes, blessed ones, we now fan the fire of hope and of this cosmic level of Solar expectancy throughout Southern California and throughout the greater portion of the Earth, where devotees in this hour, through their lives lived in oneness with God, through their hearts upturned to their Source, are attempting to embody the allness of their Presence through their various spiritual practices. And no matter what organization, movement or religion one is involved in, no matter what guru or divine teacher one follows, when there is that sacred space of light within the heart that is nurtured each day in some way, even as a babe of light within the soul, then, dearest ones, we are there. The archangelic presences find their way unto your own higher being and its eternal essence, and there is the shining forth of these rays of hope that bring newness, freshness and God-buoyancy to all life.


            Be joyous this day in eternalizing and materializing within your world these God-essences that we bring and shower upon you. Why, dearest ones, it is altogether appropriate that you call those celebrations of women’s upcoming marriages and of the impending births of their new children “showers.” For you see, we often come to these showers with our presents of divine light and shower, especially upon the new bride or the expectant mother, light rays, cosmic quintessence that will support their marriage vows and the life that is vouchsafed unto them, living within their womb and soon to be born in the flesh into the world at large. And through these essences of light that Hope and many of her supporting angels shower upon these lifestreams, there is an empowerment, a protection and seeds of divine direction for their life course and for their mighty mission to be fulfilled. Therefore invite us to every shower that you hear of, for we will be there with a greater action of light, declaring God’s allies, God’s Presence, God’s beauty within the beings that we attend and that you celebrate, cherish and support.


            This is my message this day. Utilize the gifts of the Spirit that you all have within the core of your identity. Allow them to bloom and grow, to mature, to flourish, to flower and to provide new seeds of light for everyone whose lives you touch with love, peace, faith, hope, charity, wisdom and the seventh-ray action of cosmic alchemical joy and through your service on the sixth ray of ministration and peace.


            Yes, dearest ones, the Mothers of heaven, the archeiai of the seven rays and the angelic hosts of light that we lead are with you whenever you sing and pray and invite heaven to be with you. Thank you for allowing this message to be yours through the open portal of your hearts which are rich in the Spirit on this sacred day before the coming of the holy Valentine of love and the gifts of the Holy Spirit as you celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow.


            Blessings, O holy brothers and sisters of light, upon the Earth and good day to you all.


Note:  This HeartStream was received while traveling in the car of a devotee on a busy freeway on the way to an appointment.

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  • I am so grateful that the heavenly hosts keep encouraging us each and every day to stay connected to our God-Source! It is so simple yet we tend to slip in and out of that oneness with God, so as we continue to focus on each chakra and the ray of light it brings to us, we are renewed and strengthen and that is the Hope that we have to rely on each moment of each day, thank you for increasing the hope and joy of love in my heart and soul and I am able to share it with everyone in my life!
    2/13/2014 11:45:58 PM
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