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El Morya Propels Us into a New Dimensional Experience of Oneness with God’s Will

El Morya Propels Us into a New Dimensional Experience of Oneness with God’s Will
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Beloved El Morya
David Christopher Lewis
February 1, 2014   7:19–7:31 pm CST
Hopkins, Minnesota

I Am a Master of Healing

If You Would Be Whole, Realign Yourself with the First Ray of the Dawn

Blessed Ones,


           You are precious to God, and it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom¹ and all within that kingdom that is essential for you to experience divine happiness, joy, prosperity and to live the abundant life of Spirit through love.


            In your youth and even in your adulthood you have seen and read fairy tales and epic stories of chivalry and of that which, at a certain level of awareness in a certain dimension of life, exists both in the imagination of an author and in the reality of beingness. For having been conceived by one, it is so within the greater kingdom of the collective awareness of God’s energy field within the cosmos.


            Thus, dearest ones, with this one premise in mind, that it is God’s great desire for you to experience the highest realities of light within the Holy City, you should expect intercession, overshining radiance of angels and master presences within your life. You should expect even the miraculous and perceive—with ascended master eyes, vision and the heart fires that we bear—that which some see as fairy tale in concept as yet possible for realization through the eye-magic and alchemy of the Spirit.


            You see, I have been invested in the accomplishment of God’s will in so many realms and domains through the lives of the virtuous ones and those whom we would draw into a greater awareness of God’s Presence within your world. And yet some somehow do not think of themselves as worthy or available for the intercessory powers of the first ray of God’s will within their lives. And so there is a diminishing of that which could be for them because of a false sense of humility or that which has suppressed them, depressed them in this and past lives through the work of the ignoble ones.


            Well, dearest ones, it is time for you to rise in your awareness to perceive yourself as truly a God being in the full stature of your true essence, your Solar awareness. And in this you can imagine not a vain thing,² but an awesome realization of your true divine destiny. Therefore I come as your holy brother and as a benefactor in so many ways to propel you into a new dimensional experience of oneness with that first ray of God’s holy will within your life.


            This night I am here to also share with you on the subject that I am also a master of healing. “Why,” you say, “El Morya, how does healing relate to the first ray?” Well, dearest ones, when you are in alignment with that first ray of the dawn, all is well, all is purposeful, all is God-determined in the cosmic sense of Self-righteousness within the epic and beautiful matrix of the diamond-shining mind and will of God. Nothing can withstand the power of cosmic intention of this diamond energy field. It simply wipes clean the past and clears you of that which assails your soul, your spirit, your health and your integrity.


            Yes, blessed ones, if you would be whole in the highest sense, realign yourself with the first ray of the dawn, the sun itself, the giver of life, the bestower of all the essentials of your beingness. And when your own Solar Presence, accessed by your own willing spirit, is felt, seen and experienced as one with the Great Central Sun, then nothing will stand between you and the non shadowed life of this causality of perfection who is God, the Source, the All.


            Yes, blessed ones, if you seek change and a new dynamic of a life of fulfillment, commune with me and other masters of the first ray—the Great Divine Director, Hercules, Archangel Michael, Himalaya—if you would. See beyond the veil of human imperfection to access that which is always of purest light. And in this, you will know your True Self. In this, you will feel your True Self. In this, you will cognize and touch the very garment of God, as God may be known within your threefold flame, one with the eternal flame.


            As you have called forth the light, the first ray now goes forth throughout the Twin Cities to illumine the wills of those in these environs with a new true-blue energy of oneness with the Source. Those who lack purpose, those who lack determination are impelled to reach in and up in Spirit to a new opportunity within a higher level of existence than they had heretofore accessed.


            Your virtuous lives, dearest ones, have made the difference in this opportunity to reach these souls. And therefore we the chohans applaud you for your constancy, for your givingness and for that which beats your heart, which you feel as the impulses from your own God Presence and Solar Source.


            When you, personally, are living in the integrity of who you are as a God Self-realized one, you do make the difference for thousands and more in the great cities in which you live, and there is the flow and the flowering of grace that bestows healing, wholeness and integrity in your cities. You know these truths. You have read about them; you have intuited them. And yet at times you forget just how meaningful you are to life through the godliness, the holiness that you bear within your breast.


            Thank you, blessed ones, for this service to the light. I AM Morya El. I am real, and I impress a new reality into these spheres of beingness for the resurrection of the Twin Cities, of the heart of America, of America in toto, and of your planet, by the grace of God. Thank you.




1. Luke 12:32.

2. Psalms 2:1


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