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The Violet Flame Masters Come to Clean up the Earth and Our Atlantean and Lemurian Karma

The Violet Flame Masters Come to Clean up the Earth and Our Atlantean and Lemurian Karma
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Beloved Arcturus on Behalf of Numerous Violet Ray Masters
David Christopher Lewis
January 7, 2014  
8:53-9:07 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Wielding Ampules of Cosmic Violet Ray Energy, Elohim Arcturus and Victoria
Come to Surround Earth and the Pacific Fire Ring in Answer to Our Fiery Calls
Sacred Fire Blazes! through the Pacific Ocean and the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant
And the Records of the Downfall of Atlantis and Lemuria


Beloved Ones,

             In answer to your calls this day, we the Elohim Arcturus and Victoria, we Omri-Tas, we Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, we Saint Germain and Portia, we Melchizedek and we the Hierarchs of the Elementals all stand now surrounding planet Earth and especially the Pacific Fire Ring to work this alchemy that you have called forth. Blaze the violet fire through! Blaze the violet fire through! Blaze the violet fire through by an action of Elohimic light, angelic light and Chohanic light. Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! And release ampoules of cosmic violet ray energy now into the Pacific Ocean, into the Fukushima plant, into the records of the downfall of Atlantis and Lemuria!

             Burn through these records now, O Keeper of the Scrolls, recording angels! Blot out from the Book of Life that karma made by those within this activity that the great Law allows to be consumed!
Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through!

Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through!
Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through!
Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through!

             Now, beloved Alpha and Omega themselves step forth from the Great Central Sun to lend the momentum of their hearts' fire to planet Earth for this action to continue throughout a 72-hour time period as you know it upon Earth. And dearest ones, we suggest that you continue this momentum initiated by the messenger and our son of God, beloved Boyd, and those of you who participated this morning, for as many hours as is possible for those of you who have that free time.

             And therefore, let a replay of this service manifest as you are able to during this cycle for the re-enactment of this action. For you see, certain karmas are coming due upon Earth in order that the dark ones may not have their day in destroying civilization as you know it. And simultaneously, great beings of light now reside within the atmosphere of the Earth to initiate certain cycles of light so that all is in place for the Great Divine Director and his beloved, so that the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius may emerge and ensue according to cosmic cycles. Therefore we have our cosmic lieutenants of light in place now in certain positions across the Earth. And the Master K-17, with Cyclopea and Virginia, will continue to expose the nefarious activities of those who are up to no good on planet Earth and would enslave both your soul and your physical body temple, your mind and your will in a matrix of dark and dire energy, not of Spirit, but of the the not-self.

             Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now by the power of the will, wisdom and love of the Almighty and the threefold flame in the Great Central Sun. There is an extension of light and opportunity through that which you have called forth now this day for the victory of the light within your domain, O mankind. Therefore, use the spiritual tools have been given to you to co-create a new and blessed and beautiful and divine edenic world, as that which the Lord God created through the Elohim eons ago, and recreated again and again and again daily in your mind’s eye, so that never more will Earth accept less than the perfection that the Lord God has vouchsafed to this Earth and all evolutions living here.

             Now, dearest ones, an angel of mercy comes forth, assigned to each of you. This is in answer to your Karmic Board letters. And this angel, by God’s grace, will be with you twenty-four/seven in answer to a simple call that you can make daily:

"O Angel of Mercy, be with me throughout this day, 
so that through my heart, love, compassion, kindness and mercy may flow to all life. 
Let an increased action of the violet light go forth through my heart and soul 
to raise the Earth in sacred fire and to bring love into play in all realms upon Earth."

             Simple, yet not so simple, you say. Yet, dearest ones, the Lord God hears your prayers, your inner desires, the impressions of your heart and soul. And therefore, this angel will assist you in manifesting and bringing forth the alchemies and the precipitative actions that you have desired for this year 2014.

              For what is required upon Earth is mercy in this hour. And as we have called it forth, the Lady Kuan Yin also stands upon the Pacific Ocean herself. She multiplies herself a million times a million times a million, and surfs upon the waves and delivers her rays of mercy into the waters, unto elemental life that has been so affected by this disaster in Japan.

             Every prayer that you utter, every call that you give is heard, I say. Let your prayers and calls, fiats, invocations and songs of praise and thanksgiving continue day and night, O beloved ones, for the righteous in heaven are with you. And those robed in white encircle you now, lending the fire of their momentums, devotion to the Almighty, providing for you great impetuses of joy, radiance and hope, so that you may never despair based on what you see and perceive is occurring upon Earth, so that you may hold your head high, look into the heavens and see the true solar realities that await you as holy ones of God.

             Behold the Kingdom of God come upon Earth, called forth by the son of God, Jesus, and you in your Lord’s Prayer utterances. If you believe in the words that you speak, then expect them to be answered and realized. This is the key to your victory, blessed ones. Now, we expand your threefold flames in this hour to a new level, so that you may bear what is coming upon Earth with understanding, with compassion, with foreknowledge.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Though ten thousand fall at your right hand and ten thousand are smitten at your left, it shall not come nigh thee¬Ļ when you are empowered, secured and sealed in the protective fires of the Holy Spirit, the archangels and the hosts of the Lord.

             Expect miracles! Believe in those eternal truths that you have studied and known since your first incarnation upon Earth. And be victorious in all things through the ray of light from and of your Solar Source. We are the masters of the violet fire. We have come and we sing in joy of victory now with you, dearest ones. Thank you.

1.  Psalm 91

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