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Mother Mary: A Garden HeartStream with My Beloved Ones

Mother Mary: A Garden HeartStream with My Beloved Ones

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Beloved Mother Mary
David Christopher Lewis
March 23, 2014 ¬†¬†12:20‚Äď12:29 am MDT?
2014 Spring Equinox Conference?
Towson, Maryland?


Beloved Mother Mary Invites Us into Her Garden?

My Precious and Beloved Ones,

            I receive you unto my heart today. And through my immaculate vision of you, each one, as perfect, as beautiful, as divine, I receive your own sense of yourself as less than perfect, beautiful and divine and transmute these images, these thoughtforms, these feelings within my immaculate heart by the love-fire of God; and I refresh you in a new sense of your holiness, your inner glory, your divine beingness.??           

            You were created in the image and the likeness of God, the Father-Mother of All Life. And it is my great desire, as well as the desire of every ascended being, that you have this sense of that perfect image and likeness always resident within the field of your inner vision and your outer awareness. God may truly live through you, the light may truly flow through you with the allness of the pure state in which you were created, which may manifest daily within your lives.

            Oh, how your own mother held you to her breast when you were yet a babe and loved you with the allness of her heart, suckling you at her breast, nurturing you with her love and light. I do this spiritually with each of you in my garden in my retreat over Fátima, and in hours and in moments of divine mindfulness and eternal vigilance, I keep the flame for you until you can fully keep it for yourself.??           

            Often the angels bring me your prayers and I implore my Son, as well as the Almighty to answer them through me with the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s power which they have vouchsafed unto me. And often, dearest ones, if you listen you will hear and within your heart you will feel the reply of the angels who carry out the mandates of the Lord, the directives of the one God in answer to your prayerful requests and pleas.??           

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬† Yes, I am there as an intermediary, as a friend, as a mother for each of you. And if you would choose to alight within my garden, through your request‚ÄĒa simple, childlike request to be with me, to sit in meditation with me, even to sit upon my lap like a child‚ÄĒI will love you, I will nurture you, I will infuse you with healing light and grace so that no matter what may be your burden, your suffering, your cares, your desires your great human needs, I will assuage you in the healing fires of my immaculate heart and allow the Spirit of my Son and his healing power to enfold you and to enrich your lives with greater joy, understanding and peace.

            Now, blessed ones, I would transfer to each one of you through this rose egg the fire of my immaculate heart this day. Whatever you lay upon the altar of my heart, I will receive and, as best as I am capable of replying according to cosmic law, I will respond, bringing the healing light of mercy and grace to you and to those for whom you pray and bring petitions and requests for mercy and wholeness.

            My attending angels know you. As you give the rosary daily, or when you choose, an angel from my bands will be there to receive your prayers. And each prayerful thought, feeling or request will come, as a rose, within the hands of light of this angel to be presented unto me in my garden, both as a token of your spirit and as a blessing to all life through you.

            Now come forth, blessed ones, and receive my healing love. Be whole as you behold God within your heart.


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