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Saint Germain: Taking Responsibility in the New Age

Saint Germain: Taking Responsibility in the New Age

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Beloved Saint Germain
David Christopher Lewis?
March 22, 2014   12:01–12:15 pm EDT
Spring Equinox Seminar 2014: HeartStreaming for Solar Consciousness—
Experience the New Blue Wave to Clear Your Aura and Chakras?
Towson, Maryland?


The Responsibility of the Initiate? 

            I AM responsible for my world. These are the words of the adept. I AM—God in me—is responsible for my world. Everything within my world I create by my conscious awareness, by the light flowing through my being. Because I am responsible, I am given the authority, the wherewithal, the resources of divine light to infuse my world with grace, with joy and with the Solar frequencies of eternal freedom in the light.??           

         Speaking the words “I AM responsible,” as an initiate, allows the cosmic impulses from the Great Central Sun to flow through you because claiming this responsibility means that you now understand what is to be had, what is to be offered and given from the point of responsibility of your heart, your mind, your soul and spirit. Saying “I AM responsible” brings the cosmic ledger into balance because this accountability permeates everything that you touch. And therefore there is, through this action of accountability, the harmonization within your world of the assets, the liabilities and the net that results from the interaction of these two within you for resolution, for acceleration, for victory.??            

         Those who are not yet accountable or who do not take responsibility for their lives and for their worlds cannot march with the adepts or move with the angels, soar with the spirits divine or walk with God fully. They are as babes suckling at their mother’s breast, needy and not yet developed in the full fire and integrity of their higher Selfhood. Dearest ones, I and the ascended masters rely upon you, however, based on your words and actions and your accountability.

         “I AM responsible for my world” moves you in a higher orbit around the Sun Presence of your True Self. You must stay on course, else you would fly off from this orbit of light. And that coursing of your spirit is within the divine design and the higher impulses of the Spirit—the Geometry of Divinity—of that orbit itself.??           

         As you take responsibility for everything within your world, the I AM consciousness moves through you. There is no longer the blame game, the shame game, or the pinning on another—a society or something outside of self—the reason why you are the way you are. You have created yourself! For God has given you this authority in the beginning as a co-creator. Therefore choose to create lovingly, beautifully, harmoniously, graciously and enter into that higher level of accountability and divine responsibility for the greater world in which you live.

            “I AM accountable. I AM an accountant of ability. Therefore I count on God; I count on the Divine. I rely upon the Sun, the Source, the All.” You see, blessed ones, accountability immediately makes you reliable in God’s eyes, because when you say, “I AM the one responsible for all,” then God says, “Okay, now I will contact another who is not yet accountable and work with that one to see how I can assist that one to come up higher.” You are as the ninety-nine sheep that have been found.1 And God, relying on you as safe, can then move in other realms to save the prodigal ones.          

            This reliability, this sense of accountability moves you into a higher bracket of beingness and mastership whereby you can be God-taught the higher laws of Solar living, which we, the sponsoring masters and those who work closely with you within this Hearts Center movement, will continue to reveal in coming months, years and decades. If you would vibrate like the Sun, who is the all-accountable One, then you would know true divine beingness and the permanency in the state of undifferentiated and disinterested love, universal compassion and perfect peace.         

         Now I apply this level of accountability to the leaders within the nation’s capital and call you to task who have laid burdens upon this people by your actions which are less than that which the will of God, the love of God and the wisdom of God have provided as the way forward. And the light is withdrawn from those who have snatched away that accountability from the people themselves and who have attempted to enslave, ensnare or control; and the light is bestowed upon those who have offered themselves, in the I AM name, to be accountable, responsible citizens of light of the cosmos. [Saint Germain takes a deep inbreath and outbreath.]

            I, Saint Germain, on behalf of the I AM Race throughout the Earth, now bestow upon the sons and daughters of God mantles of grace and light for their protection, for their sealing, for their ennoblement and for their ongoing work and service to life. And the nonaccountable ones, those who seek to skirt the laws of cause and effect and avoid the ultimate justice and judgment of God, stand before the Lords of Life and now receive the testings and the initiations that come before the last opportunities are presented within this sphere of Earth’s schoolroom as you know it. 

            Now the angels of Lord Zadkiel stand around the city of Washington, D. C., and there is an energy bestowed within this flowfield for the securing of a new level of God-freedom in coming days, months and years. Be aware, be on guard and live vigilantly, dearest ones, in your Presence, one with the Divine. I thank you.


1. See Luke 15:4–7; Matthew 18:10–14.


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