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Orion, The Old Man of the Hills: You May Access Eternal Truth in Nature

Orion, The Old Man of the Hills: You May Access Eternal Truth in Nature


Beloved Orion, Old Man of the Hills 
David Christopher Lewis
March 19, 2013   8:45–9:00 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

You May Access Eternal Truth in Nature

             I am Orion, and I am here to impress throughout this region of Montana—a state named after the mountains within it—light from the Source, light from the God Star, light from your own Source of perfectionment, power and providence.

            As you walk the mountain fastnesses I am there, goading you higher to the summit peaks of divine beingness. Have you witnessed the sunrise from a high mountain peak and felt the impulse of that solar radiation within your heart, your mind, your eyes and your soul as that eternal beacon of fire sent forth its rays to you as a soul? Well, I have witnessed many sunrises amongst Alpine peaks and the white-fire fastnesses of all earth’s ranges. I have walked them all. I have hiked with Sherpas and the intrepid ones in places where no other human has set foot. For in the solace of silence, there is a quickening of divine mindfulness and an opening of new valves of Spirit within for you to obtain that which is divine and virtuous, beautiful and noble.

            You may access eternal truth in nature when you walk with God among the hills, the dales, the valleys and everywhere that the Spirit moves you to find a source of water, a pure mountain stream, a lake undefiled by human waste or vibration. Yes, dearest ones, there is something about the eternal silence that enters your heart when you are within nature’s secret places. For there God is not involved in the vicissitudes of duality and human creations, untoward in their movement away from the epoch point of creation. In the wild and barren lands and in those teeming areas where there is verdant life, flora and fauna everywhere, there nature, in its most amazing aspects, glorifies God and what he/she outpictures in the beauty of color and form. I have seen this with my own eyes and therefore imbibed through it spiritual fire that I have sent forth from my heart to mankind at large—living essences from my own source of inspiration—to move them higher to accept divine fire.

            Many of you are flying or riding or driving to Montana for the Holy Spirit’s conference on divine love. Cherish your time with one another, and cherish your time as you walk the streets of Livingston and along the Yellowstone, the mighty river of light and solar fire. For even yet in secret places gold may be accessed—yes, the gold of Spirit—as you observe the rushing of the water over rock and amidst all manner of natural formations as it winds through Paradise Valley, turning east at Livingston and ultimately merging with the mighty Missouri and then with the mighty Mississippi.

            The native peoples who lived in these regions understood their oneness with their Source and with nature, Mother Earth. It is time that the white man, so called, also know a greater oneness with the soil, the earth and that which grows upon the bosom of the Mother. There yet remains opportunity for you to grow spiritually as you grow that which from seed may emerge as your own food and as that which provides every need that you require to live a fruitful, just and harmonious life of Spirit.

            Why is this one who speaks for us embodied and living at this mile-high area of the Mountain State, that which some have called Big Sky? It is because from these environs and the purity of the air and even the rushing winds that pass through this area the Spirit may be felt and vibrations of cosmic energy may fan forth to the four winds as a blessing to all life in North America and beyond.

            Some of you have embodied in Tibet, Nepal, India and Burma in past lives and desire the mountain fastnesses and heights to live again in the higher pranic essence of the atmosphere of the lamas and the yogis. It is all for a reason, dearest ones. And you may discern it by your own spirit, one with God, as you internalize truth, beingness and light, accepting the new you and the frequencies of the Buddha—the great and glorious one—enlightened, awake and free to express the highest aspects of divine mindfulness.

            We call you to Montana to claim new treasures of divine love within yourself. We call you to this land to purify yourself in the fire of the Holy Spirit. We call you to this soil to walk, to hike, to learn what it will mean for you to be, like me, a mountain man or woman—like Jim Bridger or Ansel Adams or those who, through the mastery of self, have witnessed creation manifest in amazing vistas of glory and divine being.

            I am the ion of the origin. Orion am I. I claim you for God today. On the wings of an eagle may you soar to a new realm and a new land of fire to know yourself—free, pure and divine. I thank you.

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