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Saint Germain- Your Mission as a Sovereign Divine Being

Saint Germain- Your Mission as a Sovereign Divine Being
Saint Germain's HeartStream on December 12, 2012 
From Livingston's Sanctuary of the Heart 

A Sacred Massage of Violet Light from the Mother Portia to Support Your Mission as a Sovereign Divine Being Living a Conscious Life upon Earth.



Blessed Ones,

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I come from the Cave of Light, from the retreat of my guru, the Great Divine Director, in the East. And I anchor within America once again the light of freedom‚ÄĒfreedom for the soul to be who she is in God, sponsored by the Creator in her journey of life within the cosmos.

            You are a sovereign being within your soul, one with God if you choose to be through the light of freedom. And when you ennoble this eternal flame and anchor it in the world in which you live through a conscious life, dearest ones, you fulfill your mission to be rather than not to be.

            You see, we the ascended masters are invested in the freedom of every man, woman, and child upon earth. Therefore we come, we sponsor movements of light, we address the issues of the day, and we are determined to use those of you who are also invested in the light of freedom and in the work of the sacred Brotherhood of the Spirit to bring this light of freedom to bear in every domain, in every realm within this world in which you live. When you live a conscious life, when you are invested in true practical spirituality, then, dearest ones, your life takes on a higher meaning and many ascended master sponsors and beings of light may come to you on the inner and even on the outer.

            You all know of the work of the Brotherhood through this activity, for you have invested your lives, even your fortune, within it. And many of you during this vigil have reached deep into your pocketbook, into your bank account to again invest your sacred fortune on behalf of our collective work. The Darjeeling Council, the sponsors of this movement, applaud your efforts and all that you have raised both in the light of freedom, abundance and victory and in the coin of the realm to move forward our efforts to bring these teachings to greater numbers of conscious lightbearers across our earth.

            Let me say one thing about the current pilgrimage to the holy land of the Andes that many of you will shortly take part in. I will be there with the full power of my mantle on behalf of my guru, the Great Divine Director, to invest the light of freedom wherever you walk, dearest ones. For where you walk, you anchor light; where you pray and meditate and commune together, there we the Brotherhood of this movement move with you, attend to your human and divine needs. We will speak within your soul, move within your hearts, and activate certain higher nerve centers within your higher minds as you abide within this sacred retreat of illumination, passing from the God and Goddess Meru to your own Lanello and Clare de Lis. In fact, dearest ones, all of the manus of the ages will be there to assist the God and Goddess Meru in this time of transition, when they will soar to the sun and lock themselves into a new cosmic solar destiny within that holy office of light previously held by Helios and Vesta.

                You see, this is a transition point and an example of the passing of torches, of mantles of light. And you who are ready, who have prepared yourselves daily through the observance of your disciplines of the spirit will also receive a portion of that sacred mantle of light if you choose to so receive it by your acceptance of it.

            Dearest ones, what will this mantle mean for you? Well, I, Saint Germain, tell you that it will mean the difference between a life of human glory and a life that is moving toward God-glory in all of its beautiful renderings and manifestations. Some of you are yet as children, not fully awakened to your true God-identity. I am here to share with you from my being just how powerful a spiritual being you are when you are invested in your Solar Selfhood and you understand your eternal nature and just how important you are to the ascended masters and the work of the Brotherhood.

            If you think that your prayers are not heard or that your work is not seen or felt by us, I am here to share with you that you are a soul of light, that your life is of great and inestimable value to all life. For you are connected with all life, dearest ones. And when you invoke that light, when you ray forth the sacred energy field of your pure auric emanations through love, wisdom and power, and when you do anything with conscious presence daily, you are overshined and inspired by many beings of light and there is the interplay of freedom manifest within your soul and being that truly is beautiful to behold.

            Now, dearest ones, my beloved Portia comes to each one of you from within your soul and she caresses your entire being as only a mother can--assuaging those points where you have felt devalued, where in any way you have accepted that you are less than God, less than love, less than light. And the violet-energy frequencies--through this balm and through the sacred massage of light that she provides you--support you now in your life’s mission and purpose and bring to bear from deep within you cosmic reserves of energy that many of you have not yet tapped into-- that will allow you to be fully restored unto your true godhood as sovereign divine beings living conscious lives upon earth.

            Yes, the Mother Portia delivers the sacred oil of concentrated violet-light energy as she soothes your being and attends even to the unconscious and subconscious patterns that you have allowed to reside within the folds of your being. This is an aspect of the violet light, dearest ones, that many of you have not yet perceived or understood as a saving grace. In addition to carrying waves of forgiveness and transmutation, it is also a healing balm composed of divine frequencies from the very heart of God that uplifts you, that brings you wholeness, greater presence and inner joy.

            This is our gift to those who have been studious and constant upon their journey of light. We revere you, even as you revere us. If you could always feel this state of reverence and inner peace, dearest ones, you would make greater progress on your path and your hearts would expand within the love frequencies of your God Self to new cosmic heights in which you, as a child of God, could play with the great Beloved, the Creator, as you played long ago as an infant or a toddler with your parents and siblings.

            The family of God is great. You are a cherished member of it. Accept this and live in the integrity of freedom through love, which casts out fear and all that is unreal and allows all that is true and beautiful to alight within your world and to live within your being.

            I am your Saint Germain, advocate of brotherhood, freedom and true divine love. I thank you.

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