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Ruth Farnum Speaks on the Humble and Holy Work of Devotees of Light

Ruth Farnum Speaks on the Humble and Holy Work of Devotees of Light

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Beloved Ruth Farnum
David Christopher Lewis
January 31, 2014 8:59–9:20 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Your Work as Humble Servitors of the One God Is Essential
to the Ongoingness of the Spiritual Life of Planet Earth

Pray for the Success of David’s Appearances on
The Dr. Pat Show

Blessed and Holy Ones,

I come this day to radiate the light of the Presence of God within and around the Earth and within and around you as an arbiter of the divine destiny of this sacred planet of light, this home that you call Mother Earth. Having recently ascended into the octaves of light, I bring to your heart and mind this day a remembrance of your own holy purpose to be a lightworker, one who shares with humanity each day, in some humble and yet profound way, the effulgence of the talents, gifts and graces vouchsafed to you from and through your Divine Presence.

Often the lightbearers of Earth, as the humble servitors of the One God, do not desire human approbation or to be thought well of by humanity in the wider societal sense. For they prefer to focus, through their inner lives, on the light, on God and on the virtues of the Almighty that they are constantly in the dynamic adventure of incorporating, mastering, facilitating and expressing within their lives, often unknown by civilization as a whole. For this work is done in secret within the heart and beheld often only by the eyes of the angels and the Great Silent Watchers.

Dearest ones, your work is essential to the ongoingness of the spiritual life of planet Earth. What you do each day truly matters in the greater context of the evolution of souls, of their Solar journey back to the Source of all life, oneness with their Presence, unity with the All-in-all. And though you may never receive the outer applause of mankind—as do those portrayed in the media, those they call the stars—yet to us, blessed ones, you are the true stars of light shining upon Earth, who focus from within your hearts, minds and spirits diadems of sacred-fire light. You are the ones called to, who have answered the divine voice and who are there to support the saints above that you know as the Great White Brotherhood. Yes, in your work there is the sacred dynamic of the expansion of light itself in so many domains and realms that if you could truly behold it as we do, you would be re-inspired, reinvigorated, re-enlightened, reminded of your sacred and holy calling to be love, light and virtue.

I AM Ruth Farnum. My beloved has called to me often. And I am there within the heart, within the life of anyone humble in nature who simply desires to be love, who simply desires to serve, to be one whom God can count on to pray, to meditate and often to simply be silent and partake of the great essences of the Source that flow through the sun and the Sun Presence of that one’s own Higher Selfhood in God.

Yes, blessed ones, it is those who are willing to do the simple and humble tasks of life each day with great reverence, with a sense of holiness and inner peace who truly are the ones who are co-creating the new Earth that each of you, so graciously and with great desire, hopes to see manifest upon Earth. You see, it is through gentleness and through those sacred acts, unseen by many and yet felt by elemental and angelic life, that the victory is won daily, dearest ones. Therefore maintain your presence as you go about your daily life. Retain a portion of that which is your inner communion with God as you fulfill your outer obligations and earn your living through your work, and communicate in the gentleness of this inner life with us, with your own God Presence and with the divine spirits who will guide, guard and direct you in all things.

We have arranged for David to travel to the Twin Cities, representing Alpha and Omega, to help anchor greater light in these environs for a new wave of God Presence to flow, for a new fount of God-blessedness to manifest and for many to be quickened, awakened unto the eternal truths that are to be promulgated through this activity of light, which Lanello and Guru Ma envisioned as possible, as realizable through the hearts of advanced devotees who would work the works of God and put first things first in attaining to that which the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of the White Light desires to fulfill upon Earth.

Gracious ones, the dynamism of the release of light is tangible through this activity for those whose eyes are open, whose minds also can accept new revelation and, especially, whose hearts, pristine and clear, are available to God to inspire, to motivate and to accelerate in divine love. Thank you for your sacred service, in a number of ways, daily. You are truly co-creating a beautiful, a majestic, a divine world upon Earth through your songs, your prayers, your dynamic decrees, your devotion and adoration to the One. Seen from a higher perspective, known from this objective super-reality of light in the abundant realms of Spirit, we behold the grace of God as it flows through the humble and holy ones. And in this, all is fulfilled in time and space as well as in the timeless and spaceless realms of the Pure Land of the Buddhas.

Gracious and divine ones, the seven chohans are coming, and if you could see the cosmic array of divine light that they are ready to both represent and to emanate through their sacred missives, soon to be released on the morrow, you would partake of this communion of the saints. For the chohans are God-men and women who have aligned themselves with the rainbow Solar rays—co-creators with the Sun as they focus divine energy within planet Earth.

Listen to them; be obedient to the inner voice that resonates with their message; and communicate as you would, as you would dare, with heaven no matter what others may think of you or the activities that you so engage in. For you see, when you are in tune with these holy ones of God, the dynamism of your accelerated life manifests in power, wisdom and love in balance and there is a cosmic interplay such that the majestic choirs of heaven also support your work with these guardian guides, spirits of the Universal Brotherhood.

Blessed ones, I am calling you to a higher life this day. I am calling you to sup with the divine ones through this activity, this community and movement of light of The Hearts Center. I am calling you to self-realize your true divine nature through ways and means that we offer, facilitated by divine hands and hearts and minds overshining you, blessing you and gently coercing you, if you choose, to know truly who you are as co-creators in the highest and most noble sense.

Now there is through your devotions this day a penetration deep into the earth of cosmic rays from Helios and Vesta, through the God and Goddess Meru, to support your mission and that which will soon manifest through David’s appearances on The Dr. Pat Show on radio. Pray for the success of this endeavor, dearest ones; and I ask that that prayer, consciously co-created, be sent this day to the Knights and Ladies who support this mission. For this is possibly one of the most dynamic opportunities that you will have in this time to reach tens of thousands of souls. And therefore your message must be clear, concise, radiant and rich in your Spirit and our Spirit, as one.

I have prepared for this day, my first HeartStream, within a greater context of light for quite some time, tutored by Lanello and Clare de Lis and other beloveds of my heart, including Jesus the Christ and Mary, his mother. I am grateful for your hearts of fire, your willingness to be mercy at all costs and the inner desire of God within your hearts to propel you into the divine worlds of cosmic harmony and blessedness.

As your Ruth, I am there when you open the mail, process the orders and donations, register heartfriends for events, graciously and lovingly give them their name tags and do those things that represent the communion of this community of light, hearts on fire for God.

Thank you, each one, for your service, your selflessness, your surrender, your sacrifice and your serenity. Blessings, grace, love always.

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