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Darshan with Beloved El Morya: A Visionary Experiment to Move Forward the Plan of the Universal Great White Brotherhood

Darshan with Beloved El Morya: A Visionary Experiment to Move Forward the Plan of the Universal Great White Brotherhood

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Darshan with Beloved El Morya
David Christopher Lewis
June 21, 2012 10:36–11:19 am CDT
2012 World Freedom Conference
Love is the Key to Aquarian Freedom
Winnipeg, Canada

Darshan with Beloved El Morya: A Visionary Experiment to Move Forward the Plan of the Universal Great White Brotherhood

Beloved Ones,

I would speak through the mind of my son in a more conversational way with you today about North America, our union and the purpose of the I AM race within the peoples of these great lands. We have all been engaged in sacred work in this and other lifetimes. We have given our all often, supported one another and attempted to discern the will of God in many arenas of action. Let us discuss and dialogue today on ways and means in which we can move forward the plan of the Universal Great White Brotherhood. Your International Day itself is a time of celebration of what you have accomplished. Concurrent with this review of the past and of that which you have fulfilled, let us discern together what yet remains to be accomplished, heart to heart, as we together decide forthrightly to fulfill the goals set before us, the desires of the ascended masters as they see it clearly and as we, hearts beating as one, work together to do our parts individually and collectively.

I am inviting each of you to come forward one by one and share with the Darjeeling Council, Hermes and me what you see as essential to be fulfilled for North America through your life, through the lives of your families and loved ones—a dream, a God-desire, a vision, something that speaks to your soul of what you implore the Cosmic One to engage within your life and your energies in such a way that it will bring blessing and boon to many. Speak anything; speak what comes to mind or to heart. Let it be a prayer, a supplication or simply a statement of what are you dreaming now to be real and realized for North America as a whole. And if you choose to extend it to the world at large, let it be so.

This is a time for your word, O holy ones, to be heard by heaven, by the masters whom you cherish, with whom you work, to whom you call. We are listening today to your hearts. This is your HeartStream, shared with us, as to who you are and what you desire of God. Come forward and let your voice be heard. [Audience comes forward one by one to make a statement.]

Speaker #1: Beloved, I perceive Meru University in every land and bringing forth the teachings of the ascended masters through each and every one of us; that we can all bring forth something, something from our hearts, to teach and to give forth and to contact beautiful heartfriends in very county. I foresee a Garden of Eden and permaculture everywhere and the beauty of nature springing forth from our hearts. And I foresee the children being cut free from all that is pulling them down so that they can be aware of their God Presence and their hearts and bring forth what they are meant to bring forth and be creative in their own right by being who they are. And I perceive all loving who they are.

Speaker #2: Several years ago I self-published a children’s book called The Positive Pixies: Twelve Steps to Success For Children, mainly filled with drawings and showing a process that children could work through in any project and then showing how they could do it with gardening. Since then, I had the chance to take that book into an academy of drama school; and I taught all those concepts through the use of song, dance, drama, story—learning those concepts using the creative arts. After that experience I started to write it down into a form that teachers could use; but because of many other things that I’ve had going on in my life, I have not completed the book. This past year I’ve learned about Hermes being the father of alchemy, and I really pray that I can manifest this and have the time to get it done. It’s a character development/creative arts program that teachers and parents could use with their children.

Speaker #3: It seems that we’re all talking about the same thing. I come here to implore dispensations for the children and families; it all starts at home. I see many beloved parents doing their best, but there is such opposition to the children, particularly children that carry a great deal of light, and it’s a huge challenge. I see this: protecting families more and communities, small communities of light, big communities of light. I’ve been into the big cities and they’re beautiful and have their many wonders, but the small communities are where families can nurture their own children themselves, each other and the community can take care of itself. I know it’s not quite such a big thing in the United States or in the North Americas, but I think it would be great, the idea that this is a cool thing to do to have a little community of families and where the elderly are taken care of instead of being stuffed into old peoples’ homes. And it’s a rich and joyous experience for the individual to grow and develop. So that’s what I am requesting—the protection and development of families and communities.

Speaker #4: I created a Web site called Story Telling Around the World. So I’m here to invite you all to write your story and put it on my Web site if you’re interested. The masters have been telling us for years to write our stories and I thought this Web site could be a vehicle for everybody who wants to write a story or whatever it is—how they got into the teachings of the ascended masters or experiences in life that they have had that are positive. I started this site just about a year ago. A lot have things have gotten in the way but I have it up. I’ve only got a couple of pages up there, so after this conference I will be concentrating on that Web site to do what I set forth to do. So I’m asking for the sponsorship of the masters and of all of you and the lightbearers around the world to work on this with me, because I think we could reach a lot of people through this medium. I know that even with hardly anything up there, I have had hits on it. Some people are aware of it but I don’t have enough on there to really attract people to contribute, so I’m asking you to help.

Speaker #5: We had a movement not too long ago, and it’s still going on to a lesser degree, to end the Fed. The vast majority of the people do not know that President Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 in 1963 to not renew the Federal Reserve System and to start the production of United States dollars, not Federal Reserve Notes. After his assassination, this plan was discontinued. The money which would have been produced would have been backed by silver, because we have plenty of silver as opposed to gold supply for backing. He wanted to have 100 percent backing of our dollars produced. I feel personally that the reason he was assassinated is because he wanted to end the Fed, because he knew about the controlling nature of the Fed and how in the future it would cause great havoc in our society and great chaos, he knew that the Fed would be able to control inflation and create depressions at will, and that we’d always be lagging behind and owing money. So he wanted us to be free.
As the Constitution was written, we must not allow for any foreign power to control our supply, to have any involvement in America, including our supply, which was to have been made by Congress. Congress itself had the power to do this. So I found out that every fifty years the president has a right to renew or not to renew allowing the Federal Reserve to continue the production of money. So Kennedy ended it forty-nine years ago. We don’t have to recreate the wheel; he already ended it. He ended the Federal Reserve System, but Lyndon Johnson, who continued after him, did not allow for Executive Order 11110 to be implemented. I would like to ask that people rise up that have the power and authority to let this information be put out so that the Federal Reserve System will be ended and we will turn back to the production of money as President Kennedy signed. Thank you.

Speaker #6: I see for the coming days the removal of all layers of ignorance, like the peelings of an onion, from all leaders of all countries and all leaders within the countries in exchange for love, joy, peace and harmony throughout the world. The second thing that I see that is important to me is teaching a class called something like “The New Age—What the Bible is Really Meant to Be.” Thank you.

Speaker #7: My vision is the complete restructuring and redirection of the healthcare system in North America and the drug companies and the diet that is being promoted. I see a healthy diet, natural healings and doing it the right way. I’ve seen too many people all around me being mistreated in ways that continue their diseases and their poor health conditions, which keeps them from fulfilling their mission and rising higher.

Speaker #8: I desire for beauty to manifest in the hearts of all youth and others here in North America so that they’ll no longer desire any sort of darkness or anything that isn’t of God, such as listening to heavy-metal music or watching horror movies or, in a way, worshipping the astral plane. I pray for a renaissance of beauty.

Speaker #9: I see initiates of the sacred fire, mature sons and daughters of God throughout the world who have leadership capacity or leadership skills to step up and replace those in positions of leadership in all walks of life whose main interest is self-interest and who have led us into a very difficult situation in our world. I also see and ask for mature sons and daughters of God to be attracted to The Hearts Center, those who would like to build an amazing thing. I sense that there are many out there whom we haven’t contacted. And I would like to attract more people to our Hearts Center with leadership abilities and those who would like to support and build something, not just come and drink at the fountain. Because we love everyone, yet I would like to have more builders.

Speaker #10: I foresee human beings loving their bodies. And I foresee that a major way that this will bloom is as people bring cups of water into the washroom with them and wash instead of use toilet paper. Because this will be making you cleaner and also will renew the relationship you have with parts of your body that you may not have a good relationship with.

Speaker #11: I foresee that waves of love and light will penetrate every heart on the planet and every human interaction will be based on love coming from the Divine Source. The world will be transformed into beauty and love and light and truth. I foresee that we will all make this happen through this movement and many other movements. All the release of tension and fears will happen and will be dissipated and the world will become the place that it was meant to be. That is my vision.

Speaker #12: I see a world where education of the heart flourishes; the children learn those things that relate to themselves as they relate to their Higher Presence. I see this education expanding to life-long learning for everyone as we are joyous in our growth—our personal growth, our community growth, the expansion of our hearts and our minds and working together. And I see the expansion of building and the economies, which help to promote the building of new things that are worthwhile; and that we take care of our infrastructures. And we take care of those things that are important and we have that support ongoing. And as we are growing, we grow in the light.

Speaker #13: I see an awakening of all people to the Age of Aquarius, to the Golden-Crystal Age, an age of brotherhood and love and peace and tolerance among all; and that we return to the Garden of Eden in that we return to nature and we have beautiful golden-age communities with lovely gardens and sustainable, organic agriculture, and that we live in consonance with Mother Nature.

Speaker #14: I see a world where all people are tolerant and respectful and acknowledge the perspective of others, how other people see things; that different opinions are listened to; and that the truth will set people free by focusing on the values and the light of God. Thank you.

Speaker #15: My vision is one where I see a mass reconnection with Mother Nature. I have evidence that this is already happening and it’s starting to blossom in every area of the planet. And I see systems within governments that allow people to have their motherland back and to establish that motherland as a base for all of life in terms of educating children, being families on a small scale and larger scale, and having the education within that the children will thrive on, working in nature with their elders; and that the sustainability within that can be carried on into at least seven generations. And once that cycle starts, it just continues. Thank you.

Speaker #16: I see a world where war is obsolete, where people are focused on solar power and crystal energy and higher medical intuitive talents and opportunities. I see a world where the economy is not run by debt but by prosperity and the consciousness of prosperity, a world where we all have the opportunity through a reconnection with the Earth and our commitment to permaculture and other fertile land use resources to really becoming the Mother as each of us learns to connect through our Source, through our highest vision of God, to one another in great love.

Speaker #17: Thank you, El Morya and Hermes, for the opportunity to speak. I see Maitreya’s clipper ship sweeping through every hall of government in every nation, clearing out the cobwebs of ignorance, and government by tyranny and domination are replaced by kindness and a gross national product of happiness.

Speaker #18: I see everybody as always abundant, always having all that they require, all the businesses having all that they require. And I see us returning to the Garden of Eden and the original divine economy.

Speaker #19: I see the reversing of the Roe vs. Wade decision and that in every country, countries like China, women will be allowed to have as many children as they desire; and that there will be schools and sanctuaries for mothers as they become pregnant. They will be taught, they will live in nature as Omraam has portrayed it. Parents will be taught how to be parents and we will not perpetuate the idiosyncrasies and the things that we have learned from our parents, nor will we pass these on to our children. Instead, children will be allowed to blossom. I see that children, no matter where they live, will be encompassed, will be embraced. And if they do not have parents, there will be people who will step forth and embrace them and guide them. I see of land of laughing and abundant and happy children everywhere. Thank you.

Speaker #20: As I listen to all of these things, I feel in my heart the truth that these things are really coming to pass. I seem to see it everywhere and it gives me such great joy to see these things being fulfilled today. So I look forward to the future.

Speaker #21: For myself and for everyone, I would like to ask Archangel Michael and the hosts of the Lord and beloved El Morya to help me fulfill my divine plan. I would love to see communities and teaching centers and study groups from The Hearts Center everywhere in the United States of America and abroad. I ask for your prayers that I might do my part in the little part of the world where I live, Jacksonville, Florida, so that we might thrive and our children and our families thrive. I love the idea of a community and a little farm and a place where people could live together as we all hope and plan. I’d like to be a part of one of those great ones that are going to be built somewhere, where we can live in peace and love and with our heartfelt prayers cleaning this world of all the ugliness and wars and everything that’s going on today in Syria and the Middle East; and bring our soldiers back home so we can live in peace. Thank you.

Speaker #22: I pray for and I envision a world where our blessed elementals, the gnomes, the sylphs, the salamanders, the undines are appreciated, are cherished, are loved; and that the four elements—the water, the earth, the air and the fire—are no longer polluted by corporate greed and selfishness; and that we have great honor, great respect for our blessed friends of light, the cherished elementals. Thank you.

Speaker #23: I see a world where all are honored by their Holy Christ Self and people are sensitive to that and they address that in all people, especially in the children and the elders. And I also see a world where people are sensitive to those who run for office, sensitive to the truth, and are inspired to vote when they see that, especially people that don’t vote at all and are completely turned off.

Speaker #24: I see a world that is being saturated with illumination and enlightenment and joy and happiness. I see the evolutions here waking up with light and expectation and joy and laughter and fun, and that we’re being “mulched” with all these nutrients; and the perceived darkness is getting recycled into nutritious elements of light; and away we go with the love!

Speaker #25: I see a world where all children have the possibility to engage in the creative arts—music, theatre, the visual arts. And I request help to take a theatre program that I’ve been involved with, from the Children’s Theatre Company of Minneapolis, to Paraguay and Uruguay to engage as many teachers and educators in that region of the world, to engage the children in very creative, fun, loving, wisdom-searching-through-stories programs. Thank you.

Speaker #26: I see a world where there is an awareness and a desire to have whole, healthy food for all of life, that people have the true understanding of what is a whole seed and a whole food and not be taken in by any compromises. I see a world where all children are loved and respected as God, and are given the opportunity to have an education that develops their soul and their heart and their mind.

Speaker #27: I’m flooded with all these ideas I’ve been hearing. Appreciation: that the children are appreciated in the schools, that they’re taught to say the Pledge of Allegiance and to appreciate God in this country; that in politics people are voting and interested in politics; and that people are interested in their bodies and in keeping them in good health. Thank you.

Speaker #28: I see a world where the medical and health care system is no longer controlled by the pharmaceutical companies; where there is more recognition of the uniqueness of every soul, every person; and that there will be more integrated therapies recognizing the different aspects of healing, different dimensions of our being, and all kinds of different therapies will be used. And the person will be honored, and the person’s desires and their own integrity, their own heart flame and their own personal plan and mission will be recognized in addition to the treatment that they need. I see that there will be a more egalitarian way within our health care professionals in the way that they treat individuals that come to our centers for healing. Right now there are twenty-nine integrative therapy centers in the United States, and it is wonderful to know that there is funding for integrative therapies in medicine also, not just the pharmaceutical; and so that segment is growing and it’s gaining support from private funding organizations, which is very exciting. That has already begun, and I see it increasing and moving forward to where people’s wishes will be honored and they will receive the holistic-type treatments that they need. That is very exciting. And I also see a world where men and women work, more accepting of the differences and also working together and honoring each other’s strengths and complementing each other in all forms of business, commerce, spirituality and all forms of work and service in life.

Speaker #29: I see already that sweeping through the planet is a great wave of renewed interest in spirituality and renewed love of this beautiful planet of ours. And what I see is that people throughout the globe are attracted to the spiritual lifestyle; that this is just what they want to do—to dance, to love, to live in light; and this is where success is, accomplishment, and that is just where they want to go. And all these things that are imperfect or seem to be less than filled with light just drop away, easily drop away and are just gone because they don’t fit in this beautiful, spiritual lifestyle in which we live. And I ask that I be guided and supported in how I can play my personal role in helping this vision come to be. Thank you, El Morya.

Speaker #30: The Golden Rule would be the ultimate first thought in everyone’s mind; therefore everyone would love others as they love themselves, solving all personal problems, all governmental problems, all economic problems, war, famine and anything thing else that anybody has difficulty with in the world.

Speaker #31: I see, I perceive that I am purity, you are purity. I desire to always stay in purity, because that gives me my joy, my happiness, and it allows me to love and appreciate each one of you and everyone I see. And it brings me the changes in my life, the changes that I can make in nature around me and in the world that I can help develop in the highest way.

El Morya: The Darjeeling Council now accepts these, your visions and your statements of light. And there is a compilation brought to bear, before great cosmic councils, of these God-desires of your hearts, precious ones. And there are already angels assigned to each one of you to fulfill your visions, your dreams, your goals, and coordination angels to work with many of you to harmonize all of your requests.

The Lords of Karma, the seven chohans, the seven archangels and all of their complements, with the Elohim now accept that which you have brought forth through your voices. And the alchemy of love is manifest through you, each one, throughout North America and the world.
Dearest ones, your vision is our vision also, and our vision may be yours through acceptance and through your ascent to your Presence to receive it. We complement that which you have spoken with other greater goals in this and future eras of time within the eternal Now. Because of the power of your word, spoken of by beloved Archangel Michael, the stamp of approval and authorization now is manifest. And there is a great outpouring of support, protection and the alchemical fires of divine love manifest because of this visionary experiment of your hearts. Thank you for your words. Thank you for your heart’s intent.

Hermes now lends an alchemical formula of light to this equation with me. And by the power of Mercury and the quicksilver of the Mind of God, it is so in realms of light. Now it is up to you, O hearts of fire, to deliver it physically through your sacred work in time and space. Thank you for your union with us. Amen.

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