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Venus: Enter My Heart of Solar Love and Joy

Venus: Enter My Heart of Solar Love and Joy

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Beloved Venus?
David Christopher Lewis?
June 22, 2014   9:00–9:15 am MDT?
Reconnect with the Divine Mothers: A Summer Class for Soulful Devotion
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


The New Solar Civilization Begins with Love of Self
You Must Know God as Love


Disciples of Love, Gracious Ones of My Heart,

        I bid you to enter my heart of Solar love and joy now as my angels from Venus form a very large formation of a heart here and around the Earth. For we have come with a very delicate aspect of love, fragile in its eternal nature, replete with the quintessences that are essential for you to assimilate in order to truly know love in its highest form and at its deepest level.??           

        When you make contact with God within your heart and when the fire of love is truly burning there, and there is no equivocation about it because you feel that resonant field of pure beingness as the grace of love, the flow of love, the regency and the regal nature of divine love, there I am; there Venusian love abides, as we know it on our sphere; and there God may more perfectly work through you because you have aligned yourself, through the Ancient of Days’ understanding of love, with the heart of God

        Love speaks often, yet few discern the nuances of its message and call to the heart. In the sacredness of that simple and yet profound point of co-creation within you, you become the nexus for new love, Aquarian love, compassion of the highest order and the magnanimous nature that maximizes love in every situation to affirm God, God, God within every communication, within what you choose to behold in your brother or sister or in life itself, in what you seek to hear from the fount of eternal wisdom as the voice of God within you speaks to your soul.

        There are so many flavors of love, aromas of love and flowerings of love that you may discover in moments of truth, whereby, connected to your Source, all that is rich, beautiful and pure may be yours to experience as you require, to move you higher. We have spoken of love almost for an eternity, dearest ones. We have modeled the nature of love on Venus so that every lifestream evolving there has, as that one’s focal point of perception, self-realization and knowingness, love of God as the ideal, the goal of life.??           

        Think of what Earth may be when every lifestream accesses godly love. Think of the culture, the new Solar civilization that may arise here in every sphere of awareness when men and women and children throughout the Earth embrace divine love. It always begins with love of Self, with a capital S, whereby one feels within the heart these deep impressions that come through angelic intercession, divine mindfulness and a spirited beingness that facilitates true Self-realization in love.??           

        When you have learned to accommodate the love of a master, of a Solar being and even of Alpha and Omega within your heart truly as a child born anew, the smile of the Divine One will always be upon your face; the glow of your auric field will be there for all to notice; and the joy of being will ooze through all that you do, express and manifest in your conscious life.

        I am now stepping up the frequency of Solar love and joy as best as you may assimilate it within your auric field and your heart chakra this day so that day by day, as you attempt to go higher in your divine life, to go deeper into the mystical aspects of that ruby and fiery love, you may know the fullness of that love if you so choose to make the effort and the sacrifice. Many of you are coming to those points on the initiatic path where there must be the burning through of that opposition to love within you; for you must know God as love, dearest ones, and only in this equation will you truly be free, enlightened, aware of the All-in-all, who is love.

        As the angels now fan the fires of love within your lives, within your beings, allow this grace and the simplicity of its refreshing spirit to move through you, transform you, elevate you. Yes, we often come, Vesta and I, to prepare you, to adorn you, to redress you in anticipation of the coming of Omega. For if you would know a Mother’s love as Omega expresses it, a greater gentility, humility and carefulness must be yours, my beloved hearts.??           

        Your singing, your praising, your devotion, your divine adoration during this event has reached the altars of light upon Venus within temples of love. And we have extended them, after we have expanded them by your own devotions, to the Central Sun in preparation for Omega’s journey here and the blessings, to be yours, from the Lord Sir.

        Now, beloved ones, as Vesta shines her Solar love upon you, raise your eyes to the skies and behold the glory of God within the new life that may be yours, free in Spirit, now and forevermore. I thank you.


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