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Archangel Michael Receives a Dispensation to Neutralize Chemtrails

Archangel Michael Receives a Dispensation to Neutralize Chemtrails
Listen 12 min

Beloved Archangel Michael
David Christopher Lewis
February 11, 2014   8:35–8:47 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


The Judgment Is Called Forth upon the Dark Ones
Who Have Fomented Destruction and Disease through Chemtrails

A Dome of Protection Is Established
within the Etheric and Mental Planes of the Earth

            As your Archangel Michael, I am come this day with a dispensation from the Lord of Life, the Lord God of Hosts, to whom you have called for intercession. And this dispensation is that if you sing and pray each day to me, giving your calls, your fiats, your invocations with the fullness of your heart and ask that my legions soar through the heavens, we will intercede in regard to the diabolical manifestation known as chemtrailing that you have seen in the heavens, blessed ones.


            Truly, the powers of man are no match for the powers of God when his legions of light answer the call of mankind. And miracles ensue, the majesty of God is manifest and the mysterious, the monumental become manifest because God is greater than all darkness that you see upon Earth, dearest ones. The light of the Great Central Sun has the ability to consume anything less than the perfected matrix of perfect beingness and that which the Source emitted in that original song of the Spirit, “Let there be light!”¹

            Therefore, when you call for the consuming, by the power of Archangel Michael and my legions, of the negativity manifest through chemtrails, a legion of my angels will soar directly behind each of those jets that has been thrust into the skies at the behest of the dark ones to foment destruction and annihilation and disease upon mankind, as a man-made plague of sorts, in recent years. And by the power vested in the miracle light of God that we wield, we will absorb, we will contain, we will transmute, by the action of light, the harmful chemicals and atoms that many of you are aware of that are being released into Earth’s atmosphere.


            The call compels the answer! Heaven answers this day, for many of you have expressed your concern. You have shared the evidence that has been revealed, which the dark ones have not desired mankind to know. And thus there is an answer to this dilemma, and it is through God-light and the action of the blue ray accelerated to an extreme level of perfection in the eternal light of God. For this, dearest ones, is the only answer to this devilish manifestation of darkness.


            In past ages, long ago, black magicians and necromancers created all manner of ill-formed imagery and diabolical substances meant to destroy the God-DNA, the chromosomal genes within the sons and daughters of God, to distort their reality and to control them into submission through a form of human slavery. No more have they any power over the sons and daughters of God who, through the I AM name, proclaim and offer their songs of praise, their words of prayer—holiness unto the Lord—by which and through which divine absolution occurs! For the graciousness of God, the mercy of the Lord is great to the elect, those clothed in white who have beheld the Lamb, slain by the powers of darkness. And that blood, as the light of transmutation, is shed this day within the sky and the atmosphere for the consuming of this manifestation of the energy veil, evil, across the Earth.


            Concurrently now, the Four and Twenty Elders, at the seat of authority of God-government on Sirius, announce the judgment upon those responsible in the Earth for this diabolical manifestation! The life force vouchsafed to these who have misused science, technology and aerodynamics is now, in the Earth, on this day, fulfilled through this action of judgment! The power is withdrawn from them that they have wielded at a certain level of awareness through their freewill experience, and the breath of life within their soul is removed by the Holy Spirit. And though some may continue to live within the Earth for a time, times, and half a time,² yet the action is complete in the etheric plane.


            K-17, with Cyclopea, steps forward with the evidence of this plot and strategy of darkness. And thus the Lord has spoken; the sword has descended! And again, a shield of light, a dome of protection is established within the etheric and mental planes of the Earth for you all. And it is now your responsibility to call it forth fully into manifestation within the emotional and the physical planes by your daily prayers, calls and fiats.


            Yes, the Lord God says unto some: “Thus far and no farther! You may not manipulate the substance within the Earth or engage in the dark deeds of nihilism, of death, destruction and infamy.” And therefore this action, by your prayers this day, is accomplished.


            I AM Archangel Michael! I stand with the hosts of the Lord within the atmosphere of the Earth. We wield our swords of the Spirit, and we defend the Woman and her seed—the seed of light throughout Terra. Amen, amen, amen.


1. Genesis 1:3.
2. Daniel 12:7.

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