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Beloved Archeia Faith- Taking a New Step into the Higher Fields of Solar Awareness Experience God as Mother Within You

Beloved Archeia Faith- Taking a New Step into the Higher Fields of Solar Awareness Experience God as Mother Within You



Beloved Archeia Faith
David Christopher Lewis
October 6, 2013   9:02–9:15 am MDT 
The Archeiai Speak on Raising the Mother Light
Meru University Class 1307
Livingston, Montana

Taking a New Step into the Higher Fields of Solar Awareness

Experience God as Mother Within You

            I am the flowering of faith within you. I am the virtue of faith manifest now within your aura, within your life, gathering momentum through cosmic expectancy and allowing you, O holy one, to have reigning supreme within you your own Solar Presence, your own God Reality—that which brings you great joy, understanding and every aspect of God consciousness and provides the impetus of light for your victory.
            As we begin our study of the seven rainbow rays and how the Mother Light is raised by the action released through them within the sons and daughters of God upon Earth, we will simultaneously release light throughout planet Earth and her auric field in order that, through this work, many may be trued to a new reality of selfhood in God; many may be raised in awareness to perceive and understand with new eyes, a new mind, a new heart—yea, a new soul—their purpose and the power of God that may manifest through them; and many may realize a new authenticity of beingness from having tapped into the highest resources of spiritual light and fire.
            Many call to the archangels, and some to the archaiei, when they require assistance in dire times or circumstances. Part of why we come now to the Earth is to inculcate within civilization as a whole the culture of the Mother and of the feminine aspect of God so that the souls of mankind may be more receptive, aware, conscious of who they are as Solar beings in potential, Solar beings in reality, in their own highest essences, and may then work assiduously toward the goal of self-realization within this understanding. This brings enlightenment into the present moment rather than it being put off to some distant future time or becoming an evanescent reality unrealized.
            O gracious ones, when you can literally feel God’s light-energy within you, then you have the beginnings of the raising of that Mother Light throughout your selfhood and into all realms and domains in which you exist. And, we say, there are many more than you are outwardly aware of. You move in various streams of light activity when that Mother frequency resides within you in harmony. And I, Faith, am here today to begin this process and to offer it as an opportunity to those within this movement, and to many more whom we have just contacted and will continue to contact through the workings of the Spirit, the initiatives of light—those projects and God-workings that will, through you, O souls of virtue, bring many to the fount of the Mother’s heart.
            Yes, we are the Mothers seven representing the rainbow rays of light and the archangelic realms of being. And we infuse within our own and within your chakras divine quintessences that will result in the manifestation of the full complement of your Christhood, moving you toward your Buddhahood.
            When you can understand the nature of these God-rays, the vibrations of each in harmony and resonance with one another, and how to employ them all through the crystal of selfhood and through the white light of the perfected Christ consciousness, then your joy may be full, and the kundalini within you may be raised to your crown, flowering and flowing in a new bounteous offering of selfhood to the universe.
            There is within certain regions of consciousness, and especially among women upon Earth, a resurgence of what has been called the Goddess movement. We will, by the employment of the Word of God through our deliveries, offer much on this subject in our discourses and darshans during this upcoming class, beginning in just a few short minutes. We will augment that which we have already released and we will bring into physicality within the Now the light-essences of our beings, taking you higher and deeper and into a profound new field of awareness where you may literally experience God as Mother within you.
            Enough said! As we are also progenitors of light with our beloved consorts, the archangels, let this procession of light begin! Let those of you who are ready for a new step into the higher fields of Solar awareness receive us, work with us, employ us in your daily lives, in your projects and initiatives. Yes, let the Earth be rich and full in the effulgence of the mater-realization of Spirit through the nexus of the Christ within all.
            I AM Faith. I have faith in you, for I live within you when you live in me. Blessings from the seven, and salutations from the archangels of God Light. 

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