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Amethyst Seals the Action of the HeartStreams of the Seven Archeiai as the Archangels Encircle Us for Our Protection

Amethyst Seals the Action of the HeartStreams of the Seven Archeiai as the Archangels Encircle Us for Our Protection
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Beloved Amethyst
David Christopher Lewis
November 17, 2013   9:01–9:15 am MST
The Archeiai Speak on Raising the Mother Light
Meru University Class 1307
Livingston, Montana

The Archeiai of the Seven Rainbow Rays Sing a Melody of Light to Planet Earth

Beloved Amethyst Calls for the Blessing of Their Meru University Class

Felicitous Ones Who Resonate with the Seventh-Ray Frequency of Freedom in God,

            I am here to accentuate the light of the seven archeiai of the seven rainbow rays within your midst as I conclude this series of HeartStreams through which we have delivered to Earth a new presence of rainbow light and of the Mother frequencies of beingness that give rise to that light within you for your illumination, your enlightenment and your ultimate freedom in the light of your Presence.
            O God, shine forth now thy light through these your holy ones as we continue to draw up the kundalini fire within them for the ennoblement of the Spirit within their lives, within their sacred work to sustain that light within the Earth on behalf of the vast evolutions of humanity living here.
            O Mothers of heaven, shine forth your light to sustain the action that we together have created for the fulfillment of that which is emerging within the soul now in a new wave pattern of light, in a new way of beingness that affords each one opportunity to be victorious on the sacred path of light, to ascend in Spirit daily and to partake of heaven’s offerings on a moment-by-moment basis within the eternal Now of each one’s experience.
            O gracious ladies of the flame, we have created a bond of light as an offering from our hearts and the hearts of numerous devic beings who sustain a harmonic balance across the Earth to allow a new instauration of freedom and opportunity for the soul to soar and shine forth, for the spirit to emerge from the cocoon of the past into the light of a new day of the sun and of the shining presence of virtue and divine happiness here.
            You who would be illumined more and more through our offerings realize that that point of illumination is ever and always available to you now within your own Solar Presence. And when you attune to the sun—the Great Central Sun, the sun of your galaxy and your own solar system—there may be the dawning and the full radiance of that Sun Presence within your life that takes hold of you and moves you forward, yea, impels you onward to your victory in the light.
            Many ascended masters, archangelic and angelic beings are here for you on a daily basis to call to for inspiration, for guidance, for protection. Yes, we are here to serve you in a higher way in your life than you may have thought possible. For being one breath away and always at your beck and call, we may deliver the spiritual goods required by you and those whom you serve in ways that are most opportune and blessed, with energy patterns and divine quintessences flowing forth through our radiant auric fields that will literally raise you into a new dimensional experience of beingness, of light in your Presence.
            You have learned that the key to God-success is love. You have also found that light is the alchemical key in all of your spiritual experiences and experiments. Now, dearest ones, as Zadkiel comes to lend a certain frequency of his momentum of eternal freedom on behalf of each of you, so the seven archangels also manifest their presence in your midst to secure you in the light of the Sun.
            O holy ones of God, the seven archeiai now sing a melody of light in the heaven world to planet Earth itself. And those with ears attuned to heaven may hear our call, our love call, to souls who are yet grappling with the dynamics and the seeming burdens of life upon Earth. All may be mollified by an understanding of divine truth as you move from your past into the future of the present Now and learn the science and the art of being, living your victorious Presence each moment by grace.
            In addition, blessed ones, Uzziel and Azalea now come into the center of our circle of light and impress the harmonics of unification and integration deeply within the core of your beings. For this action to be sustained, you may simply, at any time during your day, reaffirm the presence of your own higher, integrated Self manifesting through your life experience and accept your Buddha nature as fully resident within your auric field and environment by chanting the OM; singing your own praise of light to the Sun; and  musing upon divine light as you wing your way to your Source, pouring forth your love to the Divine and accepting in return the embellishments of cosmic presence within your heart and soul experience.
            Our melody will continue through the duration of the final two classes of your course with us this day. And at the end of the cycling of the energies through your sharings and ours, a sealing action and crystallization of these seven rainbow rays will manifest as our gift to your souls for partaking in this time together in oneness, in harmony, in the blessedness and glory of the Mother Light in your midst.
            I, Amethyst, now form a kiss of peace and presence upon your brow and whisper unto your heart glad tidings, which I pray will carry you through any time of travail; any period of unrest; anything that may, with drama, outpicture in your life and outwardly seem to be ready to unseat you from your spiritual moorings, yet is there for you as opportunity to learn from, to grow by and to ascend into your Higher Self of pure light.
            Blessings, dearest hearts. Our love is with you always. We are the archeiai of light.

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