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Lady Edelweiss Shares the Results of Our Songfest and Blesses Us

Lady Edelweiss Shares the Results of Our Songfest and Blesses Us
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Beloved Lady Edelweiss
David Christopher Lewis
January 21, 2014   9:18-9:28 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


Entering into a New Oneness with Your Source through the Music of the Spheres

           I, Lady Edelweiss, stand in your midst, with Mother on my right, Lanello on my left. We have been with you this morning, orchestrating the light in the heaven world as you have sung to the Elohim and the archangels and archeiai. And there has been a great delivery to the Earth itself of heavenly fire as you, through God-desire from within your heart, have aspired to enter into a new oneness with your Source through the music of the spheres, through the turning of worlds, through the resonance and the harmony of symphonies of light.

           Yes, the angels have sung and many choirs have circled the Earth, blessing you, each one, and every lifestream that is dear to the Mother’s heart. For she has caressed them and brought them unto her bosom for a greater and more tender manifestation of comfort, of care and of cosmic solicitude.

            When you play this music, dearest ones, and we encourage you to do so often, there is recreated within the Earth’s atmosphere, and extended deep unto her core, God-essences and the new realities of cosmic light that the Elohim and the archangels suffuse into and around the Earth and you for a rebirth of Spirit in this hour, in this moment of cosmic time and cosmic space. Yes, you have entered into a new causality by communing with the First Cause, the Source of all that is, through this creation ritual and that which God’s servitors, the angels, have brought unto mankind through many voices raised in supplication and in adoration of the One, through the servant sons and daughters—the archangels and archeiai.

            Now you have glimpsed something of that which I saw, felt and heard when I was privileged to receive, as dictation from on high, the melodies, the musical tonalities and the sacred words through which light and divine glory could be brought to mankind. This music is for all lightbearers of all dispensations, all cultures and all times. As you sing with the angels, I am there smiling, and many starry beings also shine forth their light unto and through you, through your heart’s fire and through your God-desire.

            Now, blessed ones, as you close the service within the aura of victory, let your victory be now. Let your heart show the way, and let your mind be at peace with your heart as you envision and precipitate the glory of God within this world—yea, upon our blessed Earth.

            Thank you, David, for your sacrifice, for your willingness to step forward and be our spokesperson, our friend upon Earth, one who has ever loved the Mother and therefore one whom the Mother has trained for many years on the inner, and thereby graced and blessed all through God’s voice manifest through your HeartStreams.

            Salutations to my friends within this and all movements of light.

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