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Darshan with El Morya, Part 2: Do the First Things First

Darshan with El Morya, Part 2:  Do the First Things First
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Darshan with El Morya, Part 2
David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by El Morya)
September 15, 2012 10:43 am–12:14 pm CST
Autumn Equinox Tour 2012
Chicago, Illinois

Darshan with El Morya, Part 2
Do the First Things First: Then Everything Else Will Come into Focus and into Play
Keys for Maintaining Balance and Harmony on the Path

David: We’ll begin the rest of our darshan, and you can come to a microphone and ask the master a question. Just as a reminder, it’s good to ask questions that are for the edification of all of us, all of our souls, not something that’s so personal that you desire advice about. I’m not allowed to give personal advice to you, so please don’t put me or the master in that position. In other words, “Who should I get married to? What is my divine plan? Who is my twin flame?” et cetera, are not appropriate questions. Appropriate questions to ask are about things that will bring us to higher consciousness, that will support us on our spiritual journey, that can shed illumination on topics that are important and that deal with life today.

Question: I’ve been struggling for a very long time with the divide we seem to feel within not only our country but also in other parts of the world. As the events of this weekend have unfolded, radical people around the world have been attacking Western embassies and facilities at tremendous cost of life. How do we—and I struggle with this—how do we who preach tolerance work within an environment on the other side that is so intolerant? How do we breach that divide? We go within and we pray and we try, but the other side seems not to be listening. There’s no avenue of communication. And my question is, how can we bring this world together to show true peace?

David: That’s the age-old question. By acknowledging that there is another side, we are actually acknowledging duality. By saying that there are two sides, we are reaffirming that there is division. So it takes a great leap of faith and understanding and patience to realize that at our core we are one and that in heaven there is no separation between peoples. There are no variances of culture to the point where people feel that one is better than another or that there are two best ways that collide and then create friction.
So, what the master says is that in his observation of the work of the Universal Great White Brotherhood in heaven, there is a foundation of understanding, of brotherhood, of sisterhood, of acceptance that is at the core of why and how the Brotherhood works. And masters who have come from all cultures can work in harmony because they first have this foundation of acceptance and understanding.
Now, we’ve all had embodiments in past lifetimes throughout the Earth. You may not resonate with what some of the Muslims are doing now, the fanatical Muslims, and yet we have all had embodiments where we have been in other cultures and may have been Muslim. So we have to go within ourselves to draw forth from our soul the essence of our Self that is one with every other part of life no matter what their culture or religion, and then exude through our being that essence to dance in the cosmos and to bring into play within the lives of all mankind these higher elements of truth so that others will pick up on that and not cling to ways and means that are indicative of division, disparity, clashing, violence, et cetera.
For us to become the change that we desire in the world requires that we resolve everything within ourselves of our own division. What do we mean by that? Are we one with God? That is the greatest divide that separates us from one another—that we are not fully in alignment with our Source, or one with God in the highest sense. We still may feel separated from God, and yet God is never consciously separated from us. God lives inside of us. So if we can bridge this gap in our own consciousness that we are somehow separate from God, then all the other gaps and all the other divides pale into insignificance. Because this is the biggest gap that there is, and it creates a shadow which then itself is maya, or illusion, and which brings all these other divides into play.
So the greatest work that we can do to resolve conflict in the world is to resolve that conflict within ourselves of our non-oneness with our Source. If we are true to our Source, one with God through every breath, we will not see, feel or know division in the world, because we will see through God’s eyes the perfection of every life form, we will even see the Real Self within those who choose violence, and we will accentuate the true them, the true God within them. And that is what we will dote on. That is what we will draw forth. That is what we will see emerging: the true God-nature of every lifestream.
First we have to accept it within ourselves. Every ascended master realized his or her oneness with God at the highest level, realized their union, their yoga, their oneness with the Source. And for you to ascend means that you have accepted this unity principle, this unity field of beingness within yourself to such a degree that nothing can separate you from your Source in consciousness, because your motive, why you do what you do, is all consecrated to God—your whole life, your whole being.
When you live in that integrity, then it creates an effect, a spiritual effect, upon all life. And every lifestream on the Earth feels, on the inner, the shift that has occurred because one lifestream upon Earth, you, have assimilated God. You have become God fully. God lives fully within you. And because we are all one at the Source, everyone feels that shift, and there can be a miracle manifest where, through some magic of inspiration or some intuitive faculty, that one who was acting in violence and divisiveness begins to leave the path of violence and division and disparity. They see that it is useless, that there’s no purpose in it, because it doesn’t yield the ultimate effects of freedom and oneness.
Violence always breeds violence. Disunity always breeds disunity. If we desire to get beyond war and division we have to look to union through peace, peace through union. We have to share love. We choose to be love.
Every problem in the world comes back to roost in our own beings. And when we get this message and we internalize it fully, our work becomes an inner work always and we assess everything from the within out. We work from the within out. And yes, outwardly in the world there will continue to be issues, because not every man, woman and child has realized oneness with the Source. However, our work is our work. And when we work assiduously and put our whole selves into maintaining our oneness with God, the magic is started; we have initiated a most beautiful co-creative activity that will yield the results that we seek. It may not be accomplished in one lifetime so that we have world peace in every quarter by the end of this life. Yet, by the magic of our will one with God’s, it sets in motion everything that is essential so that the cyclings of our lives are fulfilled and our purpose is accomplished.
The more we take responsibility for our oneness with God, the more God gives us authority to affect world and planetary change. It’s a simple equation: greater oneness, greater authority. Taking greater accountability for all life yields a greater ability to transform the world as we know it. Those who see themselves as world servants ultimately become world teachers. The greatest among us becomes the least and the servant of all.1 When we understand this dynamic we see that the only way to transform things from the top down, from God’s vantage point, is to abase ourselves and be humble, be the servant of all life, and in that we ascend to become a true leader, a true advocate for planetary change.
El Morya says that long ago he realized this law of the One. And so his work was on himself night and day, day and night until he rooted out everything that would accommodate something less than God. And once he realized his eternal nature of being a true Son of God in the highest sense, then he was given the responsibility to move into the chohanship of the first ray and what that means for Earth and her evolutions.
Imagine, for a moment, being the chohan of a ray, being responsible to millions and billions of lifestreams to guide and guard and direct them according to the qualities of that ray, the nuances of the expression of that ray. It is a massive responsibility, and yet the master himself or herself is in a continuous relationship with God that allows God’s light to do the work and to accomplish the perfect work of the Lord.2 It’s not that master as an identity that’s doing everything; the master is the vessel for the greater work of God through his or her lifestream so consecrated and dedicated.
El Morya reminds me that a long time ago someone asked the question, “What would it take for there to be peace in the Middle East?” As I recall, one of the Buddhas said that it would take thirty-three who would reach Buddhic enlightenment for there to be enough virya, or power, to effect change at that level, because of the great amount of darkness in the Middle East. We have fourteen Buddhas in potential in this room; we’re almost halfway there. If everyone here realizes his or her Buddhahood, we can transform the world.
So El Morya asks us the question: Would you be Buddha? Would you be the Divine Mother? And if you take that level of accountability and responsibility, then anytime you observe something of division in the world, or an issue or a problem, you breathe in that situation, you transmute it within your heart, you breathe out love and light, and according to God’s cycles it will all come to resolution. Thank you for that question. [Thank you.]

Question: Beloved El Morya, there’s a lot of talk in the New Age movement about what is happening to Mother Earth, and a lot of speculation about how she is moving into the fifth dimension, as they call it, and that people on the Earth who can raise our vibrations to that level will move into the fifth dimension with her. They are referring to that as the ascension. I wonder if you would comment on this.

David: The Earth is composed of many lifewaves who live upon and within her. The Earth can do magical things and yet she is constrained by her cells. Look at your own body temple. When you treat your body correctly, have enough sleep, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, and good, live, fresh and preferably organic local food, when you are prudent in all of your affairs, you have health and vitality.
Likewise the Earth, being composed of the physical platform that we call Mother Nature and also of the evolutions living upon her, is constrained by the consciousness of all of the life forms. And when people choose to do things that hurt the Earth there are effects, and the Earth itself may be sick or even dying in certain parts of her being. The ocean is polluted, nuclear radiation is spewing out. The worst is really the consciousness of people and what that does to the Earth and the atmosphere. So how can the Earth move into a higher dimension when the vast majority of evolutions are not at that level?
First, it takes those who have an understanding to see the Earth with their awareness and to educate and to catalyze vast numbers of people to change and to transform. When an adequate number of people have done the spiritual work, the results will start to take on a life of their own and the transformation will begin to accelerate. And through that acceleration, people in the mass consciousness will begin to awaken and there can be a vast shift because what in the past was the norm, which was unconsciousness, becomes not the norm; and the new norm is awareness, enlightenment and soul freedom.
We have to model that first. So again, it comes back to us. If we expect the Earth to shift into a higher gear, or another dimension, we have to first do that. So the question El Morya asks is: Are you living in the fifth dimension 24/7? If not, then don’t expect the Earth to make that shift anytime soon.
Many people talk of this, and there’s a lot of flight and fancy and they’re thinking that somehow it’s all going to magically just happen because they think it’s possible. It will take conscious work. It will take changing the way that we govern, changing the way our economy works, changing the societal structures, the educational structures. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes movements and peoples who are conscious to demand change of their leaders, and in fact these conscious individuals have to become the new leaders.
So El Morya asks you: Are you willing to be a leader? Are you willing to truly lead? Or are you sitting back on your couch hoping, hoping, ever hoping that somehow this change is going to occur? How can you transform yourself from being a witness or a fan or someone on the sidelines to being one on the playing field and one who takes the authority of leadership and actually leads and therefore delivers change on a global scale?
We have a hard enough time in our Hearts Center groups to have leaders who take the full responsibility for their Heartfriends Groups or Hearts Centers by holding regular meetings, having regular events, planning, doing heartreach and growing. So El Morya asks all of us, Where is the growth? Where is the growth? The growth has to start right here. And when we have grown within ourselves to the point where we can accommodate greater numbers of beautiful souls who are ready for our teaching, then they will come. If we haven’t worked on ourselves or mastered ourselves or made that shift into the fifth dimension in our consciousness to the Christ consciousness, then que será, será. Maybe it will come in our lifetime, maybe it won’t. It’s all up to us.
Now, those in this room generally are the ones who are the dedicated, the consecrated, those who are working day after day giving their all to the Brotherhood. And yet there are still elements of our consciousness, all of us, that we can shift and change to live fully in our potential. El Morya says that 90 percent of all this “foo-foo” about the fifth dimension is just foo-foo. He desires practical workers of the Spirit who get out there and serve and do the work. That’s where true transformational change occurs—the Gandhis of this world, even the Martin Luther Kings, who demonstrate for change until the change occurs. We may not always agree with the tactics or even the personal lives of some of these individuals, and yet at some level they have taken responsibility for change.
We may not be perfect in everything that we do in our private lives; and yet if we have consecration and we build momentum and we are one-pointed, we can effect great change. As an example, El Morya highlights the fact that ____ went to Washington and testified and also wrote legislation, because he saw what was occurring. He took personal accountability. If he hadn’t done what he did, either that legislation wouldn’t have gone through or it would have been left for someone else to finally rise up to do something, but that could have been months or years later.
Are you willing to take this level of accountability? If you desire to see anything outpictured in The Hearts Center in terms of projects, new courses, whatever, you co-create that first. And then, when you have done all of your homework, bring it to someone who can assist in making it happen.
Volunteer first. What El Morya says is that the volunteer spirit is alive and well in certain aspects of this country. Unfortunately, however, there is a concurrent stream of the attitude that people are owed things, owed benefits, owed health care, owed such and such by government or by society. If everyone had that attitude, we would lose our civilization in a heartbeat. It takes us to take accountability and to teach others personal accountability in order to effect great change. It begins with us.
We could go around the room as a spiritual exercise and you could share, each one, how in a certain situation you took accountability for something and then, because you stood firm, something shifted or changed. This is how we move into the fifth dimension—person by person, that person growing, shifting and changing. And when it reaches a crescendo, or what the masters have explained is like a supersaturated solution, finally one little seed is added and the whole thing becomes crystallized. It was already supersaturated, and that saturation occurred over time. Do you remember that experiment in chemistry class? Finally there is a tipping point where you add just one more crystal and the whole solution crystallizes.
So, if you desire to keep reading all of these foo-foo, woo-woo, semi-psychic, semi-spiritual teachings, that’s what influences your mind and that’s where you’ll live. Why not create your own teaching? Why not write your book, tell your story and inspire the world? “First things first,” the master says. He’s blazing that in letters of living blue fire: First things first, he’s reminding us. First things first. And the first is God. So we can read, we can surf the Net, we can study all kinds of other things. Are these distractions? What is your purpose? Find your purpose. Go for it! Do the first things first and everything else will come into focus and into play. That’s the answer to that. Thank you. [Thank you.]

David: The feeling I had when he said “first things first”—wow! We spend a lot of our time, and I’m looking at myself, how much time do I spend looking at the news? How much time do I spend reading e-mails that aren’t essential? How much time do I spend? If I put first things first, I would have three or four more books published. Believe me, it’s coming to roost in my own consciousness.

Question: Beloved Master El Morya, there are those who have practiced spiritualism in a past life or past lives. How may they overcome the seeing of entities that they may have picked up in those lifetimes, and swiftly rebuild their ectoplasm that was lost? Thank you, Master.

David: We are constantly creating our reality by our thoughts and our feelings, our words and our deeds. If you give power to the past and what has occurred in past lifetimes, then you are disempowering yourself now, as a son or daughter of God, to live in your full integrity. Therefore, accept that your aura is strong, vibrant, clear, pure. Accept the blue-fire radiance around your auric field that seals you in light, in the fact that your aura is impervious to any entity of darkness. By the virya of your will, accept the power of God, the dynamism of God acting in your daily affairs so that you are victorious. You disempower yourself when you blame your past for your present situation. You can change right now, today, and accept your Godhood. That is what you can choose to do.
And if you feel that it requires greater visualization of the blue fire and the white light around you, then so be it. Practice. Practice until you feel that you are secure in the light. Ask forgiveness for what you’ve done in the past. Let go of it. Don’t harbor those resentments or those feelings of regret or of ruing the day for what you’ve done in the past. Accept your godhood now and live in that and affirm it day after day. You can rebuild your aura now. It doesn’t take years, decades or lifetimes. It takes a conscious will. Your conscious will can co-create anything when you are aligned with God’s will.
Get rid of habit patterns that allow you to waste time and energy. Those who talk too much, who are always talking, are wasting one of the greatest resources they have. So stop your gibberish, your conversation that leads nowhere, your bantering and the useless waste of your sacred throat chakra. Use your throat chakra for God’s work through affirmations, dynamic declarations of beingness and purpose and beauty. People fritter away their auras through nonsensical stuff.
You create your aura by your will and your consciousness. Study El Morya’s book on the aura through our Hearts Center movement.2 If you haven’t taken Morya’s courses on the Advanced Studies of the Human Aura, courses 1002 and 1004,3 take them. They are available now. Study and re-study what he shared to build a solar aura. You won’t have any excuse any longer for a willy-nilly aura or lack of integrity. El Morya asks this person, anonymously and directly: Have you taken my class? And if you have, study it again. All the keys are in there for what you require to overcome this problem.
To me, David, those were two of the most dynamic, awesome Meru courses that have ever happened. El Morya gave us the dictated prayer that we give as part of Vesta’s Solar Rosary, “I AM One, I AM One, I AM One with the Sun.”4 He dictated that prayer right in the middle of one of the HeartStreams. This book is the culmination of the other two aura books that came through Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. They weren’t able to receive the third book in that series. By God’s grace, El Morya dictated it through me. Thirty-three dictations, HeartStreams. Has everybody in this room taken those classes? If you haven’t, that’s your assignment from El Morya.

Question: Beloved El Morya, I received on the inner the understanding that my life is a stage and that in order for me to have an amazing, thriving performance, there are many people working behind the stage making sure the best possible outcome presents itself. I am now made aware of and I envision many friends from my past lives who are now ascended masters, known or unknown, along with legions of angels taking care of every detail to bring heaven on earth in my domain. I see them also sitting in the seats and watching the performance and applauding the performance. I thank you and I appreciate your participation in this eternal, never-ending event. Thank you for this beautiful thoughtform.

David: Every lifetime is an act. We’ve all had many acts. The culmination is the finale in the last scene: Every beloved of your being is there to witness the magical mystery of your ascent and your merging with your Source. The happiness and the divine glee and the radiance and the joy of every ascended being is there each time a soul ascends. And that is the greatest act on any stage that we can have.

Comment: I’d like to thank El Morya for the reminder to pray for our Chicago youth. We’ve been doing it on Tuesday nights and somewhat on Thursday nights, but we’ve been practicing video broadcasting and also doing a bit of prayers for the youth and so we always put on a practice video session. And I think now we’ll have to do real ones instead of practice. I think we’re ready. So, I thank you for the reminder, especially to hold the vision for these youth that they are God’s children. I’m just really grateful.

David: Beloved El Morya, we call for the resolution of the teachers’ strike in the Chicagoland area affecting hundreds of thousands of students. Blaze forth the light of God! Blaze forth the light of God! Blaze forth the light of God! We call for the teachers’ unions to come into alignment with the will of God, and for the administration and all those who will be in negotiations to come under that rod of the will of God. Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light, beloved El Morya. Move heaven and earth! Work through those individuals who can effect change for the highest outcome, especially for the children and youth in these schools. Roll back! Roll back! Roll back inertia, darkness, and all that opposes the children, the school systems, the teachers, the administrators, and for the highest and most perfect outcome through negotiations and through this resolution. We accept it now, O Lord. We accept it now, O Lord. [Audience joins David:] We accept it now, O Lord! We accept it now, O Lord! We accept it now, O Lord! Amen.

David: ____, would you like to give, from your vantage point, an understanding of the crisis as it exists right now and maybe some insights as to what could be an equitable and positive solution?

Comment: It appears as if the majority of the issues that are surrounding the school board vs. the union membership are around pay and compensation, around teachers’ authority, and around a principal’s ability to hire and fire within their own right, to direct the challenges that they’re faced with, to uplift the educational structure within the City of Chicago and provide the students with the benefits that every taxpayer in Cook County and surrounding communities in Illinois are paying for.
They are getting close. For a pay increase, they’re looking for a 24 percent pay increase over four years. What’s been offered is a 16 percent pay increase over four years, so there’s a little divide there. I believe they’ll compromise on that and I think 16 percent is fair, especially in light of today’s economy. It’s difficult to go back to the taxpayer and ask them to belly-up more of what they’re getting less and less for in terms of pay.
When it comes to other compensations and the ability of the teachers to better instruct and the resources that they need, I think they’ve got that resolved. When it comes to cost of living increases, I believe there will be a cost of living increase built into this for the teachers, moving forward, which is good for everyone.
I’m hopeful that resolution can come forth that gives more authority to the principals in directing the opportunities that they need in hiring the best people for the right job. Tenure should not be, in my opinion, the only criteria for the quality of a teacher; and the unions tend to push in that direction. The school board is looking to break away from tenure and move more towards exceptionalism, more towards achievement, more towards accomplishment. And I wholeheartedly support that.
We’re feeling that they’re coming close to a resolution. And we pray and hope that they do so quickly and get those kids back in school, off the streets and in a safe and secure environment where they can lead their lives forward and move forward every day of their life.

David: Great. Thank you for that insight. Very off-the-cuff and perfect.
We know from the path of initiation that tenure alone does not guarantee your ascension. Longevity on the path itself is not attainment. It is a constancy of striving, improvement, self-knowledge and digging deeper and becoming better and better that really proves whether one has mastered him- or herself. And it’s the same way with teachers. It should be the norm in our American society. It’s not just whether you’ve been a teacher for ten, twenty, thirty years that determines whether you’re a good teacher. There has to be proof by whether your students are learning, whether they’re successful, whether they’re moving on at the grade level that they should be at, and more. So it’s really ludicrous that we have, in our society, systems set up that guarantee something when it could be based on the path of initiation, which is the path of righteousness, the path of striving and of individual improvement and self-attainment.
Any system that’s been corrupted by what the unions originally were for, which was to safeguard the rights of employees under bosses who didn’t have the interests of the employees in mind and were misusing or abusing their employees, has to shift into this path of initiation. So we understand the original purpose of unions. In my opinion, and this is the master’s opinion, there’s been a lot of manipulation and the unions do not always reflect the ascended masters’ views on the way that rights can be safeguarded. They have manipulated things and it’s gotten way out of hand.
You see this when you go to New York. You can’t even unload a truck in New York without having to pay a union to do it. That’s just not the path of initiation. It’s insane. And the costs involved when you’re in some of these large cities, and the Mafia influence, just makes everything cost more for everyone. It’s a vicious cycle and it has to be broken. And some who have been fearless to challenge these union bosses, such as in Wisconsin and other places, Chris Christie in New Jersey, have, I believe, been successful in promulgating the will of the people, the higher will of the people, which is for sanity and for balance and harmony to exist.
If our Founding Fathers saw the state of affairs now in America in a lot of areas, I think they’d be shocked at the way that society has misinterpreted the original purpose of our nation and the guidelines that were set forth through our constitution. It’s interesting that many people who come from other nations to America for freedom are the ones who actually understand this more than many of us who are born here, take our freedoms for granted, and then expect things to be given to us on a platter rather than working for them. The immigrants are often the ones who start with nothing. They move to another nation, they have to learn another language, and they sometimes appreciate what we have more than we do.
So, the system has to change. And we can be advocates for changes that are not causative of a revolution whereby the whole society breaks down, but where change occurs by a groundswell of positive leadership that takes the reins, challenges evil and darkness where it exists, and accentuates the light and goodness where it can also unfold. So, our calls have effects, and I believe what we just did with El Morya will have a tremendous, powerful effect for the resolution of this crisis. So, thank you for your calls today.

Comment: ____ and I went to a breakfast two weeks ago with a politician who was introducing a new candidate for the area. He said specifically that this candidate could help break up unions in Cook County. But what I thought was most amazing was that he said, “This is for soul freedom!” And I thought, wow! So, ____ might want to make some comments about it.

David: Sure. In The Hearts Center, we don’t endorse specific candidates, because of our 501(c)(3), but…

Comment: …we endorse soul freedom.

David: …we endorse soul freedom. [laughter]

Comment: Specifically, the event was a fundraiser, of course, and it was a very small and intimate meeting, probably twelve of us in total. And the introduction of a new candidate was for a state representative that isn’t even in this district. It was a young Hispanic man who is a teacher, so these issues are very near and dear to him, and his wife is a teacher as well. And they’ve seen where the failing of the school system interacts within their own community. He has never run for office before, and he was enthused and bright and articulate and young, very young. It was very, very enlightening.
What he said was really interesting—that of the Hispanic group that he represents predominantly, a majority of their values are conservative: God, family, education, hard work. They are finding that the things that all brought them here, that were initially promised to them by one group or one politician or the next, really haven’t been provided. So his message is to try to bring a more conservative value to the community and let them see where they can professionally resonate with him. He also determined that he could fight within the system as a teacher and try to improve it, but he really believed, in talking with his wife, that the best way to enact change was to be a legislator and to legislate change down in Springfield, Illinois. And we support him in that endeavor and wish him all the success. Again, this is a personal support, by the way. We all want our children to be educated and give them every benefit to succeed in our society. That’s our hope.

David: Okay, thank you. So, what else would you like to discuss?

Question: Beloved El Morya, I would like to know more about the initiations after the balancing of 51 percent of one’s karma. You noted in a past HeartStream recently that some of us are climbing up past that and onto 80 percent, and I’d like some enlightenment.

David: Okay. We have a teaching on the cosmic clock and the etheric, mental, emotional and physical planes. And we may segment our karma, using that teaching in a certain way, to look at our karma in terms of “now we’re balancing our etheric karma; now we’re balancing our mental karma; now we’re balancing primarily our astral, or emotional, karma; and now we’re balancing our physical karma.” It’s not quite that simple, because all karma is interwoven. When you reach the 51 percentile, even if you look at the cosmic clock and it appears that you’re dealing more with your emotional body or your astral body, in effect you’re really still working with karma that you’ve made throughout your lifetimes that is at that level very deep-seated, often ancient, and embedded within your electronic belt and your being; and it really is some of the toughest karma to deal with. It’s not just the emotional quadrant. It can still be etheric or mental karma, so to speak.
So the key, when you’ve gone over 51 percent and you’re still in embodiment, is to maintain harmony. Harmony is one of the key factors in balancing karma, because often karma is made when we go up and down and up and down; we go to great heights in our consciousness and then suddenly we go through depression. And when you’re in that point of the depression or the lower part of the flow of life, it seems almost impossible to get out of the ditch or out of the rut. You’re caught there and it’s hard to get that thrust to come back up again to the point where you feel your normal integrity, your normal balance and harmony.
So instead of going like this [David gestures] according to the lunar cycles, El Morya says the key is to maintain the sunlight of your being as the focus through your whole life so that you are on an even keel, you are actually circling the sun like this [gestures]: God is in the center, you’re circling God, and you’re actually getting closer and closer to God. It’s not like you’re going like this around the sun [gestures]. That’s not the way that the planets orbit, right? [laughter] That would not be a regular orbit. However, we’re trying to get closer to the Sun, because that’s where our total oneness exists. So that’s a thoughtform for all of us. When you reach the 50 percent, it’s like you start where Earth is, and now you’re at Venus, and now you’re working more toward Mercury and getting closer to the Sun.
So we can assess ourselves and our ups and downs, and try to do away with the yo-yo consciousness and the up-and-down consciousness. If we can maintain harmony and balance in our lives and accelerate gradually through constancy, we will get to the summit. It’s as if you turn that on its side and the peak is the Sun and we’re climbing the mountain. Now, there’s the direct path, but rarely do you climb a mountain straight up, right? The only way you can do that is if there’s somebody up there who has pinned something up there and you have ropes that you can climb and you go straight over the cliffs. But typically you are going to access these jagged areas and your ascent won’t be straight up and you may have to climb like this [gestures]. How are most pathways up mountains? When they carve the roads, they have to go like this [gestures]. So in one sense that’s almost like what we’re talking about, but you’re still ascending. You know, you’re still going up, you’re not going down and up and down and up.
So, balance and harmony are among the most important keys on the path once you reach the 51 percent, because you don’t want to go back lower than 50 percent and make karma to the point where you can’t be trusted by the Brotherhood. So what are ways that you can maintain balance and harmony? El Morya puts this back to all of us.
You can come to the microphone and say your thoughts. We’ll turn the camera to the mic. What have you learned in your life that has allowed you to maintain balance and harmony? Focus on those. Keep those practices. Maintain the thread of contact so that you are always moving forward, you’re always gradually ascending. You don’t have fits of anger and then regret what you’ve said, because if you do you make karma and go back in percentile. So, what have we learned in the mastery of ourselves that has allowed us to keep that centrality of beingness? That’s what we can focus on for the next few minutes. Write down these points. And then when you come to a place on the path where you feel you’re not making the progress you should be, look at those notes. Assess what’s happened in the last few weeks or months that has set you back and then determine that you’re going to maintain a schedule and a harmonic path that will move you forward.
For me, I’d have to say maintaining my daily disciplines, getting up early before the sun rises and doing my meditation, doing my Tibetan Five Rites, doing my exercise, like swimming twice or three times a week, and hiking and biking or running or walking, whatever, to keep myself in shape, having my diet, eating the foods that I know I should eat and avoiding the foods that I know are problematic for me, such as dairy and heavy meats, and just 99 percent vegetarian with fish occasionally, and stuff like that. That’s what works for me. Lots of vegetables and not a lot of sweets. Sweets throw me off. How many people eat sweets and regret it later? It diminishes your ability to maintain your highest mindfulness and your ability to think clearly when you eat too many sweets.
So write down, for the four quadrants of your being, the things that you know you have to do on a regular basis to maintain balance. So, who would like to share briefly what works for them? Maybe some things that other people haven’t thought of.

Comment: During a rough period of my life I thought about this and what did I do during that time. That’s when I really went into “I AM the One”; I am connected to that person. I looked for compassion, I looked for their story, why they were being that way, and I tried to really understand them and be one with them and do ho’oponopono where I couldn’t figure it out. And over and over and over again. And then the joy that came with the ho’oponopono overcame it all. And so that’s the kind of combination that I found and that I do.

David: Great. Excellent. Now, something I’ve also found out in relationships, and Mona’s taught me this, is to listen, to really listen. I don’t know that I developed that skill enough until I had someone who was conscious enough to make sure that I was listening and who would remind me: “Are you listening?” Or: “Are you focusing on what I’m saying?” This is really important in relationships if you’re going to keep a positive relationship. Most of us have relationships. We’re either married or we have relationships in our jobs, situations with other people, and we really have to listen.
Developing that listening skill by focusing on a person while they’re talking can be also the same as focusing on God, listening to God, listening to our inner self. It’s all really the same. If we don’t have a listening skill of listening to our conscience, to God within, I think we have a harder time developing the listening skill of listening to others.
So when you meditate in the morning, when you have that silent time and you listen, and you’re not actually even praying or emanating or thinking, you’re just still and you open yourself up to God and you listen and you’re in that quiescent state, I believe that’s a very important spiritual practice—because if you’re still long enough, God will speak to you or share something with you. You just have to still your mind.
And developing that skill of spiritual practice, I think, will help you to transfer it into relationships where you can really focus on listening to someone, hearing what they’re saying, hearing the intent behind it, and feeling their heart and their being as they are speaking, and not just be focused on what you’re going to say next in reaction to what they’re saying. It takes really deep and careful listening. I feel that developing that skill helps us to avoid making karma. That’s as important as balancing karma, to avoid making new karma.
Who else would like to share something? What has worked for you in maintaining harmony and balance?

Comment: Personally, I find long hours of silence and just being alone. Sometimes I think I’m a little too introverted, but I just find energy being. Like Morya said, talking, chattering, conversations that are meaningless—I used to not like that, but now I literally feel it draining my energy. And so I tend to pull away from that, and I just spend long, long hours of silence in the woods or swimming, like you, and walking, reading, whatever.

David: Great. And it helps you to maintain your energy levels. Great. Excellent.

Comment: El Morya said something about fasting. And since the last conference, the Maha Chohan said if you fast once a week, that you’ll be able to see him; he said that during one of the blessings. And then he said that this blessing pertains to everyone. So I took that seriously, because I think he’s really handsome and I’d like to see him. [laughter and comments from audience] So every Wednesday I’ve been fasting; I started with juices and fruits. And simultaneously I’ve noticed in some situations that I haven’t reacted as I previously had, such as with a lot of fear or a lot of angst. And I wonder why I didn’t feel angst or anxiety? And then, after El Morya was talking about fasting and maintaining harmony, I was thinking, well, maybe the fasting is helping me maintain harmony. I’ll experiment more, but I think that might be something good.

David: Great. Thank you. Now there’s one school of thought on fasting, which is to eat breakfast and then don’t eat lunch, dinner or breakfast the next day. And it’s actually easier, because breakfast for many people is really the most important meal because you’ve been fasting all night. You haven’t eaten, for most people, for twelve hours. So to actually have that boost of energy in the morning and then go through the whole day without eating and then eat at noon the next day is a little easier way to fast. Has anybody tried that? It’s actually pretty nice.

Question: So you eat breakfast?

David: You eat breakfast, but then you don’t eat again till midday the next day.

Question: But you can drink?

David: You can drink, yes, so that’s kind of nice. Okay, anybody else?

Comment: For me, if there’s a negative situation or a negative vibration that comes upon me, I notice that if I change my focus to something positive, I’m fine. And I try to do this as quickly as possible if that happens. I’m very quiet and I say quietly to myself, “I AM peace” or “Peace” or “I AM God-love” or whatever. Immediately those words, even though I might not have spoken them, have a profound effect in my four lower bodies. And for me it was a major realization to do that. And I’ve been practicing that.

David: Great. Thank you, ____. Maybe that’s why the master said “Peace” to you a few times at the end; he knew what you were doing. [laughter]
You know how, as parents, when your children start having a little tantrum or they’re all frantic about something, if you divert their attention to something else that they like they forget all about whatever the problem is that they’re dealing with at the moment. I think we can apply that to ourselves. [laughter] You hit on that. If we’re feeling “woe is me” or we’re dwelling in the consciousness that “I’ve got problems,” or that “I’m at this low level of energy” or whatever, and we just shift into doing something that we love or that’s beneficial to us, it takes us right out of that whole thing and we’re fine.
I find that washing dishes does that for me. [laughter] For example, if I’m really busy in my office and I’m really concentrating for a long period of time, doing some physical activity gets me out of the temporary malaise that can at times come when we’re working for hard for five hours in a row. I think that’s too long, actually. I think an hour to an hour and a half to maybe two hours max is plenty of time to be focusing on one thing before we actually have to take an intermission. We just have to get up and move around. And doing dishes—I just love it. Anyway, that’s one of my things. Who else?

Comment: This has something to do with what he said. I always like to think that we’re not here by ourselves, which makes it so much more comforting. And so then, when I get into a situation, I always have somebody to talk to. I can even talk to the elementals. It keeps me on an even keel.

David: There’s always a master or a being of light ready to talk with you when you’re going through hard times. There’s always a divine being that is ready to communicate with you if you choose. And there’s always your Higher Self. Thank you, El Morya. Thank you, divine beings. In the name of the Mighty I AM God Presence of all life, we are victorious. We are free. We are soul-free. Amen.

1. Matthew 23:11.
2. See “Advanced Studies of the Human Aura” with El Morya, available as on-demand webinars through Meru University: Part One, Course 1002R; and Part Two, Course 1004R. See also Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance, by David Christopher Lewis, available through The Hearts Center online bookstore.
3. Prayer 20.023, “El Morya’s Great Central Sun Meditation.”

Copyright © 2014 The Hearts Center®. All rights reserved. We encourage you to share these messages with heartfriends throughout the world. With the approval of the messenger and/or the master, some of the spoken words may have been changed, or new words added, to provide greater clarity in the written word. Short excerpts may be quoted as long as full credit is given to the author. Contact us at www.theheartscenter.org. Correspondence and contributions may be sent to P.O. Box 277, Livingston, Montana 59047 USA.



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