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Great Divine Director: The New Blueprint for Eternal Freedom

Great Divine Director: The New Blueprint for Eternal Freedom

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Beloved Great Divine Director?
David Christopher Lewis
?March 22, 2014 ¬†¬†5:30‚Äď5:47 pm MDT?
HeartStreaming for Solar Consciousness‚ÄĒ2014 Spring Equinox Conference?
Towson, Maryland?


Each of You Is a Player in the Divine Plan of America
‚ÄúFaith without Works Is Dead‚ÄĚ

             I, the Great Divine Director, stand in the center of Washington, D.C., with the Goddess of Liberty on my right and the Goddess of Freedom on my left, and I anchor a flame of freedom and eternality for the liberation of souls here and everywhere upon Earth.??           

            Dearest ones, the divine plan of this nation must be realized. How will it be realized? you ask. Through each one who stands firm in his resolve on behalf of the Lord God to affirm and reaffirm the way, the truth and the life in the same context that Jesus the Christ and Gautama the Buddha did. You can choose to enter into greater God-connectedness, greater oneness and thereby facilitate through your life and through your life-essence the beatification of the Eternal within the realms in which you work, with love fully present in the midst.

           The divine blueprint is a matrix of perfection, is a guideline, with its schedules, its orientation, its geometry and the higher sciences of light prescripted and prescribed within it. Each of you is a player within the greater context of the mandala and the antahkarana of light, through which this blueprint is realized. When you play your part majestically, adroitly, with great conscious awareness and an understanding of the dynamism of the Spirit that can be outplayed through your virtuous life, the plan is highlighted, the angels intercede and divine beings are working side by side with you toward this holy purpose of bringing the kingdom of God tangibly upon Earth.

           Now as the Goddess of Liberty stands with her arm raised, holding that torch of eternal freedom, and as the Goddess of Justice, through the Goddess of Freedom, anchors her light here too, there is an action, a double action, of the feminine ray manifest through their strong presence in this city for the amplification of all that is God-good and for the transmutation of all that does not serve humanity any longer, of the old ways and the dichotomies of living outside of the circle of God-identity.??           

           You, dearest ones, through your holy examples, your voices upraised, your hearts on fire and your gestures, movements and actionable works, can demonstrate for us within your lives the conclusive realization of the principles and values of eternal freedom. One, this day, has shared with David that prayer must involve action. Yes, dearest ones, we are all masters of action, else our faith would fly in the face of truth if it were left unrealized through work.??           

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Why, you even have in your scriptures that faith without works is dead.¬Ļ Therefore be up and doing daily on behalf of the Lord God in some way, demonstrating‚ÄĒfor you must!‚ÄĒthe principles and values of truth, honesty, integrity and justice. Be there for others at their call with a meal, a helping hand or support as the Lord inspires upon you to so engage. If you only pray in your closet¬≤ or in your home without in some way getting involved in community service or service of some kind‚ÄĒheart to heart, with your hands moving and your minds engaged‚ÄĒthen, dearest ones, you are incomplete in your self-realization. Even Jesus stood within the temple and cast out the moneychangers.¬≥ He took action all the way to Golgotha, and he was intrepid and fearless in his resolve to deliver the goods to humanity through his healing ministry: the laying on of hands, his communion with those who had been cast out of society, the humble, the meek, the lepers, the lame.

            Why, dearest ones, if you had followed his example until now, there would be little else to do except to build a community of hearts, all  of whom are givers to the nth degree as they follow in the Lord’s footsteps.Yet many leave action to others, and therefore their full biography is left in the ethers for others to fulfill through action, service and holy works of light.??           

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬† Freedom comes with a cost, and many of you know the self-sacrifice of those who serve their country, both in the military and in other sacred media of light. Service is the byword of the Great White Brotherhood. And being your brother‚Äôs and sister‚Äôs keeper in the sense that you guard, guide and protect them through both your prayers and by being a shield of light for them physically demonstrates that you have mastered the four quadrants of being‚ÄĒearth, air, fire and water‚ÄĒthat you are a whole person, that you have wed truth to action through your works and actions.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Blessed ones, America was great in her beginnings. And though there has been compromise and she is fragile in this hour of her history in terms of realizing her full destiny within the light of freedom, justice and liberty, there is yet opportunity for victory‚ÄĒin the light, through the light, empowered by the light, of God. When each of you acts forthrightly, proactively and with the full fire of your being to realize liberty, justice and the divine American way in some humble yet proactive way in your lives, then when your life is fulfilled you can smile the smile of victory and God will know that you have given your all, you have left nothing on the playing field to be sorry for or about.??¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

            In the name of the living God, I AM THAT I AM, and by the power vested within me, I accelerate the atoms, cells and electrons within your being now to a higher frequency by a dispensation of grace from the Lords of Karma, provided to me as the result of your calls and devotional prayers over a number of weeks, months and even years. And, dearest ones, there is a stripping away from you, each one, if you choose to let them go, of unreality, guilt, shame and a sense of lack or unworthiness.??           

            Burn through this substance! Remove it from their auric fields and from their body temples, O Lord. I cast it now into the sacred fire and there is the step-up of their vibration, their frequency to a new level of Christic beingness, by God’s grace.??           

            As the Goddess of Liberty, the Goddess of Freedom, and the beloved twin ray of Saint Germain with me now work with you and your soul, there is the freeing of your soul from impositions of dark ones, false teachers, black magicians of past ages who have influenced you in ways subtle and not so subtle.

            Bind now these ties to the godless, the Nephilim and those who are up to no good within this sphere that you call Earth. Burn through, O sacred fire! Expand their awareness and allow them greater ability and agility to access God-consciousness, Solar awareness and their own Divine Presence. O angels of the sacred fire, perform your cosmic surgery within their lives and within their auras now. Allow this clearance action to be fulfilled this night, even as they retire and lay their heads upon their pillows, asking to be taken to my retreat to receive further blessings, bestowals and graces at the behest of the Lords of Life, the Lords of Form, the Lords of Individuality and the Lords of Creation.

           Blessed ones, there is so much more that you can access, learn and master within the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood when you make that call to attend our sessions, to receive our instruction and training, to dialogue with us and to then bring into physicality that which you receive from us as a blessing to humanity through your conscious lives upon Earth.??           

           Now the Goddess of Liberty addresses you and blesses you, each one

1. James 2:14‚Äď26.?
2. See Matthew 6:6.?
3. See Matthew 21:12; Mark 11:15.

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