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Paul the Venetian: I Am Here for You to Learn of Love’s New Modes and Opportunities of Expression

Paul the Venetian: I Am Here for You to Learn of Love’s New Modes and Opportunities of Expression
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Beloved Paul the Venetian
David Christopher Lewis
February 1, 2014   8:06–8:22 pm CST
Hopkins, Minnesota


As an Alchemist of Love, There Are Many Ways
to Expand the Cosmos through the Offerings of Your Heart

Practice the Science of Perfect Visionary Love


            O, how beautiful is the heart of God. O, how majestic is that love which permeates the cosmos from the center of All-That-Is, which is the eternal heartbeat of beingness in the Great Central Sun. And, O, how wondrous is your heart, precious one, one with God’s heart in your essence. Your heart is sacred to God, just as your being, created in the image and likeness of the One, has the same star-fire substance that is within that eternal heart.


            If you would truly consider this eternal truth and know your oneness in this higher sense of being, you will lack nothing. You will have all that you require. Nothing will stand in the way of you living your life to the fullest and experiencing the most harmonious, pleasant, gracious and wonderful life that you may upon Earth. Each day will be empowered and enfired by love.


            Each moment lived through the sacred portal of holiness from within your heart expands awareness, consciousness and the all-possibilities that love portends and shares. A virtuous life becomes normal and natural for you, and there is light within everything that occurs—within your breath, your heartbeat, your thought processes and your intuitive feelings. Yea, your life becomes an art form of the highest order, of the Divine One, who lives through you—God literally loves through you.


            Imagine this new life, which you can choose to experience, that now becomes magical and mystical in the highest way. Why, as an alchemist of love, there are so many ways that you now find to expand the cosmos through the offerings of your heart. As an artisan of Spirit, love is on your tongue; love is penned through your writing, typed upon your keyboard, strung upon many thoughts of higher awareness and strummed upon the lines of the lute and the chords and the strings of your heart.


            O precious ones, how great is love eternal as I have known it and as I would share it through mystical teachings, through inner awakenings, through the Holy Spirit’s fiery breath of life. As your chohan, your lord of love, I am here for you always to learn of love’s new modes and opportunities of expression. I am available for inspiration to the scientists and artists, writers and creatives among you, and I count you all in this fold of shepherds of light.


            Yes, blessed ones, you emanate love through so many ways already in your virtuous lives. And yet there are so many more wonderful opportunities to know heavenly love beyond what you have felt and experienced if you would soar with the legions of love, the angels of amour, the beings who ensoul the cosmos with God-love.


            Why, many of you are embodied angels of love and healing, and you have come to Earth to expand the love-fires of Sanat Kumara and Venus, to recreate this Earth as a planet of love in the way that you, personally, have been called to express it. I see those expressions through your prayers, your virtuous feelings, your laughter and your Holy Spirit realizations. And I, with the angels of love and the masters of compassion, always attempt to augment and to expand these greater God Self-realizations of love in some way by the subtle gradations of our anointings and mystical musings upon you as a God being; our inspirations of higher awareness; and simply, at times, our goadings to be more kind, understanding and loving to one another and even to your perceived enemies or those whom in the past you called the fallen ones.


            Dearest ones, all are of God, birthed by the Divine Mother, sent forth by the Father to experience life. When you conceive of another as God conceives of that one, as perfect, as pure, as inviolate in light, then it is so from the framework of your own immaculate conception of that one. This raises that one, and so love is present within the science of beingness, of absolute bodhicitta. Therefore practice, if at times you feel less than loving, the science of perfect visionary love. For in this you raise all and yourself in the process.


            Gracious God ones, as an artist I painted many scenes to inspire the beholder through color and form, texture and divine design, allowing the eye to perceive something noble, allowing the spirit to soar, the heart to feel, the perception to go beyond the limited and the banal. I am continuing to co-create, within my retreat and in various councils of the Brotherhood, images of God-splendor, tapestries of light, thought forms of beauty and images of perfection, which you may access within a greater portfolio of the Spirit as you architect¹ the new you in love for the new Earth that together we are co-creating.


            Yes, when you allow virtue to soar, to sing and to inspire others by your holy example of a life lived to the glory of God, magnifying the Lord in all things that you lovingly perform and engage in, your life truly becomes a Christlike one, a Buddhic one, one which many will remember and honor as representative of a saint, a prophet, a seer, a healer, a true artist, composer or musician. In this, dearest ones, you fulfill your destiny—the destiny of oneness with the heart of God through love—and in this you access the eternal heart streams and heart stream of the Source.


           I am for the Earth a source of love. Drink me while I am drinking thee, through love, and in the process know God’s heart—know God’s eternal love within. I thank you.

1. The master consciously and creatively uses the word "architect" here as a verb to denote "design" in a fuller and richer sense.

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