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Cyclopea: To Behold Self as God Is a Key for All to Manifest God Consciousness

Cyclopea: To Behold Self as God Is a Key for All to Manifest God Consciousness

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Beloved Cyclopea
David Christopher Lewis
October 21, 2014 8:55–9:20 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


To Behold Self as God Is a Key for All to Manifest God-Consciousness

Co-Create with Us!


I AM God-vision within the Earth and within you, O soul of light. And that God-vision manifests this day as a precipitated gift of the Spirit for you, each one, whereby you may now choose to see clearly, as God sees; whereby you may choose to behold perfection within all life and especially within your Self.


As you behold perfection, by the grace of God and empowered by the eight times twelve—wherein those ninety-six petals illumine what you perceive through your higher vision center and manifest in a swirling, whirling action of sacred fire and emerald light to glorify all with the radiance of heaven—you truly behold that which we see on your behalf, O souls of mankind. You can then cognize reality moving to vision and ultimately to victory in the physical octave, where you master the initiations of the nine, ten and eleven o’clock lines of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius and bring that vision into physicality—manifest, incarnate within the Earth.


You see, it is one thing to behold in a quasi-way what you think is the ideal. It is altogether another to allow the All-Seeing Eye, which beholds only perfection, to focalize within your world, within your consciousness and within your third eye the crystalline patterns of perfection of who you are and what your world may be, empowered by the allness of God through that pure visionary state of beingness. Many of you attempt to draw forth your own experience of perfection through the awareness that you have garnered over many lifetimes of your human experience upon Earth. I say this day, let go of your own perceptions of reality and accept God’s perception of a higher reality now within and around and through the Earth so that all mankind may be bathed in this emerald light this day and throughout this coming cycle of Scorpio, where death will have no sting and where that scorpion will be replaced by the eagle, which flies high in the heavens and sees in a wide range an amazing array of life below.


Yes, to master Scorpio you must become as an eagle, blessed ones, and fly in a new visionary experience of the Spirit. You must be encouraging and have not one iota of the death consciousness manifesting within your awareness. And therefore choose to behold love, light and levity in what you place your focused eyesight and attention upon. If you allow your vision to be degraded by looking upon imagery of darkness, density and deified evil, then how do you expect to rise in awareness to reach the levels of God-consciousness that you could in the ascended-master states of being? For you see, what you place your attention upon, you become. And that becoming is happening every moment, focalized through what you see through your eyes.


Those who meditate with God, those who allow the light to flow through their higher vision center are becoming more of the true reality of their True Self as they move beyond human eyesight to divine vision. Therefore, the more that you allow God to see through your eyes and behold with clarity the perfection in all people, in all situations, the higher you go, dearest ones, in the octaves of light and the easier it is for you to put aside dualistic thinking, nonmindfulness and the banal ideations that at times crop up within you from the realms of your lesser self, which would always have you behold something less than God and all that is godly and sublime.


It is a choice to see and behold the beauty within every soul, the beauty within nature, the beauty within your own being, dearest ones. And I say, once and for all, that those of you who at times debase your own Self through speaking of yourself to others in a way that demeans who you are as a son or daughter of God should put aside these momentums and these habit patterns. Use the I AM name of God; for you know that these words of light empower what you say and clothe it with true reality.


Saint Germain has taught you this divine science, and yet at times many of our initiates lapse into the use of language that is not truly conscious or compassionate. Compassionate for whom? Even for you. Therefore, use your I AM statements to create and co-create the new world that you desire to see now within the Earth. Use your I AM statements on a daily and moment-by-moment basis to allow God to clothe this Earth with that new reality, that new era, which is and always has been within the purview of the Almighty, within the vision of the Great Silent Watchers.


Yes, when you soar with them to behold the perfection of all life, you will learn much, dearest ones. And we invite you to spend even ten minutes a day in which you only accept through your third-eye center the absolute sublimity of divinity manifesting everywhere and, as I have said, within your self. To behold Self as God is a key for all to manifest God-consciousness. I repeat, to behold God within Self is a key to manifesting God-consciousness. If you accept these words as true and believe them with certitude, then, dearest ones, you will never engage in vision that beholds Self as less than perfect.


As you have been told by this messenger, the 50.001 prayer was the very first that we inspired upon him, even before the complete formation of this movement in early 2005.Âą For you see, it was imperative that these words alight within the Earth through one so that the new way could be made known; the new golden-crystal and emerald highways of light could be given birth to so that some souls of light who consider themselves worthy of being initiates could traverse the higher initiatic path, walk with God and move into a higher state of being.


Do not be forlorn in ruing your past or even what you did yesterday that may not be fully clothed in godliness, holiness or purity. Accept the purity of your True Self now as your reality, and we will empower you to so manifest that ideal within your life. Co-create with us. Co-create with us! This is our invitation today. And that co-creation manifests by co-visualizing with us the new era of joy, harmony and peace.


We are gratified that you within this movement have caught fire and are creating beautiful imagery, which you convey across the pages of your website and during your services, events and Meru University courses. These images alone, blessed ones, have shifted the Earth into a new vibration. Do you realize this? Do you accept that your co-creations are actually real in what they do to bring light and energy into play in physicality within the Earth?


If you accept that the use of this eye-magic through what your Creative Arts team members and a number of you have done is important and real, then clothing those images with your own fire of illumination and the victorious sense brings them even more powerfully into manifestation within the Earth, dearest ones. Yes, Paul the Venetian and other masters of the arts and sciences of divine light teach this in their retreats. Vision is important. And only a shift in awareness is required for the realities that could be to be so in many spheres, through alchemy and the power of divine magic, whereby you infuse your perceptions with what you desire to truly manifest as beautiful, holy and virtuous on behalf of yourself and other people.


“Seeing is believing,” one said long ago. And I say again that believing is seeing. Therefore believe what you see, and it shall be so for you and then for the many. Believe what you co-create in your visioning sessions and within your mission and vision statements for this activity, for yourselves personally and for your families. And by the power that you wield from within your vision center as a son or daughter of God, those ideations will be clothed with more Venusian, Mercurian and even Earthly fire. You see, dearest ones, we invest much in our work to be visionaries. It is not some quasi-science that is woo-woo, you see. It is real because we accept it as godly and manifest in reality.


If you can feel the empowerment of my words this day, if you can feel the authenticity and the vitality of that which I share, your life and your world may just be moved into that which you dreamed of and envisioned as possible as a child, and even as long ago as when you took your first breath and God beheld you as his/her son/daughter in light—lovely, immaculate, inviolate in grace, harmony and beauty. Yes, we see each of you as the godly you. Realize this. And if we can behold you as such, dearest ones, then please, please nevermore accept an image of yourself as less than what we perceive you as.


Now I bring before you a geometric matrix of perfection, with a sphere within a pyramid within a cosmic cube, and I empower within this form an aspect of God’s pure vision. When you desire inspiration to in some way move beyond a sense of limitation or a lack of vision into the reality that you know is just beyond, or seemingly beyond, your reach, use this thoughtform and we will empower you to move beyond what you have heretofore accepted as possible. We will inspire and adjure you to embrace this new reality of God-beingness, and many masters, ascended beings and angelic and archangelic ones will fan the fires of God-vision within and around you so that you may perceive what we see and may behold what we have known for eons.


With God-vision, all things are possible! I have added that word vision to this ancient adage because, from my perspective, dearest ones, vision is essential for victory. Therefore see it, believe it, know it, and it shall be so.


I AM Cyclopea. I am fond of you as initiates of vision, and I serve you divine fondue in my retreat over China today. Will it be emerald colored or something else? Come and see, behold, believe and, through love and levity, laugh with us as we behold the vision of the new era of love-wisdom, freedom and enlightenment. I thank you.


Messenger’s Comments:

I have never actually, to my memory, beheld the being of Cyclopea. For typically I only see this amazing manifestation of the All-Seeing Eye as the focal point of his being. Yet today I saw Cyclopea as this magnificent Elohimic being, immense, muscular and amazingly handsome, wielding all kinds of cosmic co-creative energies within his aura. And even though he has two eyes, in one sense, the third eye is magnified above the two eyes and the brow to be a portal through which the vision of the Almighty is manifest. From out of that third eye pours pure light, both white and emerald. It’s blinding, and yet I could still see the smile that he had today. He is very is similar to Lord Maitreya—serene, stately and magnificent.


He was kind of joking at the end with the fondue. I didn’t know where he was going when he said that—“I am fond of you,” and then he mentions fondue. I could hardly keep it together when he was joking around with us. All I can say is that he is very, very stately, magnificent and full of God-power and God-vision, and I am grateful for this beautiful HeartStream.


In two days the sun moves from Libra into Scorpio at 5:58 am MDT. There is a partial solar eclipse at 3:45 pm the same day, this Thursday. The moon is in Libra today. On Thursday it enters Scorpio at 3:11 pm. So we will have both the sun and moon in Scorpio as of 3:11. And then shortly after 3:11 pm, thirty-four minutes later, the partial solar eclipse will occur. When the sun is eclipsed in the heavens by the moon, in effect moving between the Earth and the sun and eclipsing the light of the sun, it can be symbolic and even more spiritually significant in terms of the light of the Presence, the divine light, being temporarily eclipsed in our world. Therefore Cyclopea comes today in advance of this event so that we can really focus on the light through our devotions and clothe ourselves fully in the light so that when that eclipse comes or any eclipse comes, we are supercharged with this divine energy and can weather this event, both symbolically and physically.


Cyclopea also comes today because when we move into Scorpio, the perversion of which is death and the sting of the scorpion, it can be a difficult time for many people. We see in a very short time, in about ten days, Halloween and all of the imagery of zombies, vampires, ghouls, goblins, ghosts, death and blood. This is all imagery that does not serve mankind well. I will be speaking a little bit about this today at 11:00 am MDT with Dr. Pat on her radio program, about how important it is to change the way that we operate and celebrate All Hallows Eve, because these images do have their impact on our subconscious and especially on young children. If they are continually bombarded with this imagery, what does that do to their psyche?


If children watch movies about zombies, vampires and death that originate out of Hollywood, and they see what is going on on the planet now, what does that do to our society? We see death around us. We see people that engage themselves in heinous crimes, and we see more and more of this coming out of the media—for example, an individual who has killed and slaughtered many people. People watch these movies and then they do crazy things because Hollywood has projected this upon us. So we have to change civilization. We have to change what’s been called civilization, which is not very civil. And how do we do that? Through the light of perfect vision, clear vision, through the light of the All-Seeing Eye of God.


1. See The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, prayer number 50.001.



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