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Practical Alchemy #2—Keep Things Clean and Keep Things Moving

Practical Alchemy #2—Keep Things Clean and Keep Things Moving

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse

November 30, 2013 9:00–9:29 am MST
Practical Alchemy #2
Livingston, Montana


Keep Things Clean

Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness


I believe that our being is the crucible for our alchemical experiments. Our very lifestream itself is the vessel through which and by which God’s grace is precipitated into what we righteously desire, the vehicle for its manifestation, through love, in the world of form here on Earth.

In the great laboratories of the world, it is essential that cleanliness be maintained. Scientists, physicians and lab workers all understand that in order for their experiments and their work to be successful, they must avoid all that is unnecessary and could get in the way of that which they desire to manifest. So you see those in white suits and you see sterile environments to prevent factors from coming into play that could interfere with the desired results. Cleaning and maintaining this environment is essential. If we translate this to ourselves, we see that it is imperative at every stage and step of the way in our sacred work of using the science of Spirit to bring forth God-victorious results that we choose to maintain a state of cleanliness, which is next to godliness.

This morning I noticed when I was brushing my teeth that there were lots of little white specks on the mirror, and I thought, “How did they all get there?” Well, it’s a simple result of the action of brushing while having one’s mouth open and the water mixed with saliva and toothpaste spraying onto the mirror. So I wiped off the mirror and decided I would rather look into a clear, clean mirror than one that was mottled with these little white flecks.

I’ve spoken to my children and to my wife in the past about the importance of doing dishes right after meals. It’s much easier to clean the pots and pans and dishes after a meal when things are not caked on and baked on. It requires much less elbow grease to clean them than if we leave them there for hours or overnight.

I believe this is analogous to karma. If we know that we’ve made a mistake, that we’ve erred in some way in our relationships—we’ve said something we regret, we’ve done something that doesn’t serve our highest purpose—making amends early, immediately, asking for forgiveness and cleaning up our act is much better done sooner than later. Then that karma, that darkness doesn’t have an opportunity to bake itself into our subconscious and do all of its dirty work within us—we’ve recognized the situation, we’ve dealt with it, we’ve cleaned it up, it’s over and we move on.

I believe that in our home environment we can find many things to clean that we tend to overlook—the dust on the windowsill, over the door jambs, so many things. My wife and I recently cleaned the baseboard heat registers, which had not been cleaned since we moved into the home, and we found a lot of cat hair, dust and particles of stuff that had been there, obviously, for months and possibly even years. Vacuuming that up and putting it from the vacuum cleaner into the trash bag and then out to where it could be gotten rid of completely was really a great action of clearance.

If you assess your immediate environment today, I bet you could find five or six different areas of your home that require cleaning—for instance, the hot-water heater may require flushing. How many of us do that? Then there are the furnace filters, drains, the little nozzles with screens on our faucets, and other types of screens. And of course we also have to do regular oil changes on our vehicles, where they change out that filter.

It’s easy for us to see all of the things in our environment that require cleaning. When we do that cleaning and that clearing, we feel better, life is fresher and the air we breathe is more pristine. And then we can do it again, when required, at regular intervals of time to maintain the environment that we desire.

We also have the insides of ourselves, both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, that require regular cleansing. We love the violet fire. We’re giving an hour of violet-fire prayers and songs and rosaries during this cycle. Why? So that when we clear and clean, we make room for greater abundance. We may not think of the violet fire as an alchemical ray that works specifically for precipitation, and yet it does, because when we clean, when we clear, there is greater opportunity for us to receive exactly what we require. The universe then coalesces into our environment, through the clarity of our beings, what we truly require rather than what we may just humanly desire.

There is magic in the air when there is clarity, and that magic allows the Divine to move in mysterious ways to bring forth the highest results with the greatest action of light, the greatest joy, the greatest radiance, the highest love, according to God’s intention. God’s divine direction is then at play in the mysterious way in which heaven gives birth to the blessings of Spirit that gracefully appear within our life, right within our world.

I believe that in alchemy we are required to maintain clear and clean thinking. If we allow doubt, fear, anxiety or tension to enter into the alchemical equation, it colors and clouds that which could emerge and come forth. In clarity, we can assess whether we are truly hopeful and joyous in cosmic expectancy, knowing that we have done our homework, and whether we have totally accepted as reality that which we have called forth. As we maintain a state of clarity, we avoid the pitfall of a mindless state, a thoughtless state that is not wholesome and pure, where little doubts and fears creep in and, through an astral disdain, stain that which we are destined to bring forth. Often the little things dissuade us; the little things get in our way. The little things become big things in our minds when we allow, through our own consciousness, that molehill to become a mountain.

I have seen how some people take one small thing—a disagreement about one element of a teaching that has been shared, or something that’s occurred on someone’s spiritual path—one little thing that they find fault with in me or another, and they allow it to be blown into something huge, which they then revolve in their mind. It completely takes them over emotionally, mentally and in their memory body, and they simply cannot recall the beautiful and sublime experiences that we’ve had together on our spiritual journey, the amazing light released through the ascended master teachings and HeartStreams. Our temporary pains at times cloud our feeling world and create out of whole cloth something that was not there before.

So we must be true to ourselves and pristine in our thinking so that we wipe away all of these distractions and the dust that settles in our environment. This is why it is so important, on a daily basis, for us to give the violet-fire prayers and the Ho’oponopono prayer; to access the crystal energies of Spirit through our meditations; to do exercise and pranic breathing; and to drink clear and pure water. When we clean our thoughts, we aerate our minds to allow the Holy Spirit to do her perfect work and to precipitate within our hearts, our minds, our vision, our souls, our beings exactly what we require in that moment for the next step on our spiritual journey.

To me, keeping things clean is joyful. I love cleaning, and I have since my early childhood, when I loved to vacuum. There was something about the action of sucking up all that dirt and dust and having it go into that little space within the vacuum that brought me great joy. It was a ritual that I engaged in regularly, because in a family of ten kids things get dirty very quickly. There’s a lot of movement, a lot of motion, and motion stirs things up. The doors are open, people are coming and going, and through that door comes dust. And with all of the activity—playing outside in the yard, in the dirt, in the sand piles, et cetera—you can imagine how much stuff came into that home.

It was a meditation for me to clean, and it still is. I hope that you can make the seemingly simple cleaning chores in your life a sacred ritual whereby you translate what you’re doing physically into the spiritual domain; and through that, the alchemy of love and of light may be given birth to in a new and powerful way so that you can access greater streams of divine energy from the etheric octaves of light.

One of my favorite visualizations when doing the violet-fire prayers and songs is scrubbing and bleaching and cleaning and scouring—giving it all I have, using cosmic elbow grease—to relieve the sacred space around me of any burdens, cares and human desires so that God’s light may shine forth and shine through. Often we get in the way of God’s great blessings to humanity by our consciousness not being trued to the divine will, wisdom and love.

So being still, breathing deeply, and consciously accessing that will, wisdom and love bring forth the miracle and magic in the mysterious ways of the Divine, because it is God’s great pleasure to give his children/her children everything that is essential for them.¹

When I awoke this morning my vision was not as clear as it has been, and I assessed what I had eaten the day before that might have allowed this to occur. I think an excess of salt can do this. Eating a lot of dairy products or sugar, I believe, can also cloud your sight. So be careful what you take in, because at some level of your being, what you do not assimilate fully may produce a negative effect.

We may strive for twenty-twenty spiritual vision. What is that? It is immaculate seeing that allows us to see clearly, through the atmosphere of our consciousness, that which we believe, have faith in, accept, and that which is true and real that is emerging and being given birth to within our world, our life, right here and now.

I mentioned yesterday that Mona and I did a weeklong liver and gallbladder flush. I believe, for me, this is only the first step, and I am choosing to do it on a regular basis until I really feel greater clarity. I saw a video on the Annapurna Center website about a woman who had done a series of cleanses whose eyesight suddenly became clear again—she could see!

When we clean out the inside, we will be able to see more clearly. When we do that inner work, the outer window to our soul becomes clearer. We can see into our soul, and others can see into us and witness the true Selfhood that we are choosing to exhibit and express.

Many people nowadays pass on from heart disease, clogged arteries and high cholesterol from improper diet and other practices. Let’s clean out that plaque within our arteries as well as on our teeth. In the laboratory of our life, let’s get rid of the nonessentials that do harm and prevent our highest experience, that cause problems to occur—which do not have to occur if we avoid these things.

If we have a little bit more precognition, or prescience, we can avoid certain things and we can avoid stumbling on our path and have a more radiant and joyful experience. To have prescience requires great clarity of consciousness so that we can see beyond the veil into the divine octaves, where things are already happening in the etheric before they happen in the physical. The plan is already there; the energies of Spirit are already at play. They are cycling from the etheric through the mental into the emotional and finally into the physical, and if we can catch them there in the etheric and the mental, and even in the emotional, before they become physical, we can avoid a world of hurt, many pitfalls, many problems and issues.

In addition to keeping things clean, I believe that keeping things in motion is essential for alchemy. Keep moving. Don’t enter stasis, idleness or inertia, which eventually leads to decay and death.

Now, even in motion we can rest in presence. El Morya teaches us of rest in motion. This means maintaining presence even while engaged. The motion that I’m speaking of is engagement in the spiritual life through our awareness, through our consciousness, which brings into play divine energy, holy radiance, God virtues, God’s light. At this level, we keep divine thought moving through us and the Spirit charging us and blessing us, even as we may be in stillness or the Great Silence.
The Great Silence is not a state of a complete vacuum, where nothing is happening. The Great Silence is the most amazing sacred space in which the divine light is continuously refreshing us in its brilliance, in its beauty, in its grace and power for self-transformation. There is spiritual fire teeming within the Great Silence and the eternal Now state of perfect stillness. In this state of no-thought, which means no human monkey-mind thought, we enter the divine mind, the universal mind, the Christic and Buddhic mind, where divine thought is raying forth and streaming forth into our higher minds to give us exactly what we require in every moment to live a virtuous, beautiful, joyous and harmonious life.

So in our alchemy we can choose to maintain cleanliness and also maintain a state of cosmic equipoise through the constancy of the spinning of the chakras of our being in a type of divine motion that we see in stars as they circle the center of their galaxies, even as those galaxies are in divine flight around the great hub of the Great Central Sun. When the planets of our solar system spin on their axes as they revolve around the sun, there is great movement, much faster than we can imagine, because we are just one tiny God-creation upon this spaceship Earth, which we call Gaia, Terra or our beloved Mother Earth. As we are able to keep God’s light spinning within our chakras, we maintain that state that allows the alchemy to emerge magnificently, with great adeptship and great joy.

The seventh-ray masters, the alchemical ones, are joyous ones because they know the truth; the truth has set them free in the seventh ray of freedom, and they maintain their truthful state. And in that perfected beingness, the all-abundance of God flows, the all-chemistry of the One manifests. In that all-victorious state of perfection, where grace is hallowed within the crucible of one’s heart and being, there arises a most natural buoyancy, a great regard and reverence for all life, and a beauty of beingness profound.

God bless you. Have an awesome day. Let us engage in cleanliness, which is next to godliness, and keep spinning. For in our spinning in the light, we are winning. Thank you.


1. Luke 12:32.

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