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Gautama Buddha's 2014 New Year Thoughtform

Gautama Buddha's 2014 New Year Thoughtform

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Beloved Gautama Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
December 31, 2013   11:54 pm-12:13 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart, Livingston, Montana

Thoughtform for the Year 2014


Your Own Personal Jewel Tree Within

The Eternal Now of the Light of Your Presence

 Gracious Ones,

           In the peace of the Presence, your Presence, the Presence of the divine, the Presence of all that is of the One light—I come. And in this hour of Earth’s travail I am here as the Lord of the World for each of you to meditate with, to attune to and to receive from directly—instruction, understanding and the radiance of my heart for the fulfillment of the glory of God and the way of the Spirit within you. At times, blessed ones, life may seem difficult with all of the challenges, the initiations, and that which you bear within your bodies, your souls, the sacred temples of light that house your essence.

           Yet, if you can transcend through divine thought, through no-thought from the human level, the state of incarnate desire—moving into those desireless and fragrant and sacred lands of light in which the Buddhas reside—you can at least begin to feel what it will be like for you when you have moved beyond the state of suffering by desire. And then through acceptance, both in a virtual sense and in a real sense, of this higher reality and state of beingness, the blessings that ensue for you will allow you to maintain Presence and the true essence who you are—even through the burdens, the cares and that which you feel that you are suffering within this world.

          Moving beyond the state of identification with the lower self is always key to your victory. And even this morning, the ritual in which you engaged¹ reminded you of the key concepts within the eternal Now of the light of your Presence that will afford you entrée into this perfected essence of beingness which is the real you.

          Dearest ones, as we move forward on our path of light within the year 2014 now dawning here in Montana and throughout the West, I would share with you, as I have received it from the Regent Lord of the World, the thoughtform that you may use in this year to co-create a new sense of your own state of your own hallowedness, your own state of oneness with your Source. And this image is you beneath the Bo tree as a Buddha being, fully Self-realized and enlightened. You, the one called and fulfilled through your calling, in that state of inner perfection whereby you have lived through your heart to understand the dynamics of life upon Earth.

          And now choose to move beyond the human veil into that spirited state of beingness as one awake and free fully in the light. It is one thing to visualize the form of Gautama, Shakyamuni under that tree; and yet, when you can see yourself within the same mode of beingness and enlightenment and then day by day, through a time of stillness, meditation and inner silence, enter the same state that I Self-realized—then you will begin to know the eternal truths that I glimpsed and brought to the world. And you too will know who you are, the light within the mind and heart, and the transfusion that will continue to energize you in this enlightened state for the duration of your life—unto the completion of all cycles of beingness in and beyond time and space.

           Yes, dearest ones, this visualization of you sitting, either in the lotus or in a comfortable position, attuning to the cosmos, the heartbeat and rhythm of the divine One within the natural world that the tree represents—as well as that Tree of Life itself upon which many fruits reside for you to partake of—will allow you to feel at a deeper level of your being the inner meaning of this thoughtform and what it portends of your solar development and self-realization in days, months and years to come.

           Some of you may also wish to see family members, your spouse or loved one, other heartfriends sitting under the same tree. For there is space for all within the spacelessness of the Buddha land of light. And just as some of you came to India during your pilgrimage a few short years ago and had that photograph under the giant tree, you see that nature itself expands to accommodate many, when those many are, through joy and happiness, one with life, one with one another in the spirit of love and compassion.


           Therefore, under this Bo tree there is room for all as one family of Man—men, women and children. And the tree also symbolizes much in terms of that which provides life for you, life for your physical form, life for every aspect of your being—emotional, mental and spiritual. Yes, dearest ones, if you choose to place upon this tree symbols of what is meaningful to you of the virtues of God that you aspire to know and to master, then all the better. For it then may become for you your personal Jewel Tree, not of Tibet, but of where you live.

           We, the ascended masters and the Buddha beings, are invested in your personal enlightenment and freedom, dearest ones. Think on this. You mean something to us and we are invested in your very life form, lifestream and that which beats your heart. For long ago, Sanat Kumara did invest the light of his own heart to insure that your heart beat with the impulse of God in the Great Central Sun within you. For if your heart beat in any other way than in confluence with, resonance with that eternal heart, there would not be the dynamic of oneness as opportunity for you to know in your incarnation and in all subsequent lifetimes. Therefore, that seeding of the light essence from the Central Sun within your threefold flame was essential for the reconnection and the ultimate destiny of your being, one with God’s.

           Yes, we are invested in you. We know you personally, what you consider to be your faults, your shortcomings, as well as the truest and most noble aspects of your being. We will never degrade you, defame you or denigrate you. For we see you as you truly are, as holy and compassionate God men and women. And though at times you may be somewhat childish in the ways in which you live, yet we still behold you as inviolate in light, whole and complete in your I AM Solar radiance.


           I share this message on this first day of 2014 so that you, dearest ones, may move into a greater resolution of your being and a deeper solution within the universal ocean of God’s awareness. For you see, when all that is less than the true you dissolves, you become part of the greater solution of God’s being; and you may solve any problem that you encounter through the essence that you have now attuned to, acclimated to and become.

          Now, upon this Bo tree alight thousands and thousands of crystal butterflies of light, of all colors, each one the radiance of a specific Buddha who will allow that essence to remain within the thoughtform and within your own auric field, which will expand within this dynamic as you meditate daily with us. Yes, these crystalline beings are there as a reminder that one day you too will take flight, emerging from your past into the eternal Now of the beautiful future that God within you has prepared for your spirit. Yes, you shall feast on light as we do. You shall live within and upon the solar frequencies of the stars. Breathe in that starfire light now and always and be Buddha where you are. I thank you.

1. Guatama is referring to the Golden Buddha Rosary given earlier in the day with the reading of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now 50 Inspiration Cards.

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