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Alan Hutner Shares His Thoughts and Poetry

Alan Hutner Shares His Thoughts and Poetry
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“Now, Zen And Always”

Inspired By David Christopher Lewis & El Morya

(For David Christopher Lewis broadcast 11/19/13)


Here’s a new one for yah

Inspired by El Morya

A little known master to me

Ascended as He may be

Whose messages I share herein to thee

Brought through David Christopher Lewis

Call us the spiritual Musketeers’ three

All for the one

And one for the all


Engaging “Now, Zen And Always,” the book

With it’s light infusion look

Having a trinity ball

Time to rise up

From the “perceived fall”

End the duality stall

Call forth the All in All

The one in one

Let’s play more 

Have some fun

Drop the gun

Let love and peace

Be the one that’s won!


Let Gnosis be the hostess 

With the mostess

Spiritual knowing

To set your heart a glowing

Time for the truth to be showing

Hey, David’s got some diction

Bringing through El Morya’s predilections

Downloads with conviction

Then there’s the ancient art of heart-streaming

Set that middle chakra with love and light beaming

With Divinity all thought pre-screening

Solar presence to the eternal one’s essence

Don’t too long with impermanence be messen’

For it’ll set your human being a stressen’

Love and truth it’s the PhD lesson

Then graduate from a PhD

To a God degreed we


And as El Morya said (p.37 #186)

“Great thinkers invest in solitude

For only in the soundless silence 

May the Divine be heard”

To some this may seem absurd

As their constant doing

May influence the herd

Time for the sheeple

To exit from the steeple

Cut to the chase

Head to home base

Be who we are

End that false-self spar

Get out of the jar 

Or box

You can still eat bagels and lox

Have the clarity of Mr. Spock

Enjoy all the dimensions

No dissension

No separation

Blessed be it All

Welcome to the Divinity ball!


By Alan Hutner AKA Rudy Copyright © 2013



“Toxicity, Complicity, Permissity, Acerbicity”

11/06/13 aired 11/10/13

By Alan Hutner AKA Rudy © 2013



Toxicity, complicity

Human foibles to admicity


No misdahmeana’

A major global crime-ah-scene-ah


A radiation flow

Setting oceans aglow

Dealing life force a blow

Bless the humans

For DO they know?

The hail and rain

The effluent snow

Tainted and painted

Through the currents

That grow


And spread

An unspoken dread

BP's gulf Spill

Katrina's bitter pill

The East coast's perfect storm

Normality all but shorn


Sanity stripped away.

My heart aches today

As act two of this cosmic play

Unfolds in a most unsettling way

Is it enough to just sit and pray?

For some magical God to save the day?

Just last night

A movie about fracking

Mother Earth's interior

We are a cracking

Natural gas we are attacking

With chemicals and solvents

Who is the EPA truly backing?


Small towns

Toxic water frowns

Some money smiles

Lasting a short while

Just under the surface

Seething bile

While some tell stories 

Of a flame so vile

Fire from a spigot

My God

What else to defile?

While PR firms and lobbyists

March in single file

To woo and schmooze them all the while


Like Nero fiddling while Rome burned

Why is this toxic evolution 

Ignored or spurned?

Why are so many heads turned?


Facing the wrong direction

Refusing any course corrections

Money spent on cancerous erections

EPA, our agency of protection?

Maybe remove the P and add D

For Dereliction


Or maybe just another A


Environmental Affliction Agency

Yet we must not give up hope

Bringing greater awareness

To a growing toxic moat

Time to rein in this smote 

Stop the life force killing

Before it's all she or he wrote


Remedy these actions before

There is no solution anymore

Save the end of times

Take off the ties that bind

Life the veils that blind

New awareness to find


And just say no to this apocalyptic show

Let the peaceful activists in numbers grow

Request inside and out

That Higher Consciousness now show

And grow

End this PR job of snow

Yes, the snow job must go

For truth to and fro

Like from the Snowden fellow


Madmen and their ad agencies

Time to their cover blow

Maya – illusion

Dream state of contusion

Bring an end to the confusion

Congress, you're cruisin' for a bruisin'

No more bribes for you to be usin'

Plutocracy back to democracy

Down with the aristocracy

No more fat bureaucracy

Time to end the corpratocracy

To a clear-minded, pure hearted


Bring back the flower power

Now’s the time

Now’s the hour


By Alan Hutner AKA Rudy Copyright © 2013

Impermanence & Strangeness

By Alan Hutner AKA Rudy © 2013

10/12/13 aired 10/13/13 before Peter Himmelman song


Sitting together

She softly said

Across our king-sized bed 

Words on the dawn sunlight spread


“You are ever present, strangeness”

Yes, I thought

Beyond all constructs to the nameless

To the blameless

Before all cause and effect


Yes, a rare place of being

Core presence

Underlying the stage and scene

In this play of life

A metaphor for a meme

Of “All These Impermanent Things.”

A Peter Himmelman song title

That woke me to Self

Back some while

And now as she said

In our warm comfey bed


The ever present strangeness

Thank God is not dead

I’ve been in and out

Of the I am

Without doubt

To peripheral aspects

Where the ego does shout

“What about me?

I’m part of thee!”

From simple thought

To complex mind tree

With branches like tentacles

Attaching and owning

Consuming and cloning

While most lately I am deboning

The flesh and skin

Those superficial coverings

Over core-Self to dim 

Keeping me from the eternal

Impermanent presence of him

And her

Covered like skin under fur


Mother-father Divinity

Hidden in infinity

Although these garments

May keep us warm

From chills if shorn

Like don’t shear the sheep in winter


We have to know

When false aspects must go

Certainly don’t go nude

In a storm or snow


Then I spoke to her

Of the months

Of time much longer

Where gradually

I’ve been losing the “belonger” 

Mainstream collective consciousness 

No longer

A misfit 

On a cosmic trip

Without LSD

Nary a bit


Yet still inspired by those teachings

Readings from “Birth of a Psychedelic Culture” (footnote: p 15,16)

A shamanic vulture

Exposing the accoutrements

That in me have been hidden’

And abiden’


Now in this moment

We recall the strangeness

Of this journey identified

Whatever impermanence

To be rectified


Fragmented selves – pieces

No longer codified

Nor vilified

Nor idolized

Nor to my great surprise

Nothing to even be despised

Like the Zen of seeing

With newborn eyes

Observing all kinds of lies

Before Presence to realize


That I or I am is the reality 

Within which to stand

Observing all else as a passing sham

While hurtling through space

Like a cosmic tram

A grain of sand

Or a starseed man

I say, “Is there a Divine Plan?”

I think of her – soul mate

And say yes mam!

I’ll fly with you

Let’s release the dam

Of love suppressed by all the rest

Let’s together give

The “Love is All” test

For I know this is the way

To end the separation mess

Oh Divine us

Bless, Bless, Bless

By Alan Hutner AKA Rudy Copyright © 2013



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