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Parvati: Learn from My Sons Ganesh and Kartikeya

Parvati: Learn from My Sons Ganesh and Kartikeya

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Beloved Parvati?
David Christopher Lewis?
June 18, 2014   9:00–9:09 am MDT?
Reconnect with the Divine Mothers: A Summer Class for Soulful Devotion
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


The Sacred Ritual of Anointing of the Feet with the Light of Kartikeya and Ganesh


            There is a pause in heaven as the aroma, the fragrance, of your devotional offerings rises to the altars of the Divine Mothers. And we now send our sons Kartikeya and Ganesh to anoint you with the light of the sun. This anointing is for your protection, your sealing and the healing of all your yesterdays, of all your troubles, of all that is outside of the Divine within you.

            As you maintain stillness in moments of silence and as you energetically increase the vibratory field of your aura through devotional praises such as that which you have experienced today, there is an increase in your radiance and an infusion of the Divine within your world, blessed ones. Do not take for granted our coming or the release of light that we offer during these HeartStreams and holy sessions. Truly, the soil upon which you stand is holy ground.¹

            Therefore I ask you now to remove both your slippers and your socks, for this anointing will not be of the third eye or the heart, but of your feet. And as the messenger first anoints his beloved, she in turn will anoint the next, and the next will anoint the next. And there will be a transfer of the light of Kartikeya and Ganesh from heart through hand to the feet, through the sacred appendages of your lifestream, made holy this day in greater measure through your devotion.

            This bonding of heart to heart through the touch of the hand to the feet is also for the increase of the rate of acceleration of the crystal rays within you for your God-success, for virtue to be yours in all realms of beingness and for the divine light to have a consistency of expression through your being. For this is what you truly desire, yes? [Audience responds: “Yes”] That constancy, that continuity, that consistency of the light flowing through you is what your soul requires for greater progress on the path. And thus this anointing comes because you have earned it, because you have called it forth within the inner recesses of your being and because you require it in order to serve all life, to set it free.

            Vestal virgins from the throne of Alpha and Omega’s, Helios and Vesta’s and the God and Goddess Meru’s sacred temples of light on their respective suns attend you now as you consciously offer the totality of yourself to your heartfriend through your heart’s love and fire within this ritual, beloved. The bonding of community through each heart, one with every heart, is sufficient to guarantee the ongoingness of community, you see. Therefore, as the Lord Issa said, love one another,² for the greatest shall be the servant of all.³

            And so we offer you this ritual as a token of what true service in humility is, even as we experience it ourselves in the retreats of the Universal Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light and within our ongoing communion with the all-encompassing, all-nurturing One, the Great I AM—Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.??            I AM Parvati, and I live within the hearts of those who have proven that the ray of Alpha, through the victorious sense, awakens truth in all.

Messenger’s comments:

I will begin with rose absolute. I think we have enough here for everyone since this is almost full. If you require more, I have other oils here. What you will do is kneel before the person and gently have them extend their right foot first and then their left. With your right hand you anoint their right foot, and with your left hand you anoint their left foot. And then pass the bottle to the next person to do likewise with the next person.?

1. Exodus 3:5.?2. John 15:12.?3. Mark 10:44; Matthew 23:11; see also Matthew 20:26–28; Mark 9:35; Luke 22:26.

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